10 Free Spells That Work Instantly For Beginners

Are you looking for some easy beginner spells that will work instantly and you can see instant results from? Here are 10 free spells that you can try now!

By E.M. Love
10 Free Spells That Work Instantly For Beginners

Instant Magic Spells for Beginners

The following are some real magic spells that you can do as a beginner and see instant results. Some of the spells may take a bit of practice, and you must have the right intention going into these spells, but they are all easily doable spells for beginners. You must also know the best time to perform the spells and what tools you will need for the spells to be able to work. Otherwise, they may give you nothing. The best time to work spells is often during full or new moons, or just at night so the spell can start to take effect overnight. Energy from spell work can take some time to gather and go where it is directed. Spells that you perform at night before sleeping may start to work overnight so you will see instant results the very next day when you wake up. Spells that are done during full moons often need the extra energy that a full moon gives off, so that spell gets an extra boost of power. That is why the bigger the spell, the more likely it is that there is a smaller frame of time that you should perform that spell.

1. Spell to Attract Your Soul Mate

This is a very simple, powerful magic spell for beginners who are still looking for their soulmate. You must have positive energy about this spell working and put that energy out there. Your strong positive energy is what will attract your soulmate to you, and in turn help direct you to your soulmate. This spell should put the process of finding your soulmate into motion instantly, and you will soon see the results. Love spells can really work! You just have to be positive, put your energy out there, and follow the steps. Many love spells will start to work quickly and instantly if done properly.

Steps for Attracting Your Soul Mate Spell

1. Take a bath late at night before you go to bed. 2. Meditate and get your mind focused until you feel your energy becoming strong and positive. Take as long as you need to achieve this. You can use a guided meditation if you have trouble getting focused. There are many resources that you can find on the Internet. 3. Try and communicate with the universe, putting out your intention that you want to find your soulmate. Visualize pouring your positive, strong energy into this intention. 4. Say the following spell chant 60 times: "KAINAAT SUNE ISHQ MAUJOOD HO." 5. Now close your eyes and know that you will soon be in contact with your soulmate. Visualize this happening; feel how you will feel when this happens. Feel as if it has already happened, make your mind believe it for this moment. 6. You can do this spell every night, and your soul mate will soon communicate with you.


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2. Spell to Get Someone to Call You

This magic spell will direct real, powerful energy to the person that you want to call you, and will urge them to pick up the phone. This is a great spell if you want a relative to call that you do not talk to often, a long-lost friend that you miss but don't want to call first, or a potential future employer that you are waiting to hear back from. You will need a piece of nice quality paper, something to write with, and a needle or pin for this spell.

Steps for the Spell to Make Someone Call

1. First, take a sheet of nice quality paper and write down the name of the person that you want to call you inside of a circle. 2. While you are writing this, focus on the face of the person that you want to call you. 3. Next, put the needle through the center of the circle where the name is. 4. Put this by the phone that you will be expecting them to call on. 5. Depending on how much energy you put into the spell, the time you do the spell, and your intention, they will call you within minutes, hours, or days.

3. Beginner Money Spell that Works Instantly

There are many magic spells that you can perform to bring money to you or someone else instantly. This is a powerful money spell for you to perform that is simple and effective. You once again must have positive energy and send out that energy into the universe, which will instantly bring money energy and money back to you. You have to know that the spell is going to work and not have any doubts. Money that comes from these spells may come from unexpected sources and in unexpected ways, so be prepared for anything and keep your eyes open. This spell will come with real results. For this spell, you need to do it in the early morning hours around 7 AM. You will need to wear white clothes, have white candles, and be around mud, a garden, or have a flower pot close. White is a positive color and will help you have positive energy. It will help you send out nothing but positive energy into the universe during the spell.

Steps for Bringing Money into Your Life Instantly Spell

1. Before you do anything else, meditate and make sure your mind is clear from any negativity. Let any thoughts not relating to the spell go away and just focus on what you are doing at this moment in time. 2. Wear your white clothes and every morning at 7 AM light one of your white candles. 3. After you light your white candle, say the following spell chant: "THOU NOKOU MONEY PAAN BOLO." 4. Repeat this chant for at least 150 times as the candle burns. 5. Make sure you are staying focused on positive energy and think about how you want money to come to you. Visualize and feel as if that money has already come to you while chanting. 6. When the candle has burned down, bury all of the wax in either mud, your garden, or in a flower pot in the dirt. You can repeat this spell whenever you want.

4. Instant Wishing Spell for Beginners

Magic wishing spells can help bring what you have wished for all of these years. It may help you land a job that you have always wanted, or at least get an interview. You may want to wish to find your perfect house or to find your perfect puppy. This wishing spell is very simple, powerful, and effective, working instantly if you put in the work and use the right energy. What you will need is five candles and a candle that you like. Do this beginner spell on a new and a full moon for the best results. Part of what this spell involves is performing the first part before bed, then sleeping and waiting for the energy to work overnight.

