Tinder Reviews: Everything to Know About This Dating App

Your 101 only go-to-guide on The Lowdown of Tinder Dating App

By Sarah Potter
Tinder Reviews: Everything to Know About This Dating App

For a bunch of us singles, the craving, want and urge for companionship grows stronger by the days. Like you see some couples hanging out, having some fun and you begin to want some of that, at least for the feels. These days, meeting people can be so hard and that makes the probability of finding a companion and a lover so low, it could get quite frustrating. But not to worry, with the growth of technology today, everything has been made so easy, including finding a companion or partner to maintain a long and viable relationship.

We have got dating apps all over the internet and I’m sure you have heard about a bunch of them. One unforgettable and popular one is Tinder. A bunch of people already know about Tinder, like it is one of the first things that comes to anyone’s mind when you mention a dating app. But, out of all the people who know about it, only about 50-60 percent actually understand how it works, the advantages, the disadvantages, the what’s and the what not’s.  I bet you are on tinder or maybe one or two dating sites.

With the number of people on these sites these days, it’s so hard to fit in well and get your dating game on fleek. To do this, you would definitely need to know how to create an attractive and impressive profile, and also carry on and maintain a lively and interesting conversation. At the same time, you also need to know the kind of people to avoid and also protect yourself. Want to step up your level? Well, you found yourself at the right place.

What is Tinder?

‎Tinder on the App Store
Tinder - Apps on Google Play

I bet you know that Tinder is an online dating mobile app that was launched in 2012. It isn’t a website! And you can’t access it unless you know have the app downloaded on your smartphone or your tablet. Tinder turns out to be one of the most popular and hottest dating apps today and girl, does it involve a lot of swiping. But, guess what, that’s the way you get to meet the one. If you aren’t a big fan of smartphones and tablets, you might have to pass on this, because it doesn’t work on a laptop or desktop. 

Once you have downloaded this app, you would have to feel up some questionnaires about yourself and indicate the kind relationship you are actually in search of, either you want a serious and long term relationship, or you just want some casual romance or do you want to flirt? This is done, to make matching easier and faster for you.

A Tinder Bio

For a lot of people, coming with an excellent tinder bio can be a whole lot of work and begins to feel like you are at an interview. So many people end up creating a long and boring bio, and it cuts down their chances of getting picked or instead matched. What people want is usually a short, fun and exciting bio, something that sparks up interest at first glance.

In your bio, you should be able to communicate the kind of relationship you want in a short sentence and also some few fun things about yourself that reflect your personality. You should also note that you need to upload a beautiful picture. Here’s a nice sample you could use:

Alie, 23

I have no trust issues

And trust me, you would keep on calling

Till you have got enough.

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How to Use Tinder

Finally considering opening an account? Here is the perfect guide.

A. You need to download the app

First things first, you have got to download this app, remember there isn’t a way to sign up outside the app. As long as you have Google play store or apple app store, then you can get it. But bad news for the windows phone users, there isn’t any version for them, just yet.

B. Do you have a Facebook account?

After downloading the app, the next thing you have got to do is to sign up. But you can’t do this without a Facebook account, so if you don't have one, you might have to create one in a jiffy. For now, the only way you can sign up and create a tinder account is by using a Facebook account. This is because; tinder wants to affirm that you are actually a human being. If you really like your privacy that much, you can actually make your tinder account private from your Facebook account

C. Work on it

I hope your Facebook account hasn’t been dormant for too long, you might have to work on it to make your matches better. Upload some better pictures, put in some fun interests and your exact location. This would increase your chances of getting a good match of your taste.

D. Its Tinder time

Now you are finally done with Facebook, you can squarely face your Tinder account. Time to do some magic to that profile. Upload a lovely and attractive profile picture of you and take a look at the general settings and then don’t forget to write up something small on your profile.

E. How about the settings

Let’s talk about the settings. This is highly important and should be taken seriously, you get to choose and set according to your taste. You can decide your age/age range, sex, and so much more. You also get to choose the gender you are interested, and you can as well select both. Don’t forget, you have also got a bio to create, an interesting one by the way.

F. Swipe and Match!

After you are done setting up your profile and your bio, it’s now time to do some swiping. You get many people popping up with your screen depending on what your interests are, and then you get to swipe to the left or to the right. Left for a no and right for a yes, depending on your pick, there are also other options, the red, blue and green. Red is obviously a no while the blue is for a super like. You get matched when you swipe right for someone who also does the same. After that, you can both text each other.

2019 Best Tinder Reviews from Guys

This year 2019, a lot of guys are saying a lot about the Tinder app in terms of its uniqueness and shortcomings. These reviews are critical as they help you have better knowledge as to the working of the tinder app, and as such, we shall be highlighting a few of them.

• 'I never knew I could make use of my passport feature to change my location allowing me to swipe singles across any city until I upgraded my app', someone said.

• Tinder offers you access to all kinds of relationships, from the little 'hello-hi', casual, to the long term relationship. Chat, call and hook up freely with one another.

• 'While I like a lot about the Tinder app, the age-based pay scale is still a major challenge for me', a guy said.

• Tinder app is filled with a lot of men trying to hook up and relate to the very few women there, which bring about competition for attractive women.

Funny Reviews

While some Tinder reviews posted in top online magazines and sites tend to explain the pros and cons of the Tinder app, there are a few funny reviews out there. These reviews many times come from people who are not shy to express why they use the tinder app, and what they make out from it.

• 'I am such a person that loves to be validated by others all the time. So when I'm bored, I need validation, I just upload a nice picture of me and have people keep sliding, then I'm happy' - a user said.

• 'Tinder gets really weird for me a lot of times because you just meet this girl and she looks all bright and beautiful but entirely different when you start engaging in a conversation. When will these girls start matching their looks in conversation?' John, a user, questioned.

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If you are thinking about creating a tinder account, then you need to know about what and what not’s about it, learn how to create a suitable and entertaining bio. We have provided all this for you, and once you are able to work with them, you would be a pro in no time, and you would be matched just as soon as you sign in. You need a lovely and attractive picture, an impressive bio and fun and long lasting conversing skills. Make sure to block off anyone that makes you feel any less of yourself or gives off any sort of bad vibes.