Top 20 Signs A Guy Is Secretly In Love With You

Are your instincts correct? Can you tell if a guy is secretly in love with you? Check out these top 20 signs to find out if he really is!

By Neko Yama
Top 20 Signs A Guy Is Secretly In Love With You

Are you sure it's love?

As a human being, we always want to make sure we're loved. It's one of the strongest things in the world that keeps us going even when everything else is falling apart. However, love may be just everywhere but it's not always easy to find the right one for us. Around us, people keep falling in love with the wrong person. Some relationships even end before they can start because we can't tell what true love is. Most of us are so vulnerable that we fall easily without making sure there is someone to catch us. To determine if someone deeply loves you is not always possible through words. Hearing the words, "I love you" nowadays is so common that it could not be treated as a sign of true love anymore. So, how can we really tell if a guy loves us? Keep reading these signs to know.

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1. It's true love when he stares at you

Eyes are the windows to the soul. Through them, you could tell so much about a person's sincerity. And that's why it's one of the most important body language signs to check out. Staring is a sign of attraction to something, so when a guy is deeply in love with you, he will never be afraid to look at you for a long time. Of course, not in a way that it'll scare the living daylights out of you, but just a gentle gaze as if the only thing going on in his mind is that you're beautiful. When someone gazes at you, most of the time, it means they're trying to connect to you and that it's also a sign of their burning passion and love towards you.

2. A guy is deeply in love when he compliments you

When you meet guys for the first time, they will probably use "hello, pretty!", or "you're sexy" to compliment you. Everything they see is all about your physical appearance. These might be compliments but it doesn't necessarily mean they already love you. When a guy is starting to fall deeply in love with you, he will notice more than just your physical appearance. He will suddenly see what you can do and give you compliments such as, "you're good at this!", or "you're intelligent". He will use adjectives that obviously describe more than just how you look. Of course, he probably thinks you are still beautiful on the outside, but you can tell he's really in love now if he sees you in a different light.

3. You can tell it's love when he wants to be close to you all the time

A guy who likes you would want to be close to you, but there would be times where he will shy away from physical contact to show you that there are limitations. This just means he is not in love with you. A guy who really loves you will never be hesitant to stay beside you and cuddle with you every time he gets a chance. Even if it means he sweats sometimes from your body heat, he won't mind. If he could cuddle and hug for hours, rest assured, he's deeply in love with you.

"Our love story is like something you’d see in the movies. I was traveling around Asia for a month for work. Towards the end of my trip, I was anxious to get back home to the U.S., and spent hours in my Bangkok hotel room trying to change my flights. Finally successful, I headed to the airport. While checking in and waiting for my boarding pass, I looked to my right and saw my dream girl- beautiful and perfect in every way. I quickly finished checking in, but when I turned around to find her, she was gone. I spent the next few hours thinking about her and wondering ‘what if.' After moping around, I noticed it was time to board, so I walked to my gate and got on the plane. What happened next is almost not believable- I get to my seat and find out not only are we on the same flight, but we're placed in the same row, with two empty seats between us. On a 7-hour flight (Bangkok to Doha), we talked the entire time. She had just been on a solo-trip traveling around Thailand and turns out, she ALSO changed her flight to come home early. I know it sounds cheesy, but I knew immediately she was the one for me. During the flight, I saw she had a book in Spanish about learning how to travel lighter. She ended up giving me the book after with her number and a handwritten note inside. When we landed in Doha, I waited with her until her flight to Barcelona took off. Before she boarded, I hugged her and said, "you have beautiful hair" (what the hell is wrong with me?!) I flew to the States and started texting her before I even landed. I couldn’t get her out of my head. We texted back and forth for weeks until eventually I lied and said I needed to come to Barcelona for business. I flew to Spain to meet her and we spent the next week sightseeing, eating, drinking, going to the movies, and doing other couple-type stuff. Three days into the trip, I told her I loved her and on day four, I said, "you know I’m moving to Spain, right?” It was sort of a Hail Mary. She didn’t say yes or no, she just smiled, so I took that as a yes! 3 weeks later, I sold my car, got rid of my apartment, and moved to Spain on an absolute gamble that we were meant for each other. I was right."

