Zoosk Ultimate Review: Do The Pros Outweigh The Cons?

This might just be the dating site for you, see for yourself!

By Kimmy
Zoosk Ultimate Review: Do The Pros Outweigh The Cons?

What Are Dating Sites? What is Zoosk? (Description, Demographics, etc.)

With 40,000,000 singles worldwide and 3 million messages sent daily as advertised, Zoosk is flying up the ladder to become one of the world's most popular dating sites! Singles from around the world go on Zoosk to discover the right one for them to spend the rest of their lives with.

Dating sites are online virtual sites that act as matchmakers, to connect singles who don't have the time or resources to meet their significant other in real life. Taking singles online and talk to the ones that could be a potential partner, breaking the geographical boundary.

Dating sites are popular because it doesn't restrict to geographical locations. You can meet your dream man from the other side of the world and walk down the love song lane with him. These sites are especially popular nowadays when people are too busy to do endless dates in real life just to find out they aren't the right person.

Zoosk is a leading dating service company founded in 2007 in the US. Their services are available in 25 languages in over 80 countries. Like most other dating sites, Zoosk uses an algorithm to learn its users' behaviors, thus figuring out the best match for the users.

Since Zoosk is only free for the first message, meaning you would have to pay a premium to continue, its demographics are usually working young professionals. The gender split is almost half and the average age is around 24-27.

How Does It Work? (Memberships, Profile Creation, Getting Verified, Features)

Source: Zoosk

Signing up for Zoosk is free. However, to fully enjoy its service, you will have to pay a premium as the free version only allows you to send your first message. The basic one-month membership costs $29.99 and the three-month membership costs $19.98/month while the 6-month membership is at $12.49/month.

Zoosk is not very affordable compared to other premium options out there but that's how they keep the best with them, people that genuinely want to date.

Getting started on Zoosk is very easy. You can either sign in via your Facebook account or you can create a new account with your email. Simply put down your details and upload a photo of yourself. Then, with Zoosk's photo verification method, you will be asked to take a video of yourself from several angles. This is to prevent users from uploading a picture from 10 years ago or when they were in shape to fool other users. They are actually highly praised for this technology as the user's photos are as close to the real person as can be.

After the moderators verified your photo, you just have to confirm the email and you can start finding your soul mate! The best feature of Zoosk is of course how well their algorithm learns of your likes and dislikes and knows who put match you with, something that many other apps are still busting their head to develop.

What is Zoosk’s Edge Among Other Dating Apps?

As said before, their cutting-edge algorithm makes Zoosk one of the best dating apps in the world. No time is wasted swiping away guys you are uninterested in. They learn of your taste and only bring up your potential soul mates to you. No garbage talk and straight to business.

Another good point for Zoosk is actually its rather high membership fees. Some have complained about the high membership fees while others feel it's totally worth the price as it makes the app more exclusive. There are not really free members roaming around trying to hook up with others. People with Zoosk are really straight to a business that they want someone to grow old with.

Their high membership fees and their strict photo verification system prevent creeps from lurking on the app. Users feel safe and feel other users are genuine with their intentions. It's truly the place for someone looking for a romantic interest.

How Do I Increase My Chance Of Good Matches on Zoosk?

Be yourself. Be genuine in what you write and put down as much information about you as possible. Like all other apps, users get to know you through your profile. So what you put down there determines if you will get a good match or not.

Work on your profile to get the best in there. Structure it to display your best features. Did you once rock climb to a summit? Are you a mental health advocate? Put down features that describe you and make sure your photos say that.

Don't exaggerate things. Bragging about things that never happened can almost guarantee you do not have a date or sustain a relationship once they find out. When people go online for a date, they would hope to be able to trust the information you put forth. Lying about it is going to reflect badly on your reputation. No matter how desperate you are for a date, stick to the truth.

Try to set your criteria for guys. Only interact with guys that match your taste. How you interact with others influence how your profile is in the algorithm. You want to make sure the system recognizes you and only matches you up with potential dates rather than every random guy. Put your mind to it and focus on guys that could really be a potential match.

Always be yourself and make sure you put enough about you in your profile. A mere few words on your profile would seem really ingenuine and that you are not really passionate about meeting people. Be as excited as you are in real life. Show that in your profile and you can rest assured that you will be getting plenty of matches.

What are Zoosk’s Major Red Flags?

One of the biggest red flags is how its algorithm learns of your behaviors. This is a double-edged sword. It preferences potential matches for you but at the same time, users are concerned with how their data is stored. Zoosk strives to protect its customers' privacy and has made sure all the personal data is strictly for matchmaking. However, in this day and age, it's hard to believe customers' privacy isn't sold like bread in a bakery.

Another rather concerning feature is that Zoosk advertises its app to be all-inclusive but it's actually heavily skewed to people under 35. For people above 35, they will have a hard time finding a match although this is not clearly stated on the Zoosk app before they charge you such a high membership fee.

Is Zoosk Worth the Penny? What Do Others Have To Say?

Despite the demography being skewed, Zoosk nonetheless has successfully brought joy and happiness to thousands of couples it matches every day. People generally have positive things to say about Zoosk, about it being exclusive due to its membership fees. There aren't creeps lurking around because of its strict user profile check and mostly young professionals are there looking for a partner.

It's wonderful for the niche it serves. It may not be for everyone but for those it strives to serve, Zoosk has done an outstanding job. Users generally rate the experience satisfactory and justify the fees as it grants users a more high-end feeling when fishing in the pool. You are looking for others willing to pay the penny to meet someone, that shows determination on its own.

Zoosk seems to be successful in matchmaking. Unlike Tinder or other dating apps with many hunting for a one night stand, more people on Zoosk are after to build a long term, stable relationship. This distinction makes it stand out from the crowd and benefits people that aren't interested in a fling. It's quite hard to find a dating app these days that aren't heavily skewed to the "having meaningful sex" situation.

The only thing users tend to complain about is not knowing the demography before joining. The disgruntled group is those above 35, finding it hard to find others to match with. It's understandable where their frustration comes out, Paying for a high fee just to find out the average age is 24 on the app is not fun when you are 50 and looking for someone to share your hobby and your life.

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All in all, Zoosk is a wonderful app if you are young and wanting to find a soul mate for a stable relationship. It doesn't give you the bullshit about filtering guys that just want to hook up. People are genuine before the fake ones are already filtered out by their security system. Their membership fee is justified because of the high-quality service they give you.

Zoosk might just be the app for you to look for your significant other!