Steps for Instant Wishing Spell

1. On the full or new moon, gather six candles. Before anything else, spend 30 minutes just meditating and clearing your thoughts. This will focus and cleanse your energy in order to be prepared for the spell. 2. Light five of the candles but don't light the candle that you chose for the spell. 3. Now you will pray to the moon and recite the spell words: "Dear Moon that beautifully glows at night, I pray to you with all my might. I ask you for a good night and always stay in my sight." This is asking the moon to let you have a good night of rest. 4. Repeat this spell for three nights in total, saying the prayer to the moon each night. The energy will have time to build up overnight. 5. Every morning when you first wake up, meditate for 30 minutes to clear your mind and focus your energy. 6. After you meditate in the morning, put on your favorite song or audio meditation and visualize that everything you wished for is coming true. Imagine that it has all already come true, and feel how you would feel as if it has. Feel how happy you will be, how excited and grateful. 7. After you visualize everything coming true on the third morning, meditate for a whole hour. Then the spell will be complete, and your wishes will come true.

5. Instant Job Spell

If you are looking for a good job with a salary that you want, then this is a great powerful, beginner magic spell for you. This spell can help those who are stuck in their jobs and have not been moving up like they thought they would with promotions and salary raises. You must have lots of positive energy and know that this spell will work for it to be effective. What you will need for this spell is an oval-shaped rose quartz stone.

Steps for Beginner Job Spell

1. For this spell to work, you will need to get up and start it at 6 AM. 2. Say what you want and visualize it. Focus on exactly what it is that you want. 3. Hold the stone in your right hand and then say the following spell words: "TAANEER MILNE MUJHKO PASANDEEDAAH HOYE." These words and energy you are putting forth will activate the stone. 4. Keep the rose quartz stone in your pocket. 5. Now you will be successful when you go for that job, promotion, or salary raise. The stone's energy will draw the energy of money to you. Be sure to keep the stone in your pocket for this spell to work.

6. Instant Lottery Spell

This is another form of a money spell. You may wish to win the lottery or win while gambling. This is a great beginner spell for you if this is the route you want to take. You must have strong, positive energy and be sure that the spell will work. This will help turn your luck around so that you can win. When you put this energy out there, you have to listen to your intuition as it is often the universe trying to tell you something. When you do this spell, the universe will help guide you to where you need to go and what you need to do to win that lottery or gamble. You will be led by your intuition on where and when to play to win. Again, you must be confident in yourself and know that the spell will work. Do not allow any negative thoughts or self-doubt to intrude or this will hinder the spell from working correctly. What you will need for this spell is lots of coins and a bowl of rosewater. You will receive what you need to know overnight while you are sleeping.

Steps for Lottery Spell

1. Before you go to bed each night, do the following steps to cast this instant spell. 2. Take your bowl of rosewater with all of the coins in it. Touch the coins that are in the bowl and chant the following: "MORA PONITA PAISIE JOYE." 3. Repeat this chant 200 times. 4. Now take your hand out of the bowl and touch your forehead with the water from the bowl. 5. After this, you can go to sleep. You will dream about everything you need to know to win the lottery or that gamble. If it's hard for you to remember your dreams, keep a dream notebook right by your bed so as soon as you wake up, you can write down everything that you can remember before getting out of bed. The energy does the work that the spell directed it to do overnight, so take careful note of your dreams.

7. Easy Beginner Love Spell Chant

Here is another great love spell for those of you who are still looking for your true love. This spell is quick and easy with a chant that you can do anywhere anytime. Only use this spell with positive intentions and strong, positive energy. People have free will, and if the person you are trying to get to love you is with someone else, then this spell will not work. The more energy you put into it, the more likely it is that the spell will work quickly and effectively.

Steps for Love Spell Chant

1. Start in the early morning such as at 7 AM. 2. Chant the following: "YAA MADAT YAA MUJHE MILE VO ABHI." 3. Focus on the love that you want to receive and the love that you will give as you chant these words. 4. Repeat the spell often as you would like throughout the day. The more you repeat the words, the more likely you will see results instantly.

8. Spell to Heal Physical Pain Instantly

If you or a loved one is suffering from some kind of physical pain, whether from an illness or injury, this powerful spell will instantly help, and you will feel real results. The spell is not hard or complicated, but you must be able to concentrate and stay focused. If for some reason the spell does not help the pain this is probably the reason, and you should work on meditating for a while before attempting the spell again. What you will need for this spell is an amethyst stone that is very clear or a Fluorite stone.

