How Tinder University Works and What People Are Saying

What is Tinder University and the overall reviews so far?

By Sameet
How Tinder University Works and What People Are Saying

What Is Tinder University?

Now here’s a University you can’t resist. Students are almost all the time buried in their phones rather than actually looking for someone, so here’s the best way to find friends around you.

Tinder played it really smart to involve college students in their attempt to merge school AND dating with one go. How did they do that exactly? The Match Group, Inc., which is Tinder’s parent company created this application to create this dating community which is confined to students especially going to college. According to research the age group 18 to 24 solely makes up the largest group of individuals on Tinder University, also called as Tinder U.

Everyone would agree that a college is a place called the “thick dating market” by a famous author Lisa Wade. There are so many potential hookups and single people around you, to localize them, Tinder provides the map.

How to enroll

In order to create an ID for Tinder U, all you need to do is log in to Tinder when you’re in your college campus and give your specific ‘.edu’ email address. This will put up a badge on your profile for everyone to see the institute you belong to. The next step is to simply verify your account like any other one, by checking your mail. Once verified, you’re officially in Tinder U (don’t forget to congratulate yourself). Then you can get swiping right away.

What’s the point of Tinder U?

Tinder University confines the Tinder dating world to small groups and communities where people of the same institutes can hang out together and discover what they couldn’t due to hectic college routines. Nowadays people are more comfortable with getting to know someone online first and then meeting them in person. That kind of breaks the ice in the best way too.

Some people prefer dating someone who has the same routine or a place in common (college, school, etc.). This actually creates good communication even at the start because of the broader range of topics to talk about that are common in that particular institute.

Others don’t want any kind of interference in their college life and would want to be with someone from an entirely different campus so that they have a lot to share about their respective lives. Being college students, either type can get the company they want of their age group. So forget about school rivalries now, and get swiping.

How to get Tinder University on your iPhone or Android Phones

There’s no specific app that you need to install to join Tinder University. It works by simply downloading the original Tinder app on your phone. iOS launched the service to four-year, accredited and nonprofit schools in the US. It also delivers courses in the traditional face-to-face learning pattern.

For Apple users, the App Store offers the free app

‎Tinder on the App Store

For Android users


Some Tips and Tricks to get you started

Your college badge will pop up on your profile which is the first thing someone will notice about you. Other than that, there are some tips and tricks you can follow to get more people to swipe right on your profile.

1. A Witty bio and a Quality photo

Source: @tinder/Instagram

Never ever leave your bio empty even if you look like Angelina Jolie or Joseph Morgan. How else are people going to judge you unless you say something about yourself? Never use too much-edited photos or the ones with too many people. A simple, good quality image will do along with a not so mainstream bio.

2. No bragging

Whatever prestigious institute you belong to, don’t make such a big deal out of it. No one wants a spoiled brat as a new friend obviously. Portray your sweet side, be proud of yourself, the confidence really shows on your profile. Like if you’re into nerdy stuff, don’t hide it. Maybe there’s one just like you waiting to find the perfect nerd.

3. Using GIFs

GIFs are becoming the best way of communication for the younger generation. They’re cute, hilarious and fit perfect for every situation. For instance, you get a match and aren’t really sure what to talk about first. So you initiate the conversation with a funny GIF. It’s the safest way possible. Won’t someone instantly smile at the look of these adorable dog GIFs? If you get them to smile, then you’re definitely in.

You can also get out of awkward situations like when someone takes too long to reply or doesn’t reply at all, just send them these GIFs, they’ll say it all.

4. Be funny and open

Source: @tinder/Instagram

This is one of the most attractive things people look for in online dating, no one would prefer a boring, robot-ish person. Here are some examples of humorous bios.

Source: @tinder/Instagram

Reviews of Tinder University (especially from Reddit)

Let’s hear what the people say about Tinder U

Trusted reviews:

Tinder U is swipe-based dating exclusively for university students

Like other reviews on different sites, this one appreciates the exclusivity of the application. Even though you have to be on campus to get the app working, you can see a wide variety of people from different institutes too.


Tinder U is actually a good idea for college dating.

Reviews from Slate are a bit harsh for Tinder but soft on the Tinder U feature. According to them, limiting the dating pool can help a lot in finding partners but the overall concept of superficial judgments and not following the traditional dating pattern, meeting new people in person, etc. has cut some points


Reddit: the front page of the internet

Reddit has a lot of people discussing their issues related to Tinder U. One of the main issues is displaying people from far off universities and colleges which are not approachable. Other than this, the following reviews have been reported by Reddit:

LPT: Tinder U doesn't work if your college is small, male-dominated, and/or not near many other colleges

LPT: Tinder U doesn't work if your college is small

It’ll also show you people from universities 100+ miles away. It’s constantly showing FAU, FIU, UF, UCF, and other far colleges, but almost nobody from my own, even when on campus.

Interesting, technically my former college gives me an email with an .edu on the end... I could potentially make use of that for this... even if I am not in college anymore

How To Turn Off Search Settings in Tinder University When You Need It

How do I set my search preferences?

Your search settings are the main feature that lets you explore other people and let others check your profile. You can easily edit this option so that only you control who sees you and who doesn’t. Simply,

  • Open your Tinder app
  • Tap the profile icon at the top of the main screen
  • Open settings
  • Find the ‘Discovery Settings’ option
  • Adjust the settings to your preference.

These settings are based on your current location, distance from other users, different age groups and gender. For more information, you can follow this link to know more guidelines from the developers of Tinder:

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So don’t wait, find yourself a study buddy or a new pal to hang out with at school or after. Expand your social circle with people like yourself, even if you’re an introvert, your lonely days are over. Tinder U has been a good attempt to bring people together, more than the original Tinder itself. We all need a distraction from school and ACTUAL school work, no? So here’s one for you.