20 Obvious Body Language Signs of Attraction

If a man likes you, there are certain signs of attraction he'll display. Therefore, it would be a good idea to keep an eye on his body language.

By Auntrone89
20 Obvious Body Language Signs of Attraction

Decoding the male body language and signs of attraction

As a woman, it is very important to know whether a man is into you or not. That way, you can always work on whether to take it to the next step or end it. And the good news is that you can get to study his body language and get all of the answers that you need without breaking a sweat. Some of the male body language traits that you need carefully to check include his posture and his eyes. You should also consider how he is sitting and how he is behaving especially when he is around you. If he is in love with you, he will tend to behave in a certain way that will give him away without him knowing. Again, you need to learn how to read these signs of attraction because it sucks being caught off-guard or even worse, missing the golden opportunity to being with someone incredible.

1. Body language 101 — Throat touching

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It is very important for you to check if he is touching his throat when he is talking to you or not. Doing so is one of those body language signs of attraction that you can never go wrong with. When a man is into you, he tends to touch his throat because, well, he is in a vulnerable position as he is not sure whether you will accept him or reject him. This is one of the most obvious signs of attraction because men don’t get nervous while speaking to women they aren’t attracted to. But if you are the one he wants to be with, he will most likely touch his throat nervously while trying to make his charm work on you from where he is sitting. And the good news is that men touch their throats subliminally, meaning that they won’t have the time to cheat or try playing it cool unless they are just too sleek.

2. Grazing while walking is among the signs of attraction

Touch is a very important part of showing affection, and it doesn’t apply to humans alone. That said, if a man is really into you, then you will always feel his arm grazing you whenever you are walking or are in close contact. So, if you are paying attention and can read his obvious body language pretty well, then you will discover that he might be in love with you. And the grazing doesn’t just apply to your hands alone but to any other parts which might include the legs while you are both sitting down. He might graze and pretend he wasn’t aware or might quickly apologize if it becomes too obvious that you noticed. But since you are smart, you will quickly register that this is just another one of the many signs of attraction. And to be on the safe side, you can also watch out for the other signs of attraction which will be easy to spot, especially if your guy wants you.

3. Palm pressing is another body language to look out for

Apart from always holding your hand, at times, he will work his way into your palms, gently pressing them. And as you already know, the insides of a girl’s palms are very sensitive. The latter is why girls will pull their hands away when a creepy guy holds onto them for a long time. And the fact that he knows and goes for it shows that he is ready to take things to the next level. Why is that so? It’s because guys just don’t hold hands with every other girl — only the special ones. It also shows that he cares, which is the kind of non-verbal communication registered to your brain whenever he does this. Therefore, always be on the lookout for this one as well. If he loves reaching out for your hand, then chances are he is attracted to you.

4. Close proximity is among the salient signs of attraction

As earlier stated, guys don’t just touch or get close to girls that they aren’t attracted to. That said, you can always tell if a guy likes you or not by how close he is to you, whether you are sitting or just strolling together. And if you can read body language pretty darn well, you will realize that he is always striving to be close to you even when you are both in the company of your mutual friends. It is, therefore, a very important for you to be aware and therefore in a position to make a decision quickly. The reason why guys exhibit such obvious signs of attraction is that they aren’t good at expressing their feelings for fear of coming off as vulnerable. In addition to that, they might just want to have plausible deniability when faced with rejection. So, it's upon you to decide to either accept or reject him accordingly.

5. He communicates both verbally and nonverbally (body language)

Instead of telling you that he is in love with you, a guy will prefer showing it to you. For instance, he will always strive to touch whenever he is telling a joke or something that he considers to be important. He does this because he wants to get your attention fully and to make sure that you don’t miss out on anything he is saying. This will certainly give you the idea that you are important to him. Again, guys don’t bother with women they don’t want, and so this says quite a lot as far as the both of you are concerned. So, the next time you find yourself sitting beside him, pay close attention whenever he wants to talk to you. If he keeps on touching you “innocently,” then chances are he is in love with you.

6. Having bigger pupils is one of the many signs of attraction

Somebody wise (who conveniently forgot to say his name) once said that love is the world’s strongest drug. And he was right. So, if you are keen when it comes to reading a man’s body language and his general body behavior, then it will be obvious that he is into you because you’ll notice his pupils looking much bigger. That shows he is interested in you and that having you around is causing him to have such a great time. If you are close enough, then you will be able to spot this body language and more. But don’t always make it obvious that you are studying him for the obvious signs of attraction. Just be cool as a cucumber and let the process be as natural as possible. In other words, don’t go fishing for the signs of attraction on his body. Rather, let the signs of attraction emanating from his body come looking for you. And if you want to check for his pupils, you’ll have to make him come much closer. And again, don’t make it so obvious.