Steps to Heal Physical Pain

1. Go to a quiet place and meditate until your mind is clear and focused. 2. Pick up whichever stone that you chose, either Amethyst or Fluorite, and hold that stone in whichever hand is closer to where it hurts in your body. If it hurts in your center, choose the dominant hand that you use to write. 3. Visualize a white light at your feet and slowly bring that light up towards your head, spreading through every part of your body all the way out to your fingertips. 4. As the light is moving up through your body, chant the following, "Bright light, shining light, heal my hurts with all thy might." 5. Repeat this chant as the light moves up through your whole body, taking your time. 6. When the light reaches your head, visualize the white light expanding to encompass your head with about an extra foot of space all around. 7. Now return to the area of your body where it hurts the most. Focus all of this white healing light and energy into this area. 8. If there is still pain, repeat this process. It should work, but you have to stay focused on the task at hand and concentrate your energy. Do not let your thoughts wander. 9. When you are finished with this spell, finish the spell by saying, "So mote it be."

9. Instant Warmth Spell for Beginners

This is a simple magic spell for beginners who hate feeling cold. Perfect for the winter, you can do the spell anywhere and at any time. If you are often with a group of friends who are always comfortable or hot, and you are the only one cold, this spell can be a huge help. This is also a great spell for those adventurers who like to go out when the weather is very cold. It's miserable being out on a hike in the middle of a forest and being so cold you can't feel anything or enjoy the hike. This spell can help you warm up, so you enjoy the hike as you intended. For the spell to work, you must focus on what you want and make yourself believe that it is true. Your thoughts create energy, and so by thinking that you are warm, you are creating energy in your body to the point where your body actually warms up. You don't need anything extra for this simple spell.

Steps for Warmth Spell

1. Think of a source of warmth, such as a fire, portable heater, the sun, or some other source. 2. If you are a fire element (your astrology sign, which includes Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius), then chant the following: "I am warm, I am fire, all this warmth is my desire." Repeat this chant 15 times for the spell. 3. For the rest of you that are not a fire element, chant the following: "I am warm, warm as fire, all this warmth, is my desire." Repeat this 15 times for the spell. 4. You should start to feel warmer instantly. You can repeat the whole spell if you do not.

10. Magic Healing Spell

This magic spell is for getting rid of an illness that you or a loved one have. You can use this spell daily as much as you need. What you will need for this spell is a container with a lid, such as a glass jar, green ribbon, powdered cinnamon, green or silver glitter, and a variety of small objects that are green, silver, or white. These other objects can be anything including leaves, smooth glass, paper, beads, etc.

Steps for Healing Spell

1. Cast a circle for the spell. The most simple way you can cast a circle is by pointing down with your finger and visualizing protective energy coming out of you through your finger to where the circle is being cast for you to do spell work. The circle only has to be big enough for you with some extra space to work. Remember to stay inside your circle once you cast it as it is to protect you from negative energy coming your way while doing spell work. Visualize it being a barrier of protective energy all around you. 2. Now consecrate the items that you have for the spell. You can do this simply by saying a quick prayer and dedicating the objects to the purpose you want to use them for in this spell. 3. Put the items on a tray or your altar if you have one. 4. Sprinkle the cinnamon over the objects on the tray or altar and chant the following: "Herb for healing, herb for hope, herb for strength, herb help me cope. I call on thee, spirits of water, earth, fire, and air, to aid me in this healing." 5. Now put the green ribbon around the jar or container that you have and wrap it around three times. Chant, "Thrice I bind thee, and so with nine calls, you will heal." 6. Put the small objects and the glitter into the jar or container. Put the lid on and shake the jar nine times. 7. Now chant the following, "Power of healing, I command you, heal (name of person) from all sickness!" 8. Give thanks to the elements and whatever higher power you choose to thank. 9. Take down your circle. It is just the opposite of how you cast your circle. 10. Put the jar somewhere safe. Whenever you or the other person is feeling sick and need a boost, take the jar and shake it nine times while chanting, "(Name of person) be well, (name) be free of sickness." 11. Do this spell for each person that you wish to be healed.


You should see instant, real results from the spells above, which are all suitable for beginners. Some of the spells you can do anytime, anywhere, which is perfect for beginners who do not have much time to learn a lot about spell casting just yet. Some spells you can do anytime, some spells you have to do on full moons, and other spells you have to start in the evenings and wait overnight for the spell magic to build and the energy to do the work it has been directed to do. A lot can change overnight if a spell is properly done. How effective these spells are depends on you and how much energy you put into the spells. It really depends on how focused you are. If you tend to have a wandering mind, you should definitely practice meditating as it will greatly improve how well your spells work.

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