60 Cute Things To Say To Make A Girl Blush Over Text

Your girl is special and you should make an effort to let her know that. Send her cute texts and make her blush. Here we have 60 such ideas for you.

By Sanchari
60 Cute Things To Say To Make A Girl Blush Over Text

Making your girl blush

If you are trying to make a lasting impression on your girl, then you must learn to compliment her. Not just any compliment, but the genuine one. It's very important that you make her feel special. After all, she is important to you, right? But if you don’t make her feel that way, then she won’t understand what you actually feel for her.

Complimenting doesn’t only mean that you have to flatter her with your words. No, it doesn’t work that way when you are in a serious relationship. Flattering a girl will only works when you are trying to flirt with her. If she is your girlfriend, then you must genuinely appreciate her. Complimenting her on her looks is good, but now that you are growing closer, you should also take notice of her qualities and activities. You can tell her that you are impressed with how she handles everything like a pro. She will appreciate it and you will be able to see how her cheeks turn pink while she blushes.

Win your girl over through text

If you just started going out with your girl, then text messages are the best way to stay connected round-the-clock. You never know; she might be waiting for a sweet text from you. So when you wake up, look for your cell-phone and send a sweet good morning text message to your girl to make her morning as beautiful as her. You won’t be able to see her blushing, but your cute text will definitely make her blush. Now she knows that someone is there for her who genuinely finds her really special. Your girl will be impressed with your sweet gesture and return the favor by texting you back with a good morning message. This return of favor will make your day as well.

10 cute morning text messages to make your girl blush

If you are in a fix about what to write in a text message that'll let her know of your feelings and how much you care for her, then we are here to help you out. We will give you the ideas about what to write and what not to write in a text message. What will be the best-suited words for the morning text message and how it changes in the night texts! We are here to help you out.

1. For the last 8 hours, I have missed you a lot. I can’t wait to see your smile. Wake up, my princess. Rise and shine. Good Morning :)

2. My life is beautiful just because of you. Good morning, my love.

3. I am incomplete at the moment because you are not with me. You complete me. Meet me soon, sweetheart. Good morning, dear.

4. Good morning to the most precious person in my life. You take my breath away.

5. Good morning, baby. Just wanted to let you know that I am thinking about you.

6. I have wasted the last 8 hours staying away from you and I don’t want to commit that mistake again. Wake up and shine brightly my love, see you soon.

7. I tried to make myself busy and not let your thoughts distract me, but it didn’t happen. Can’t wait to meet you.

8. Living without you is like living without water. Won’t be able to survive much longer. Come fast. I'll be waiting for you.

9. Good morning my cute little baby. You are the reason behind my perfect life. So, thank you for your graceful presence.

10. Good morning, my sunshine. My mornings are melodious because of your voice. Just give me a call when you wake up.

Genuine compliments make girls blush

You can come up with fake compliments, but chances are, your girl won't appreciate them. Would you like the fact that your girl is not appreciating your efforts? Will you enjoy her fake compliments over text? If you wouldn't, then why do you think that your girl will fall for something fake? It's easy to forward a nice text message, but if you don't genuinely feel the words, then trust me, your girl will definitely make it out even faster than you think. If you like some text and feel that it's apt for your girl, then add a line or two of your own before forwarding the message. It will make her blush and your purpose of sending the text message will be served. A girl looks beautiful when she blushes, so don’t lose any scope of flattering her. But remember, it should come from your heart. No need to be a poet to impress your girl; your genuine words about how you feel about her when she is around will be enough to make her blush.

Make your girl blush by staring at her

Staring doesn’t always make your girl feel uncomfortable, rather she will blush while you are doing so. When she is talking to you, if you stare into her eyes and listen to every word she utters, then after some time you will notice that she has started blushing. Your eyes should be expressive. It should say thousands of words and make her feel your genuine approach. If you want to lose yourself in her beautiful eyes, she will allow you because she will realize that this is what really makes you happy.

10 simple but cute texts to make your girl blush

A simple poem, which is inspired by her, will genuinely be appreciated by your girl, but don’t worry if you are not a poet. What matters the most is that the words you are writing to her over text are sincere. You must feel each and every word that you write. Remember, she is not able to see your expression, she is only reading it. So, it should be captivating enough.

1. Thank you for connecting me with my inner soul. You are the sweetest angel of my life.

2. I can’t help myself but get lost in those beautiful, expressive eyes of yours.

3. Before you came into my life, it was a complete mess. Thank you for sorting it out. Now, my life is so much more focused and simply better. And all these have been possible, only because of you.