7. Showing front teeth is a body language to watch

When he is always sitting there listening to you looking like a bunny chewing on a carrot, chances are that he is in love with you. A toothy grin is usually a subliminal sign of flirtation, and more often than not, guys don’t even realize that they are doing it. This means that you can spot this one without the risk of being caught off-guard. It doesn’t matter where you are at that moment. It might be at work or when both of you are sitting at a social place having a good time. He might be teasing or laughing at one of your silly jokes when he would flash the telltale toothy smile. This might show that he loves you and is, therefore, be a good sign to look out for. Okay, I won’t sit here and lie to you that I fully understand the science behind this. But since the scientists affirm it, then it’s probably true. I mean, who are we to disagree with the scientists? Moving on swiftly.

8. Raised eyebrows are among the signs of attraction

Have you ever seen how wide a kid’s eyes become while opening up a present on Christmas Eve? Well, the same applies when a guy is looking for a girl he likes. Out of pure interest, he will keep staring at her and in the process, have his eyes as wide as possible. And this will cause his eyebrows to be corked a little. Therefore, if you are learning to read the male body language and the related signs of attraction, then cocked eyebrows should be jotted down your to-do list. You should also bear in mind that the duration of the “corked eyebrows” will always differ from one guy to the next. Some guys will do it for a while as others will hold it for much longer. Either way, a corked eyebrow almost always carries the same message. But at times a guy might raise his eyebrows because you said something outrageous. You should, therefore, put that into account before drawing a wrong conclusion.

9. Licking lips is a sure body language to watch

Just like it is the case with the eyebrows, the guy will always lick his lips as a way to show you that he is super interested in you. More often than not, he will try to work his charm by coupling this with that sexy, intense eye contact. You will always know that attraction gaze when you see it because it won’t last that long. The licking of lips usually works best especially when he is sitting on the opposite side, meaning that you will be facing each other. Nothing shows hints of love more than this “killer” combination that usually makes most girls weak in their knees. You should also pay attention to how slow the licking of lips is. It will almost feel as if he is subliminally trying to suggest something nasty without saying the actual words.

10. Looking at your face is among the signs of attraction

This is one a little easier to spot especially if you happen to be great at reading the male body language of attraction. When you look at him, you will realize that he just isn’t looking at your pretty eyes alone. He will be alternating his gaze from your eyes, nose, chin, lips and so forth and will be doing so without any prejudice. The crux of the matter is and will always remain to be that if he weren't into you, then he wouldn’t have even bothered looking at you. But because of your breathtaking facial structures being irresistibly beautiful, he couldn’t help himself. More often than not, he will always find himself drawn into your beauty and wouldn’t even be hearing whatever you are saying. There is always a big difference between having him look at your face lovingly and looking just for the sake of looking. And that is what makes this among the most important signs of attraction to look out for.

11. Toying is among the signs of attraction

As earlier stated, being a little nervous when interacting with you is a very plausible sign that he is into you. Therefore, you need to learn a thing or two about reading this correctly. For instance, if you are sitting across each other in some bistro, he will always be toying with something in his hands. The same applies when he is having a drink or holding his car keys. In layman terms, he will do just about anything to diffuse the nervousness. And if you are keen enough, you will pick this behavior up very early in your interaction. This is how attraction or love works unless you are dealing with a pro, who, for some strange reason, doesn’t want you ever to know that he has feelings for you. But for the rest of us Toms, Dicks, and Harrys — you can never go wrong with this kind of attraction sign.

12. Crossing legs is a body language that shows attraction

If you can read body language pretty darn well, you will get to know a lot of things about people without asking. For instance, if a man you suspect wants you cross his legs but still faces you, it shows he is either shy or nervous, but he is interested nonetheless. Of course, he won’t admit he is shy, but his body will. Apart from attraction, you can tell his personality just by his is positioning his legs. But if he crosses his legs and faces away from you, then chances are he isn’t interested in you. More often than not, he will get to do all this without even having the knowledge about what he is doing, which is quite incredible. That said, if you aren’t good at picking up such signs of attraction, then you should start practicing now because, well, you are missing out on many men who want you!

