5 Tips To Get More Tinder Likes To Find The Perfect Match!

2019 easy guide on how to get more tinder likes and matches

By Michele
5 Tips To Get More Tinder Likes To Find The Perfect Match!

Ever wondered why you’re swiping right and not scoring enough matches? Or are you gaining likes but you don’t really dig anyone? Maybe you cannot see who liked you because you haven’t paid for a subscription. Whatever the reason, Tinder has taken the world by storm with swipes and everyone knows that the more you swipe right, the higher your probability of a match! Tinder is a game many people like to play because let’s face it, the singles often want to meet someone even if it’s for a good time and not a long time.

Dating apps have become increasingly popular though some dating sites remain vigilant about being exclusively on browser-accessibility rather than developing apps. Still, the Tinder phenomenon has hit the world for years now and has been changing its technological behind-the-scenes landscape continues to change the way people engage with the app. Swipe right and it could be your lucky day or better yet, use your daily super-like allowance to like an absolute wonder; it shows excitement and enthusiasm which can be rewarded with a simple like back if they’re into you too.

Why Tinder Likes Matter?

You might wonder what all the fuss is about, why do Tinder likes even matter? To the singles, to the couples looking for a third to join in for some fun, for those in an open relationship or the poly – polyamorous – among you, what does it all matter? Well, as a matter of interest, let’s explore the possibilities of why Tinder likes really do matter.

Sense of Purpose

When you receive a notification that someone has liked you on Tinder and to open up and find out who, it really gives a sense of purpose. What purpose? Open up and find out! Essentially, it’s a feel-good aspect knowing someone has liked you but it doesn’t end there.


If you receive a notification saying you have a match it produces an even better feeling, a sense of happiness, a reward for all your hard work swiping right. Mostly, it boosts the confidence because the person you’ve swiped right on has swiped right too and that boosts your confidence in yourself and your image you have portrayed on Tinder. It makes you feel good about yourself when someone likes you and especially when you mutually like each other; you’re doing something right…


Aside from swiping right! Self-esteem is something that arises out of Tinder likes and matches; it really does. It provides a sense of worthiness and with that comes motivation to reach the full potential one can.


Why else do Tinder likes matter? In one word: Dopamine. There are a plethora of ways to increase Dopamine in your body but literally, alike can increase a sense of wellbeing and pleasure and that is because Dopamine is released. Just like with sex as with music also, Dopamine is released and the sensation of happiness occurs naturally.

Go Crazy Together

Tinder likes matter because you’re increasing the probability of a match and a potential partner in crime to see the world, to go on crazy adventures with or to curl up on the lounge and watch Netflix with. You name it, the world of Tinder likes and matches boils down to what you would like to do together.

You are Awesome!

Likes matter because it tells you that you look good for someone, that you’ve caught their eye and attention span if they read your profile too.

5 Tips on Getting Tinder Likes and Matches

First things first, what is the essential ingredient to a positive Tinder profile that will gain more likes and matches?

1. A Picture of Course!

The picture, the one and only main one which you must carefully select should be a dazzling one exhibiting your best features including if you like to make a goofy smile or a funny face. That shows your fun side of course! But let’s get down to business about what your main photo really should show. Making your first photo that people see a bombshell is the right way to go about achieving more likes and matches. You want to stand out from the crowd and put on your best smile or cheeky grin which will woo the potential partners.

It is important to show your face and not just a mirror reflection shot as that’s old and boring. I mean, really, show your face to the world and let them see just how cute you can be! Look into the camera and give it your best smile or cheeky grin and show your full face so that people really know what you look like. You’re making eye-contact right through the lens!

2. The Furry Friend

As many would say, having your furry best friend in your picture is a clear winner! People love to see other people who are potential matches and seem to love animals!

3. What you’re Into

If you want to show off doing some activity that you enjoy, whether it be motorbike riding, skiing, yoga on the beach or the gym, show it off and let potential matches know the sort of things you enjoy doing. If they enjoy it too then you’re more likely to gain a like or a match.

4. Jazz It Up With Color

Some color in your profile whether it be emojis or in the photos. Who would have thought but actually spending time on the bio of your profile works! It really does! Give it some thought (but not too much, you don’t want to stress about every little thing you say!) and make it unique and interesting not full and boring and the same as everyone else.

5. Facebook Likes!

You might not have thought about this one but my very last tip is to like more things on Facebook such as pages which could be musicians or television shows; this will come up in the algorithm as more mutual interests with potential matches.

Guides You Can Find Online On Getting Tinder Likes

Where do you find the information on how to gain the maximum swipe rights and likes and matches? Well, the Internet of Things (IoT) has a myriad of sites inviting you to read what they believe to be the optimum way to gain those desired likes and matches just for you. Where do you start though? The IoT has so much to choose from but we’re here to help.

1. The Ultimate Guide to Enhance Your Tinder Dating Life

The Ultimate Guide to Enhance Your Tinder Dating Life

John Anthony helps you along with ‘Tinder Dating: The Ultimate Guide to Enhance Your Tinder Dating Life' which answers the question on all of our lips as to why Tinder so hard sometimes. It also provides a guide to selecting the right sort of Tinder photos, writing your bio or profile text and even goes into the swiping strategies. The Do’s and Don’ts of swiping right or left; the main game is not to swipe right on everyone hoping for a match. You need to improve your Tinder rating score by being selective and only swiping right when you really mean it.

2. The Essential Manual For Tinder, Dating & Hookups

The Essential Manual For Tinder, Dating & Hookups

Another one with an apt name, Chris Hemswith's ' The Men's Guide to Tinder: The Essential Manual for Tinder, Dating & Hookups' and is aimed for the single men out there struggling to get matches on Tinder.

3. The Science of Tinder: The Guide for Men Kindle Edition

The Guide for Men - Kindle edition

Max Tusk also has an interesting and informative book on gaining more Tinder likes and matches. Check this out! 

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So what is Tinder all about? It’s about likes and matches and potentially finding someone to curl up and watch Netflix with, to go to the gym and travel with to enjoy meals out and some good old wine. Tips on getting more matches are important as the singles – and even the couples who want some fun – want to be recognized as a potential mate and physical and mental connection is what makes humans different from other animal species doesn’t it?

Ok, just plain physical attraction is what often kicks it off on these dating apps such as Tinder; people are looking at the picture and what that holds for them. Some might even read the profile too. What you write on your profile does matter though as people read what you’re about or take in the approach you have taken to putting yourself out there. Beyond the photos, the profile text can speak volumes too.