Aquarius Woman Characteristics & Personality - All You Need To Know

Whether you've had a fall out with an Aquarius female or want to get to know her characteristics through horoscope then this article is for you, happy reading!

By Shannon Garner
Aquarius Woman Characteristics & Personality - All You Need To Know

Get to Know Her: Characteristics of the Aquarius Female

If you were born between January 21 and February 19, then you fall under the horoscope category of the Aquarius female which also makes you an air sign. These individuals carry many traits such as being highly intellectual, loyal but at times can become aloof and inconsistent. Aquarius female’s carry great characteristics about them such as: being chameleons which gives them immense adaptability with any type of person or situation. The Aquarius female also is heavily mentally stimulated so, you may need to keep up if you want to get to know her. As far as the not so great characteristics go, I will explain that later. Now that you received a little whiff of the Aquarius female we can go deeper into her personality and get more facts about this fantastic Aquarius woman. 

Aquarius Female in Love

Mental stimulation is one of the most important characteristics when it comes to this personality. Arousing the mind will arouse the rest of her. The Aquarius woman does present a cool attraction amongst herself which makes her mystique in love and compatibility. If you want a long-term relationship with an Aquarius woman or if you are thinking about marriage then you must factor in honesty, loyalty and space for her to breathe a little and the Aquarius woman will make sure to give you those same traits in return. When in a relationship with the Aquarius woman you are in for a fun ride and not only is she fun to be with and easy to love you will also have the best sex because the Aquarius woman is known to please in between the sheets. 

Aquarius Female and Career

This lady Aquarius is not your typical 9-5 type of girl.  The Aquarius career characteristics are much different than others. The Aquarius employee will avoid getting a stagnant job where she cannot soar her ideas, schedule or imagination. Occupation for this Aquarius woman could be in social work, psychology, politician, marketing or public relations. These career fields match perfectly with many of the Aquarius female characteristics and work traits. These fields will also give the Aquarius woman the flexibility she desires within her own mind and if it helps serve other people she is more than likely on board, too. One thing you must not do is micromanage this Aquarius woman, she will do completely fine on her own. If she has a question, she will most definitely ask.

Aquarius Female and Family

This Aquarius woman enjoys the thought of having a family and does create this perfect world in her head as far as her home life goes. If she does already have a family then the Aquarius female will carry motherly characteristics about her such as nurturing their child but, still giving them independence because the Aquarius mother needs her own independence as well. This gives the child room to grow into their very own individual and giving them the respect that is needed. The Aquarius woman takes pride in her marriage and children special and distinct characteristics. The proud matriarch.

Aquarius Female and Friendships

The Aquarius woman cherishes her friends dearly and the time well spent with them, these are just facts. This Aquarius female loves to be around people especially if they share the same characteristics as her; you would think this Aquarius woman was prom queen in high school by how many people she knows when you all go out in public. The Aquarius female is friendly to almost everyone but, keeps a small close group of friends. The compatibility with friendship is the same as her compatibility with marriage you must show intellect, loyalty and integrity. You will not want to lose the Aquarius female as a friend, she is always lending out a helping hand and she will go to the moon and back for her loved ones if that is what it takes. Do not disappoint her this Aquarius woman is impeccable.

If You Didn't Know Now You Know

Now that you have most of the facts and characteristics of the Aquarius woman you can now go out and find your best friend or lover who falls under the Aquarius horoscope. To attract the Aquarius lady, you must stand out from the crowd. Other horoscopes that may have the same characteristics to form a friendship or romantic relationship with the Aquarius lady are Aries and Libras. The Aquarius woman can have a great relationship with Cancers or Geminis, but you must be careful. Horoscope matches that the Aquarius woman should avoid are the earthy Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. If you want to be in the presence of this female then be yourself if you cannot be real with the Aquarius woman then stay away. Aquarius women have no time for fake lovers or friendships.