13. Feet can also show signs of attraction

As weird as this sounds, you can check his feet and get to know whether or not he is attracted to you. It is pretty simple. If his feet point towards your direction, chances are he is into you. If his feet are pointing away from you, then he might not be that interested in you. Someone very wise once said that feet always point where the heart wants to go. But then again, this isn’t always accurate for some reasons. He might be interested in you, but his feet won’t be pointing towards you because of the way you are sitting. He might still be in love with you through his feet would be pointing the other way. Despite the fact that it isn’t that reliable, you can still use it just to see where you and crush stand. Who knows? It might be that one thing that gives you a clue that you have indeed found the man you have been searching for. What I am saying is that you shouldn’t have a knack for leaving stones unturned.

14. He talks without facing you

You can never miss reading this one because when people talk, they usually face each other. But in this instance, the guy who is attracted to you might not be in the mood of looking you in the eye while talking to you. For the most part, this happens when the man is somewhat shy and doesn’t want to blush for fear of looking less of a man. He might also be trying so hard to hide the obvious signs of attraction because, you know, the eyes are the windows to one’s soul. And even if he might take a couple of glances, he might not be in a position to hold that gaze for as long as he is supposed to. So yeah, that’s another useful body language tip you can always feel free to use.

15. Tucks your hair behind your ear

If he does that, then it will be him just trying to be romantic, which is quite too forward with his intentions if you ask me. What he is trying to communicate to you nonverbally is that you have a pretty face and the hair is obstructing his breathtaking view. Pretty dope huh? And more often than not, it usually works like a charm because girls love it when guys do this — only if they like the guy doing it. So, if you ever find yourself sitting close to a guy and he keeps on tacking your hair behind your ear, then it should be clear as day that he is into you. You should, therefore, stop wondering whether he loves you or not and take the plunge before it’s too late. Understood? Or if you are still having doubts about where he stands, then you can just edge closer to him and ask him if he is feeling you or not. It works.

16. He touches your elbow

Another body language that a man exhibits when he is into you is none other than touching your elbow or knee. He will almost always do this when he wants to tell you a secret or talk to you when in a noisy place. At first, he will make it look as innocent as possible. But deep down, he usually knows a thing or two about what he is doing. And if you aren’t good when it comes to reading body language or any other signs of attraction, then you will miss out on this one. But at the end of the day, you will most certainly register this at the back of your mind. The touches are usually very gentle and won’t last that long. The goal is usually to break the touch barrier and to make you more comfortable being around him. And the only reason why he does this is so that he can have a good time together because he likes you.

17. He breaths deeply when around you

For the umpteenth time, he will always be nervous whenever he is around you but wouldn’t wait for you ever to find that out. So, all he will have to do is work his tension away, and the easiest way to do this would be breathing as slowly and as deeply as possible. And if you are keen enough, you will not miss it out. You will notice his heavy and slow breathing especially when you are sitting close to him. In other cases, you can swear on your grandmother that you heard a heartbeat, but this will be in cases where he is extremely shy and almost panicking. But don’t you dare judge him, he is just nervous, and it happens to the very best of us. He is only reacting that way because he loves you.

18. He smiles at you genuinely

Have you ever watched a kid smiling? If you have had the privilege of doing so, then you fully understand that it is the most genuine smile you will ever see. And that is the same kind of smile that you should expect from a guy who likes you. Hence why you are required to learn how to read signs of attraction and closely examining body language. This smile will be broader than usual and will leave his eyes a little squinted. The experts usually refer to such as smiling with his whole face.

19. Being overprotective is one of the signs of attraction

When a man likes you, he will always seize every opportunity to protect you, that’s just how it works across the entire species. He will always open doors for you, pull chairs for you ensuring that you are sitting comfortably and so on. He’ll even walk on the part of the pavement adjacent to the road just to protect you against being hit by a car or people. He will always be taking your side in arguments even if you are wrong. If this is usually the case, then don’t get it twisted — it is love.

20. The posture of an alpha (body language to look out for)

Again, if you are good at reading signs of attraction, then you will realize that he will always be exhibiting the body language of an alpha male. And why is that you might ask. Well, it’s pretty easy. He just wants to come off as a worthy mate. This is because he knows jolly too well that as a female, it is your role to be always looking for the very best male for the sake of her offspring — period.


For a woman, being in the position to fully understand how to read body language is extremely important. You will not only be comfortable around men but will also have the most appropriate responses depending on whether the feeling is mutual or not. Just from the way he is sitting, standing, talking or walking, you will be able to know what his intentions are and whether he loves you or not. It all starts with your willingness to learn and understand the obvious signs of attraction.