Top 10 Magic Money Spells That Is Guaranteed To Work

Despite the fact that many in the contemporary world don't believe in money magic and spells, that doesn't make it untrue. Here are some spells you can use:

By Auntrone89
Top 10 Magic Money Spells That Is Guaranteed To Work

The correlation between money, spells, and magic

The myth of money and magic goes back to the ancient times when people used to consult with spirits in their quest for power and money. Influential people, especially the kings and queens, had their personal magicians equipped with all the necessary ingredients for making their wishes come true. But as time went by, such practices faded. Now, most of the spells related to money have been lost in time. The magicians offered to carry out such spells either for free or for a certain price. Either way, a spell that resulted in an abundance of money had particular ingredients. For instance, one might need to have a candle, cinnamon, and other special ingredients that only the magicians knew about. Some spells were simple while others were a little complicated, requiring complex chants or expensive ingredients. Though presumed far-fetched, some of these money spells are still practiced today by some people who believe in their power and effectiveness. So, whether you are interested in making some money or are just curious, here are some money spells that were considered effective. Feel free to try them out and see if it works out for you.

1. The prosperity perimeter money spell

As earlier stated, these money spells might have withered with time, but there is a good number of people who are still using them to this day. And needless to say, they really seem to be doing good as far as their money generation and management are concerned. Conjuring up this rather famous money magic spell is easy because the ingredients are readily available. Also, setting everything up in this money spell is quite easy and will only take a couple of minutes for you to get it done. First, you need to mark four corners of your home. Then, proceed with planting coins in each corner, forming some sort of perimeter that engulfs your home in between. Then, proceed to sprinkle salt along the boundaries around your home. Doing so is believed to bring nothing but money and prosperity to your home. The good news about this particular money-making spell is that it not only affects you but everyone residing within the boundary. Meaning that even your most stubborn cockroaches will be having good fortune as long as they reside within the perimeter!

2. The “spend money to make money” spell

The one thing about clichés, legends, proverbs, fairy tales, and fables is that they all bear some elements of truth. And the same applies to the saying “spend money to make money”. Thing is, before becoming a misused dictum, this popular phrase used to be a money spell. This money spell is pretty free and easy, meaning that you don’t need ingredients such as cinnamon, a candle, or a magic wand to pull it off. All you need to do is leave money you found somewhere public for someone else. You can leave it in the open as a blessing for someone else instead of blessing yourself. This particular magic spell has got something to do with sending positive vibrations to the universe. And if you do that, expect the universe to respond to your good deeds. Leaving money that you found for someone else is a selfless act. And it will definitely trigger a pattern that will, in the end, bring money right back to you, one way or another. To date, many people do not believe in this sort of magic money spell. But there are a couple of people who still do it and indeed, good vibes have always found a way back into their lives. Some people have actually confessed that leaving money they have found for other people has led to more money finding its way back to them. This may not mean that you’ll pick up more money as money can find its way back to you in many ways. This may come in the form of promotions at work, money gifts, and so on. That said, it wouldn’t really hurt to try this one. Most people might not consider this to be magic or a money spell but it can end up sending good vibes your way.

3. The sweeping money spell

When it comes to money spells, this particular money spell is one of my personal favorites. Why? Because this money spell doesn’t involve throwing or surrendering money. Let’s face it, it’s hard making money in this economy as it is. I can’t imagine abandoning money that I just found. But that’s just me. The only ingredient you will need for this incredibly easy magic money spell is a handful of shiny coins. I would suggest that you find new coins from the bank or from the supermarket the next time you go out shopping. You have to find nine shiny coins, for reasons best known to those who conjured it up. Once you have your shiny coins, proceed to the next step of the spell which is to put them on the threshold just outside your door. The next step of this remarkably simple money spell is sweeping the nine shiny coins over the threshold and into your house. The sweeping part of this money spell symbolizes the flow of money into your house. The spell doesn’t stop there. Once the shiny coins have been symbolically swept into your house, collect them and put them in a place you feel most attached to. You can put them in your favorite corner or in a safe, wherever you feel will bring good fortune into your life for free. Once the spell has been carried out to completion, the next thing you ought to do is believe that your luck is about to change for the better.

4. The mojo money bag spell

When it comes to the mojo money bag spell, you will need quite a number of ingredients as compared to the first three money spells. You will need to find a penny or a rolled dollar, three whole cloves for luck, a green stone, a cinnamon stick (approximately 3 inches of it), and a dash of cascara sagrada. And no, you don’t require a candle to burn the cinnamon or summon your magical beings or anything close to that. So, once you get your hands on all of the above mentioned magical paraphernalia, put all spell ingredients in the magic bag. The small bag can be made of plain cloth, or velvet or organza – depending on your personal interests. Then place the bag in a place you consider special or sacred. Your so-called special place might be beside your bed, on a nightstand, or you can feel free to get hella creative. You will also be expected to press your mojo magic bag from time to time. This is to remind yourself of the good fortune that is about to bombard your life in the near future. The thing about money spells (and any other spells for that matter) is that they always come with a proper alignment with the universe. If you have positive vibes, these vibes will go out to the universe and the same will come back to you. Therefore, remember to always believe your money spell is going to work and it most certainly will.