4. You are my only hope in bleak times. Never leave my hand, else I’d be lost in oblivion.

5. You are my wings, without you, I won’t be able to fly an inch. Never ever leave me alone. I love you so much.

6. The home seems dull without your bright smile. Come home soon. Missing you!

7. You were the missing piece in the jigsaw puzzle of my life. Now that you are here, my puzzle has been solved.

8. I have heard that love hurts, but from the moment that I fell in love with you, I have only felt happiness and all my earlier wounds have been healed. There is always an exception and my love for you falls in that category.

9. I would do anything and everything possible to make you smile. Your gloomy face is my biggest nightmare. Please keep smiling, so that I don’t get nightmares.

10. The very thought of living without you sends chills down my spine. I can’t imagine a life without you.

Compliment your girl’s activity to make her blush

It's not only about the looks. Rather it's about the personality of your girl. Think about it, why did you fall for her? Was it just because she is beautiful? Didn’t you love the way she conducted herself in public? Didn’t you like the way she spoke to everybody and how she managed everything on her own? Then while complimenting her, why should you restrict yourself only to her looks!

Let her know that you love her because of the person she is and not just because she looks cute or beautiful. Looks can attract you towards her, but that alone won’t make you fall for her. Sometimes, girls act in a certain way without knowing that someone is actually noticing her gesture, so when you point that out to her, she will be highly impressed. She will love you and appreciate your thoughts even more. Don’t miss out on the opportunity of making your girl blush by appreciating her cute little gestures.

I know it sounds stupid, but I used to be extremely self conscious of my laugh. If you know me in person you'll know that my laugh is loud, like really really loud ahha. I remember one time a friend said "that you can hear me coming from a mile away from my laugh" and although he meant it as a compliment, I took it to heart. I started to think my laugh was too barking, too guttural and not demure or feminine enough. That it was obnoxious, attention seeking, and just uncomfortably loud. I remember trying to subdue and restrain it for months without success. And yes there are definitely aspects of my personality that did come from a place of wanting attention, but that was never the case for my laughter. My laughter always came straight from my belly, and rolled out of me as wild and reckless as thunder over the land. It wasn’t forced or put on. It was natural, and reigning it in, that was the unnatural part. I’m not sure what I’m trying to say except that I realized eventually, that people who find my laughter annoying will leave my life sooner than later, because I laugh… a lot. And that, people leaving is okay. Not everyone who comes into your life is meant to stay for your entire story, sometimes just for a chapter, sometimes just for a fleeting sentence. I will not change or tailor myself to suit anyone else. I will be who I am unapologetically right down to something as frivolous as my laugh. But just as a side note, if you are my friend, don't stand too close to me if someones telling a story or cracking jokes, you might just pop an eardrum ahah. . What are some insecurities that you’re working on letting go of? XX . 📸 @toshalobsingerismyphotographer

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10 text messages for making your girl blush

If she sings well, then appreciate her talent and support her if she is trying to pursue that as a career. Your support for her can be the best compliment. If you are standing by her during all odds hours, then that shows your commitment towards her. Girls love strong men, but here strong doesn’t mean physical strength, instead, it is the strength of mind. Be the wind beneath her wings and let her fly high while you take care of everything else.

1. I didn’t know you are good at origami. You can actually make a career out of that. You are really talented, why don’t you pursue your dreams? I would love to see you successful one day. I love you for who you are.

2. Your sense of humor is simply amazing. I always feel rejuvenated whenever we meet.

3. You have a positive vibe around you and you rub some of that on me as well, whenever we meet. How lucky I am to have you in my life! Can’t imagine my life without you!

4. You are a confident person. Thank you for making me a better version of myself.

5. When I am with you, I feel alive. when I am thinking of you, I smile. And when I am sleeping, I have dreams of you. Now I wonder how I was living all these years without you.

6. I am completely, spectacularly, and passionately in love with you.

7. I cannot imagine my life without you. Today, tomorrow or any other day. Never ever leave me, baby.

8. You are on my mind since the time we first met. Never want to lose you for a moment.

9. We all have 24 hours, but due to the lack of direction, I wasn’t able to make it big. But with you by my side, I know which direction to move. Thank you for being my guiding star.

