Samantha Winslow Wiki: Everything To Know About John Williams's Wife

Samantha Winslow is the wife of composer John Williams and is best known for her photography career. Here's everything you need to know about her.

By MJ Faublas
Samantha Winslow Wiki: Everything To Know About John Williams's Wife

The Love of a Wife: Samantha Winslow

Samantha Winslow is not a name one hears on the Hollywood scene, unless someone's concerned about a famous character on the show "Ray Donovan" or the Labor Notes writer, who both share similar names. However, Samantha Winslow is well-known in elite Hollywood circles as she is the wife of famous composer John Williams. Samantha Winslow and John Williams married in 1980. Samantha Winslow became stepmother to two sons and a daughter from the previous marriage of John Williams. Samantha Winslow worked as a photographer and continues to do so presently. As the wife of the legendary musician John Williams, Samantha Winslow has kept her life private and away from the limelight of Hollywood. Winslow shares no information regarding her work or net worth with the public.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Samantha Winslow and John Williams at the Star Wars: The Last Jedi premiere.

Samantha Winslow's Husband John Williams

Many viewers head to the theater to watch a movie for the action and CGI effects. However, for most music connoisseurs, it's the soundtrack that creates the most memorable effect in most movies. John Williams has brought Star Wars to life once again with his famous soundtracks and the Grammy award winner deserves all the praise for his work. Star Wars is one of those films that would not be as popular without its soundtrack, and fans have John Williams to thank for this epic experience. John Williams is known for his works as an American composer, conductor, and pianist. He is most famously known for his talents being broadcast in some of Hollywood's most popular movies such as Jaws, the Star Wars series, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Superman: The Movie, E.T., Indiana Jones, and the Jurassic Park films, just to name a few. John Williams' career began in 1952 and has yet to hit a wall. John Williams' most recent work was on the 2015 Star Wars movie, Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

A Case of Mistaken Identity

The wife of John Williams shares very little about her life on social media. Many fans of John Williams know he is married to Samantha Winslow, but very few know details of Samantha Winslow's life. While trying to obtain such details, one may come across the famous character played by Susan Sarandon on the show "Ray Donovan" or the successful Labor Notes writer. However, neither women encompasses the magnitude of support given to John Williams by his wife Samantha Winslow.

Samantha Winslow Facts:

Fact One: Samantha Winslow and John Williams have no children together. Fact Two: John Williams has three children from a previous marriage, including two sons and one daughter, making Winslow a stepmom. Fact Three: John Williams shares his net worth of $100M with wife Samantha Winslow. Fact Four: Samantha Winslow and John Williams have been married for over three decades. Fact Five: Samantha Winslow and John Williams were married in July 1980.