Zoosk or Tinder: Which App Will Lead You to Your True Love?

Grab your checklist and see which dating app seals the deal!

By Hana O.
Zoosk or Tinder: Which App Will Lead You to Your True Love?

Ready to enter the world of online dating? Let's jump right in with the two most popular sites currently in the market.

What is Zoosk?

Given today's digital age, it has become easier and more convenient to find a partner online. Countless dating apps have surfaced, making finding someone more effortless than ever. Now, the question at hand is what app I should use to put myself out there? Here, we will tackle two well-known dating apps- Zoosk and Tinder.


Founded in 2007,  Zoosk is a popular online dating app that uses a system dubbed "Behavioral Matchmaking" to match you with your one true love. The app continually learns from its members' actions to deliver to you the best and most perfect match. This dating app is one of the oldest and most trusted online dating sites. Over 35 million people are members of this app, making it the #1 grossing online dating app in the Apple Store- a pioneer in the dating scene.


Tried and tested by millions, Zoosk has received endless positive feedback from its users. Some of these success stories even ended up with users walking down the aisle. The app's user experience is easy to understand and straightforward, which makes it loved by those who are not so tech-savvy. The application is available in over 80 countries and is translated into 25 languages.


Zoosk contains one of the largest pools of singles, and those who are newbies to the online dating field and experts alike could find suitable matches through the site. To set up an account with Zoosk, you need to be over 18 and provide account verification. The strict account verification of Zoosk makes sure that you are interacting with a real person and not a poser or bot. Love definitely knows no bounds with Zoosk!

What is Tinder?

Popular among singles looking for a one-night-stand or something more serious is none other than the dating app that tests your power of swiping left and right- Tinder.


Tinder has been around since 2012 and since then has gotten over 55 billion matches worldwide. This dating app is the best place to find your match most practically and efficiently possible. You see someone cute- swipe right, and if you're not interested in the person- simply swipe left. Or, if you want to be generous and want to have it all, continue swiping right to everyone you see. Easy and simple, right?


The great thing about Tinder is that you can use it to match with people looking for the same things as you do. Like we mentioned above, whether you're looking for something serious or something casual, Tinder can find that for you. Let's be real, although dating has been made easier with apps like Tinder and Zoosk, it's also become easier to be catfished or lied to. This is the sad truth, given the current dating scene.


With Tinder, you can match with people with the same interests as you and the same sexual preference. Whether you're straight as a ruler or part of the LGBTQIA community, Tinder has someone waiting for you. This app is popular for its diverse user base that lets adults from all walks of life connect and make lasting memories together.

How do you make a profile on Zoosk? On Tinder?

Do you already have an idea of what dating app you want to use? Maybe Zoosk? Maybe Tinder? How about both? Before you can put yourself out there, ready and fresh for the market, the next step is to make a profile. Let's begin with the application process for Zoosk.


To sign up for an account with Zoosk, simply fill up a standard personal info sheet or take a shortcut and link your Facebook or Google account. Right after, upload a profile picture. Make sure to use a fairly decent photo of you; this is the first thing possible matches will look at. When you're done picking out your profile picture, the app will ask you to answer a few background and lifestyle questions. Zoosk is quite particular with these sections to limit boring or incomplete profiles.


If you want to step it up a notch, you can even go the extra mile and pay a monthly subscription fee. This allows you to check who has viewed your profile and use a more advanced personalized search engine.


Zoosk aims to provide you with a dating experience that puts your security first. From photo and Facebook verification to a dedicated anti-fraud team, this dating app allows you to put yourself out there without any fear of identity theft or catfishing.

Making a profile on Tinder is fairly simple. First, download the app for iOS or Android and click the "Create Account" option. Enter and verify your phone number and email address right after. If you want to bypass all the background information check, you can streamline your sign-in experience by connecting an Apple or Facebook account.


The next step is setting up your profile. Don't rush in this step just to get fishing in the pool of singles. Treat this step like a resume. Make sure to pick out a flattering photo of yourself and write a bio. Talk about your interests and hobbies. Let others know what you're in for. Are you on the app for a serious relationship or for a fling? Let people know what they're in for. If you set up your profile this way, you'll cut your search time in half and match with like-minded folks.

What are the key differences between the two?

Tinder pioneered online dating and swiping for matches back in 2012. Many others have tried and failed. They have many similarities in terms of being online dating sites and showcase differences that cater to an individual's preferences.


For example, Tinder is only available on mobile and is technically more straightforward to use than Zoosk. You swipe, message, and repeat. Whereas with Zoosk, you get to really create a profile and build on your personality online. This way, you get to streamline who you get matched with while on the site.


The two also have significant differences in subscriptions and the perks included with a premium membership.


When you go Tinder premium, you can match with people in different countries. You're basically paying to talk to people all over the world. This Tinder passport is the ticket to your getting your American girlfriend or Asian boyfriend. With Tinder premium, you can also super like your matches more than once.

Some other perks of paying monthly or annual fees are unlimited swiping, unlimited likes, rewind your last swipe (for those moments when your hand slips and you accidentally like someone you don't want to), and a monthly boost. If you're in this for the long run, paying for Tinder premium is worth every penny.


On the other hand, paying for a Zoosk subscription gives you access to a whole range of perks. With a free account, you're not allowed to send messages to people; you have to wait for them to message you. If you go premium, you can send messages. You can also browse in incognito mode, use the chat feature, and see who likes your profile. Convenient, right?

What makes each of them better than the other?

Each dating app has the selling factor that makes it a hit in that particular field. When it comes to Tinder and Zoosk, it boils down to what kind of relationship you are looking for.


Tinder is better for those looking for something more casual and fun, while Zoosk caters to serious members looking for a long term relationship. Tinder's swiping method of picking who you want to talk to is convenient and efficient and allows you to view numerous profiles in one sitting. You're not able to do this quick browsing in Zoosk.

What should I be careful for when it comes to online dating?

It's all fun and games until someone online asks you to meet in person. When it comes to online dating, you should be careful about your first meeting with the person you've been exchanging daily messages with. If it's your first time on a dating app, you can even ask a friend or two to accompany you to your first date. You don't want to be catfished and end up meeting a 40-year-old man posing as a 20-year-old. Yikes.


Another thing you should be careful for in online dating is revealing too much personal information. It goes without saying that you should not go and tell a stranger where you live, your bank details, and the like. Enjoy the thrill of talking to someone new, but still tread with caution. Only plan to meet them when you're sure you're talking to who they say they are. If they keep saying they don't want to video call or dodging selfies and the like, things could be fishy- cat fishy.

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Online dating is a double-edged sword. You're given the possibility of connecting with people from all over the world and all walks of life, but you're also at risk of being ghosted or catfished. If you're aware of all the ins and outs of online dating, then, by all means, go right into it! It will be a ride of a lifetime.