10. For every minute that you are away from me, I am losing sixty seconds of pure happiness.

💭💭 A super dangerous mentality that I used to have was... " I'll be happy once _____ happens" or "everything will be perfect when everything's perfect".. 😂 Seems silly but can be very very easy to get caught up in. I actually found myself doing it on a lesser level recently. There are so many things I want to achieve by the end of this year and I keep forgetting to let myself be happy in the moment and although working towards what you want is KEY in life, you have to learn to be happy when things aren't perfect and you don't have everything you want. Because most probably nothing will ever be perfect. And in the mean time you're wasting energy not being your happiest self. So anyway this is a message not only to remind myself but anyone that needs it 🤓... oh and I love braids ✌🏼

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Blushing makes a girl look beautiful

A certain act of kindness shouldn’t go unnoticed. Not only your girlfriend but, for that matter, any girl who is caring and compassionate should be appreciated. There is a misconception among boys that if you compliment another girl in front of your girlfriend, then she will get jealous or angry. But, that is not always the case. It is the intention behind those compliments that make your girlfriend jealous or angry. If you genuinely compliment some girl for her hard work or caring nature towards someone, then your girl will feel proud of you. She will realize that she is with someone who appreciates good work and makes everybody around him feel special. If you can respect other girls in front of your girlfriend, then you are actually earning some brownie points for yourself. Your act of kindness towards others will also make her blush automatically.

10 text messages for your girl

1. I dream of you every night.

2. I am always smiling when I am with you.

3. Your dance moves are quite amazing. Will you teach me some so that I can match up to you the next time we hit the dance floor?

4. You understand me and my thoughts even better than I do. It seems like you can read my mind.

5. You are my soul-mate.

6. I feel lost without you.

7. If I could hold you in my arms now, I wouldn’t let you go.

8. It took me several years to find the perfect partner for me. I cannot even imagine the idea of letting you go.

9. My world is a void if you are not in it.

10. I ran out of words to express how astonishing you are.

Try to be a perfect a gentleman

Pulling the chair out for her or holding the door won’t make you her chaperone. Rather, it is a way of telling her how precious she is to you. Make her feel like a princess and see her blush. When your girl is out on a date with you, it is your responsibility to make her happy and keep her smile going. Look for the signs, if she is enjoying your company, then she will be all smiles and blushing. However, in case she is getting a bit bored, she will be all fidgety. She will start looking at her phone or play with things rather than listening to you. If she is doing that then it is time to win her attention back! Send her a cute text across the table and surprise her with this sudden gesture. She will start concentrating on you all over again. See, texts have the strength to make impossible things possible!

10 cute texts to win your girl over

Through text messages, you can always pour your heart out. Sometimes, it becomes quite embarrassing to say things on the face. This is the time when a text message works its spell. Make the most of it to make your girl blush.

1. Love cannot be measured but can be felt. Just open the window of your heart and let my feelings fill it up with all love.

2. When our eyes met, I felt an instant connection. From that day, I wasn’t able to forget you even for a single moment. You have taken my breath away slowly, but steadily. Now my heart longs for you every day.

3. I can write you a complete book about my feelings for you, but that also wouldn’t suffice.

4. I am on the field, but my mind is with you. I won’t mind losing the game if I can win you over.

5. You are gracious and loving; your sweet words make my life worthwhile.

6. Every time I embrace you, my heart skips a beat. I cannot stay away from you. You are my world.

7. You seem to have a magic wand because every time we meet, you make me smile even when I am down and out.

8. Even the testing times are beautiful when you are by my side. I can overcome all the difficulties in life because of you.

9. I am not able to concentrate on anything else other than your smile. Your smile brightens up my dull days.

10. Staying away from you is like living my life in ventilation. You are the fresh breath of air that I need to survive odds. Come home soon. Missing you!

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Complimenting your girl is not an easy affair

If you are not sure what to write in text, then the best way is to follow your heart. Your heart knows what will make her blush. You can compliment her looks; how she conducts herself in front of others, her fragrance, and her voice.

1. Thank you for making me a king by loving me so much.

2. In this chaotic world, the only place where I find peace is in your arms. I always want to be close to you.

3. You loved me at a time when I stopped loving myself. Now, I am a changed man and all credit goes to you.

4. Thank you for accepting me with my flaws and making me realize the positive traits of mine.

5. I am a completely different man when I am with you. You calm me down and channelize my energy in the right direction. What will I do without you?

6. Your imperfections, your mistakes, your smile, and your flaws make a complete package, which is specially crafted for me. I love you the way you are and won’t think of changing you even a bit.

7. I love you. I miss you and want to be with you, always. This is the biggest truth of my life.

8. Whenever I am waving you goodbye, I actually want to say thank you for gifting me another meaningful day.

9. You are the last thought to cross my mind before I doze off to sleep and the first thought when I wake up. You are there in my dreams as well. I love you to the moon and back.

10. I may not be the first love, but I definitely want to be your last love.


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Gear up to make your girl blush

Spontaneous compliments are the best. They come naturally to you and they hit the right chord with your girl, even when it is sent over text.

Your girl will blush the moment she feels that you absolutely mean each and every word you wrote in the text.