Advantages Of Being Short That Make Tall People Jealous

Tired of tall people thinking your job is to be their personal armrest? Me too! Lucky for us there are some advantages to being short.

By Katie Jenison
Advantages Of Being Short That Make Tall People Jealous

Short people put up with a lot of crap

I don’t know about you, as a woman that barely surpasses five foot two, I get a little tired at the endless supply of short jokes that are aimed in my direction. Sure, it’s all fun and games but getting teased for something that you have absolutely no control over gets a little old, especially when those jokes are followed up with a tall person using me as their armrest. While there are definitely times when I absolutely loathe being a short person - usually when I find the perfect pair of jeans only to find out the smallest inseam available is a 34" long. I’ve found that there are more advantages than disadvantages to being short.

1. Being short can be an advantage in large crowds

Being a short girl means that you have the advantage of being able to maneuver around people in large crowds. Ever been to a concert and wished you could get closer? Short girls are able to squeeze into small spaces, making it easier to get to the front. This also comes in handy during other events. Take Black Friday shopping for instance. The day after Thanksgiving is one of the busiest shopping days of the year and people have a habit of going nuts. Short girls have it a little easier because they can squeeze around people, find the good deals and get in and out of crowded parts of the store without drawing a lot of attention to themselves.


2. You’re pretty much always guaranteed to be shorter than your date

Tall girls seem to dislike dating guys that are shorter than they are, but it is rare for a short girl to end up on a date with a guy that is shorter than her. This takes some of the worries out of dating apps like Tinder or online websites like While short women still have to worry about whether or not their date is actually a weirdo or lied about what he does for a living, this does make a blind date a little less nerve-wracking. He may not look exactly like his profile picture, but it is pretty much a guarantee that he will be taller than you.

3. Short people don’t have to worry about the height of their heels

Tall girls often have the disadvantage of not being able to wear those high heels that they love for fear of towering over their date. Short girls, on the other hand, have the advantage of rarely being taller than their date. We don't have to limit our shoe collection like tall girls do and while this can be a hindrance to our wallets, we have the advantage of knowing we look great in our sky-high heels...even if we have to do a penguin walk to keep from tipping over.

4. Short people fit into small spaces better than tall people

One of the best things about being short is having the ability to fit more comfortably in small spaces than taller people would. Cramped airplane seats aren’t too much of an issue for short people. They may not be the most comfortable for even small people but we possess the ability to curl up and get more comfortable than a tall person could, which is definitely an advantage. Short girls also have the advantage of rarely suffering from cramped leg space. Whether you called shotgun for the passenger seat and have to move your seat forward for your much taller friend to sit behind you, or you end up in the back seat yourself; leg room usually isn't an issue.

5. Short people have more options than tall people when it comes to shopping

Shopping can be pretty easy for short people because we often don’t have too much trouble finding clothing that fit us and if something needs altering, we can do so without completely changing the way something looks. Short girls also have the advantage of being able to shop in multiple departments. We have the option of finding clothing in pretty much every section of the store. Looking for graphic tees? Hit up the junior's department. Want a tailored look? Shop in the petite section for clothes made specifically for your body type. Even the children's section of the store can be utilized!

6. Dresses are never too short

Tall girls often have the disadvantage of finding a dress that they love, only to find when they put it on that it is too short on them and borderline inappropriate. Lucky for us short girls, we rarely have this issue. Sure, mini dresses may not be so mini on us, but better too long than too short. All we have to do is have the dress altered to the perfect length and we are good to go.

7. Short people have the advantage of never worrying about their pants being too short

Flood pants? Not a problem! Short girls don’t often run into the problem of finding a pair of jeans that they love, only to put them on and find out that they’re too short. More and more retailers are offering different inseams ranging from double extra long to extra short, which is a wonderful news for women of all shapes and sizes. This definitely makes finding pants a less painstaking process, and if we do have a problem with the length, it is because they are just a little too long. Luckily, some retailers offer free alterations when purchasing their jeans.

8. It is rare for a short person to be the jerk that blocks someone’s view

All short people know the struggle of going to an event like a concert or a movie and not being able to see properly due to the abnormally tall person that we inevitably get stuck behind every time. Being short means that we never have to worry about being THAT person and on the wildly slim chance that we do block someone's view, we are secretly a little elated. Knowing the disadvantages of being the short person at an event, we always keep our fellow short people in mind and try to offer solutions to problems they may encounter while trying to enjoy the show.

9. Short people look younger

Ever told someone that you're in your twenties and they don't believe you? If you're under five foot two, I can almost guarantee you've experienced this. No matter how many times you try to reassure them that you're know how old you are, they still demand to see your driver's license. As annoying as it is to constantly hear, “you look like you're twelve,” short people can rest easy knowing that we will always look younger than we are. Pretty soon, we'll take your assumptions about our age as a compliment.


10. Since they look younger short people will get carded forever

Once, when I was twenty-two, I was out at a bar with my friends. I got carded immediately, which I was used to, so it wasn't a big deal. However, I got carded a second time by the same person not even five minutes later because she didn't quite believe I could was old enough to drink. At almost 28-years-old, I now appreciate how young I look. Meanwhile, my much taller friends get carded less frequently with every passing year, so yes, being short definitely is an advantage.

11. People have the desire to protect short people

People have a tendency to protect short people, especially short girls, which can be both an advantage and disadvantage. Knowing that someone will always have your back, should you need it, can be a great feeling. It is especially helpful in large, unruly crowds where people try to pick fights or try to get a little too friendly. On the other hand, it can be a disadvantage if that protective instinct becomes overbearing, especially if it is unwanted or you feel that it is a hindrance. No one wants to feel incompetent, so having someone hover around you just in case something goes wrong can be obnoxious.


12. You often cross your friend’s minds

Being the short friend means your friends are reminded of you (and your lack of height) whenever they come across something pertaining short people. Sure, it might be a meme on Facebook that shows a girl too short to see her reflection in the mirror that her much taller boyfriend just hung, but it's more likely to happen to you than one of their tall friends! There is a disadvantage to this too. While you might feel average in height, your tall friends - even the ones that are barely taller than you - will always be there to bring you back to reality and remind you that you are still shorter.

13. Short people are often underestimated

Sometimes tall people see being short as a disadvantage, in that they think short people are weak. The joke is on them though. Most people use this assumption to their advantage by letting their sweet and innocent side show through but they can also be ruthless. Short people are often the most loyal of friends and if they feel that their friend is being disrespected, they won't hesitate to let their tough side take over. This loyalty starts in childhood and only gets stronger over time. If you’re out at the bar and another girl tries to start something with you, you can always count on your short friend to be by your side, have your back, and ready to put her in her place.

Short people need to stick together

One thing is for sure, short girls need to stick together. Not only do we understand the day to day struggle of being short, but we also can offer an ear when a fellow short girl needs to vent about her tall friends. It can also be a relief to spend time with people that aren’t constantly reminding you of how short you are with the same jokes you’ve heard a million times before. Regardless of the advantages or disadvantages of being the short girl in your group of friends, all that really matters is that you respect one another no matter how tall or short. Sure, the jokes can get a little old but at the end of the day, the most important thing is that you and your friends will have each other’s backs and know that those jokes are all in good fun.