Ten Unbelievable Facts About Aphrodisiac For Sex Health

Find out the lesser-known facts about aphrodisiac to sex

By Diana Nadim
Ten Unbelievable Facts About Aphrodisiac For Sex Health

What Is An Aphrodisiac?

An aphrodisiac is any substance that increases your sexual desires, sexual behavior, or sexual pleasure. These substances can be plants, food, synthetic chemicals, or spices; therefore, you can classify aphrodisiacs into natural and unnatural aphrodisiacs.

The natural aphrodisiacs such as alcohol can be classified into plant-based and no plant bases. With the unnatural aphrodisiacs, these are the ones manufactured to imitate the natural substances. Aphrodisiacs can lead to psychological or physiological effects

Psychological effects occur when the substances increase your sexual desire or pleasure. Physiological effects happen when your hormone levels and blood flow are uttered. However, apart from this, the atmosphere of a place can lead to triggering your sexual desire.

The History Of Aphrodisiacs

The name aphrodisiac comes from the name Aphrodite which is the goddess of love and beauty in Greek. In the past, the Chinese, Indians, and Egyptians believed that certain substances could provide a solution towards improving sexual desires and sexual pleasures.

Most of the men at that time were suffering from erectile dysfunction hence could not reproduce, and therefore, this solution would be of great help. Large families were a sign of prestige in the past, and if a man could not have a large family, he was regarded as a failure; therefore, the need to look for a lasting solution.

These substances also helped those that had no desire for bedroom matters to enhance their sexual behavior. Among the communities, a lot of literature filled the libraries with information on aphrodisiacs, and with time people took it as a culture. Until today these products are still usable and have a lot of impacts, especially on sexual health.

Do Aphrodisiacs Work?

Aphrodisiacs work by elevating your sexual desire, libido, and sexual behavior upon consumption. They also assist in making your partner get in the mood effortlessly. With some of the aphrodisiacs, they increase the blood flow in the man’s penis, which causes the man to get hard. With the hardness comes the desire to have sex. It is believed that they also help in improved blood flow, and omega 3s further add to the increase in sexual desires. 

However, no specific evidence shows that aphrodisiacs work, but there is one exception, which is alcohol. Alcohol consumption has been proven to cause heightened sexual arousal. Red wine also affects your sexual function through mood elevation and an increase in blood flow.

If you have a healthy diet of plates of seafood, fruits, nuts, and whole grains, you will have increased support of the nervous system and have a regular flow of blood and hormones. The key is to have a healthy balanced diet with the aphrodisiac qualities. 

Examples Of Aphrodisiacs


Chocolate contains chemicals that boost serotonin levels; that’s the feel-good hormone. It is the number of chemicals from the chocolate the brain absorbs that dictates your behavior. Just family-sized dairy milk can be a passion killer. 


You can agree with me that spicy foods warm you up and get your heart pumping. Chilies will have your nerve endings stimulated and increase your blood flow, which makes it an excellent aphrodisiac.


You must be familiar with watermelons; they contain citrulline that relaxes the blood vessels. As a fruit, it is the best stodgy dessert to keep you alert all evening.


Celeries contain phytol androgens similar to testosterone that can quickly increase the sexual desire in women.


Alcohol has, from ages been known to have a real effect on sexual desire. Just a little alcohol will get you in the mood, but overindulgence will result in the opposite: underperformance in bed.


Pumpkins in the united states are associated with jack o lanterns and holiday pie filling. It is believed to be a symbol of fertility and in some countries its thought to be a cure for low libido. The gourd offers nutrients that are essential for you to have a healthy sexual desire.


Garlic contains allicin that’s a compound which increases the amount of blood flowing to your sexual organs. Some experts believe that garlic is one of the powerful aphrodisiacs. It’s worth noting that garlic does not work overnight; instead, you have to eat garlic for about a month on a daily basis so that you can reap their remarkable benefits.


For a long time, oysters are having been known to be essential in the production and maintenance of healthy sperms since they are rich in zinc. Even though women have less testosterone production, oysters play a part in boosting the female libido.


Peanuts contain the amino acid L arginine that helps improve men’s sexual function. Additionally, L arginine can be used to make nitric oxide, which the body uses to relax the blood vessels. It is also said that the L arginine in the peanuts plays an essential role in the prevention of erectile dysfunction.

Ten Unbelievable Facts About Aphrodisiacs For Sex Health

1. Aphrodisiacs focus more on the men

The substance aims to enhance the levels of testosterone in men than the estrogen levels in women. It is also due to the belief that aphrodisiacs cannot aid in female sexual function.

2. They affect the libido

Aphrodisiacs increase the libido, which in turn leads to improving your sexual desires and sexual behaviors. They are further readily available in the market as libido boosters.

3. Contains a wide range of substances

Aphrodisiacs in men happen to increase the testosterone levels, which triggers your sexual pleasure that further leads to improved sexual health. These substances are either natural or artificial and come from plants, spices, and foods and have such a significant impact on your sexual health.

4. They provide a solution to erectile dysfunction

Some synthetic chemicals in aphrodisiacs affect the nervous system, penile tissue, and vascular smooth muscle cells, which help with treating erectile dysfunction and physiological issues among men. These chemicals also improve hormone regulation. Certain substances may lead to biochemical effects, which further promote the secretion of the pleasure hormone.

5. Alcohol is an aphrodisiac

Alcohol has been associated with being an aphrodisiac as it affects the central nervous system depressants. These depressants increase sexual behaviors through disinhibition. Additionally, alcohol can affect people psychologically or physiologically and further enhance your sexual desire. After alcohol consumption, testosterone level increases, and they play a significant role in causing sexual desires.

6. Viagra is not an aphrodisiac

The main aim of aphrodisiacs is to create the desire for sex and evoking sexual desires. Instead, Viagra improves the performance and ability to have sex, which rules it out as an aphrodisiac. Aphrodisiacs, therefore, should not affect how you behave physically.

7. It affects the brain

Aphrodisiacs lead to psychological effects that trigger your brain activity and further your desire for sexual intercourse. This is one way that aphrodisiacs work, and the brain tells the body that the experience it is going through is pleasurable.

8. Aphrodisiacs are named after Aphrodite

Aphrodite is the Greeks goddess of beauty and love, and most of the available aphrodisiacs give reference to her. She emerged from a clamshell, and even today, we have oysters and some kinds of seafood being referred to as aphrodisiacs.

9. They have led to increased population

Before the discovery of aphrodisiacs and their functionality, there were low populations, especially in the Chinese, Indian and Egyptian lands, since men could not reproduce. The notable increase in population among these countries and can somewhat be linked to using aphrodisiacs.

10. There are two types of aphrodisiacs

Aphrodisiacs can be classified into natural and unnatural. Natural aphrodisiacs are further classified into plant-based and nonplant based substances. The unnatural aphrodisiacs are those substances manufactured through the imitation of natural elements. Alcohol is an example of a natural aphrodisiac.

With the different types of aphrodisiacs, there are physiological and psychological effects that lead to an increase in sexual desire and sexual pleasure.

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 Aphrodisiacs have a great impact on your sexual health. However, if you don’t have enough testosterone in your body, then you will have low sex interest. Stress, fatigue, and depression also have a lot of effect on sexual excitement.

With the various aphrodisiac foods, you can choose the poison that works best for you. Your bedroom doesn’t always have to be boring; instead, use aphrodisiacs to spice up your sexual health. There are a variety of aphrodisiacs from natural to unnatural; therefore, there is no excuse for boring sex life.