5. The cheque spell

Someone very wise once said that you get what you believe in. So, if you believe in money spells, then the universe will align itself in a way that you end up enjoying the fruits of your thoughts. That's why this is considered a spell in the first place. It is also a good lesson on the importance of positive thinking at all times. That said, you can start by writing yourself a cheque and staying as positive as possible. Once you have done this, put that cheque somewhere that you feel attached to the most. You can also keep checking it over and over just to remind yourself of the spell while keeping everything in perspective. Doing this will not only draw the good vibes and money into your life but will also help you stay grounded. And even if you fail to achieve the goal written on the cheque by the end of the stipulated timeframe, you’d still have achieved a great milestone. Another good thing about this spell is that all you need is a single ingredient – an empty checkbook.

6. The rain man money spell

Of all the money spells, the rain man money spell is one that always brings a smile on my face. Nothing causes an adrenaline rush more than this one particular money spell. First, you will be required to get a ten-dollar bill or a hundred-dollar bill (all depending on whatever tickles your fancy). You will also require a photocopier for this spell to work. And that's just about it as far as the ingredients are concerned. The photocopier will be used to print the dollar bills to be used for your spell. Once you have printed as many dollar bills as you can, divvy them up into two stacks, with a stack in each hand. Then, looking up, toss the stacks into the air and let them free fall on you for the spell to come full circle. If you do this, then you will most certainly enjoy everything about the money spell. And on top of that, it will make the universe respond by bringing you all the money in the world that you can toss it up and enjoy the same feeling – only this time, the dollar bills will be real. And that’s how the spell works. Although this is a free money spell (and you don’t need a candle or cinnamon or any other ingredients) you still need to be careful. Only print out dollar bills in black and white for your spell so as to avoid counterfeiting problems with the law. We are trying to get money into our lives here, not get arrested.

7. The candle money spell

As you all know, candles and magic always go hand in hand. It would, therefore, be absurd if I completed this article without mentioning candles in a list of money spells that are popular today. The ingredients in here are pretty easy to find – all you need is a candle and something to carve money denominations on it. That’s all. The bigger the candle, the better the spell will be. Also, it has to be either a green or a gold candle. This is because green is the color of money and gold, well, is gold. Once you are done carving the money denominations into the candle, the next step will be releasing that energy into the universe. You can either choose to burn the whole candle at once or in waves, depending on whatever you feel is the right thing to do. When all is said and done, you won’t need to worry about having money problems as the universe will certainly respond to the kind of energy that you gave off during the money spell.

8. The tarot money magic spells

It goes without saying that you’ll need the right kind of tarot cards as your major ingredient for this particular magic spell to work. In order to free the right kind of energy into the universe, you’ll need the right tarot cards, arrange them in a particular way, and believe in the energy that’s being released into the universe. The tarot cards required for this spell include the 10 of Pentacles, The Wheel of Fortune, The 6 of Pentacles, The Ace of Pentacles, and The King of Pentacles. Put the five cards in a star-like formation before placing the all-important Wheel of Fortune tarot card in between them. The next step will be choosing a random card from the deck to represent yourself. Then place your randomly selected tarot card under the Wheels of Fortune card. Doing so is very important because all of the good fortunes these cards represent will be drawn to the Wheel of Fortune card, which covers you (and therefore your life). You can always check these cards regularly as a reminder that good fortune is coming your way. It’s that simple, no need for cinnamon or a candle for this one to work. All you need to have are tarot cards and a positive mindset to pull this one off.

9. Paying nature money spell

More often than not, having a good, quiet time with nature can make tremendously powerful and positive magic come your way. So, as far as this money spell is concerned, the only ingredient you need is that nice, quiet place that humans haven’t tampered with yet. Then try and focus on making sure that you are having a good time just chilling, entertaining positive vibes and thoughts, especially about money. You can meditate about the good fortunes that you are about to receive. This spell will only work if you align yourself with the good spirits and positive thoughts. Once you have meditated to your heart's content, toss a handful of coins into nature for the money spell to take effect. Again, this money spell is all about having positive vibrations and thoughts. Believing is a very important bit of drawing good fortunes your way. Remember to bring the coins as your ingredient. And for this money spell to work, you have to believe in the unseen as well as the power of the universe in order for it to work like a charm. Forgive me for having mentioned this over and over again but believing is a very important part of money spells. One last tip – the shinier the coins, the better. Money spells always work with shinier coins.

10. The four-crossroads money spell

This particular money spell only requires dirt as an ingredient. That said, you will be required to get a broom to sweep all corners of a nearby crossroads as well as the middle of the crossroads if the need arises. You will then be required to bring the dirt home with you and use it to draw a plus sign on the floor. Once you have done that, the next step will be sitting in the middle of the plus sign and doing a little chanting. Say something like “May all doorways bring prosperity…” or anything close to that – don’t shy away from being creative with your chanting. And for the umpteenth time, you will be required to believe in everything that you are saying in order for the spell to take effect. And that’s just about it! Simple, free, and no candles or money required.


The above stated money magic spells have been tested over time and are proven to work. All you need to do is believe in them and inject that all-important positive energy into the universe. As you have also seen, there are quite a number of spells that require a number of ingredients, among them cinnamon, candles, and shiny coins. It is also very important for you to understand that magic happens only after aligning yourself and being one with nature. Remember to follow each step of any spell for it to come work. Skip one and the spell will be utterly useless. You also need to believe in what you are doing in order for the money spell to take effect. Also, there are more than 10 money spells that you can gain access to; you shouldn’t put yourself in a box. Go out there and learn as many spells as your brilliant brain can absorb!