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4. When a guy remembers everything you tell him

Let's admit it, there are things that we said that even we ourselves forget. We forget important meetings, important reminders, birthdays, you name it! Sometimes, even writing them down in our planners doesn't work. When a guy is deeply in love with you, he will remember everything, and I mean everything! Down to the last detail. He'll never forget your birthday, your hobbies and interests, or your likes and dislikes. But, this doesn't necessarily mean it's all about the positive things. If you have ever argued with him, even if it was a long time ago, and he can still remember the hurtful things you quarreled about, it's a sign that whatever you say has a big impact on his life and that it's really important to him. Guys who are not into you will never make your arguments a big deal.

5. You can tell he is in love when he plans for both of you

We all know that most guys do not open up about their plans for the future to just anyone. There may be times they share a little bit of it to their friends but they never bother about the details. A guy likes you when he shares his plans for the future with you, but he is really in love when you notice that instead of making plans for just himself, you are actually in that plan. These are plans such as getting married with you, buying a house and building a family with you, travelling the world with you, etc. There are instances where a man and woman are already dating but the man isn't too concerned about their future. This could mean that the guy is still in doubt or unsure of the relationship. So, when a guy is always in deep thought and building his plans for the future with you, he's deeply in love with you.

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6. Your opinions always matter

When we don't care for someone even a little bit, we won't bother to hear what they have to say regarding our lives. It's the people close to us who matter. So, if a guy is deeply in love with you, he will always ask an advice from you no matter how small or big the issue is. Sometimes, he will even talk about things that are not part of your concern or you have no idea about at all, such as his work in the office. For him, it will still be important. Of course, he doesn't have to necessarily follow what you have to say. But he asks you anyway because your opinion holds a lot of weight for him. This is a sign tha he has huge trust in you.

7. If a guy prioritizes you, he's in love with you

In people's lives, it's inevitable to experience being busy or not having enough spare time to spend with our loved ones. But whenever we do, it's up to us who we'll choose to spend it with. More often, when guys find some free time away from their hectic schedules, they would choose to go with their buddies and go out partying until dawn. But he is starting to fall in love with you when you start to notice that he turns down invitations from his friends, even more so when he drops every load he carries just to be with you.

8. You can tell it's love when a guy takes care of you

At home, it's usually the woman's work to do everything. From cooking, cleaning the house, doing the laundry, practically every household chore. Exceptions could be when we are sick and the guys have to actually take our place. But, when a guy loves you dearly, he will basically spoil you. As much as possible, he won't ever let you get tired. He will cook for you even when you are not sick, he will bring you breakfast in bed, and he will help you in every other way possible. He won't be hesitant to bring you food he cooked himself even though he knows it'll make you gag. He's just trying to show you that he's willing to take care of you no matter how hard it is for him sometimes.

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9. He notices even the little changes

Have you ever gotten a haircut, a new hair color, bought a new dress to wear, or painted your fingernails, and he noticed it? Then, good for you! It's a sign he's in love with you. It just means he pays attention to even the littlest details about you. Believe me, guys who are not interested never do. You are lucky if along with him noticing these changes, he also gives you a compliment. He admires you and he's attracted to you, however you may look.

"I was tirelessly running my business all by myself and have been for years. When @Kathy_Drayton and I had our very first phone conversation there were a few things said that IMMEDIATELY caused me to believe she was the one I wanted to spend the rest of my life with! • I knew she didn't know what type of guy I was, so I told her at "hello" that I am not the type of dude who dates around because I actually don't have any extra time to waste. I use it all on my business and developing myself as a man. In fact, it's been so long since I've had sex that my body randomly releases on it's own at unexpected times 😂. She was embarrased and yelled out, "That's TMI Luther!!" She thought I was crazy, but I knew she wasn't used to real because REAL is RARE. I also felt that if she didn't understand where I was coming from then I would be misunderstood by her in the long run and this would be a waste of time. I wanted her to know that you don't have to adjust your life to show people only one small piece of who you truly are just because society says its too dangerous to be vulnerable. She went through a horrible marriage and I wanted her to know that her vulnerability is safe with me. But I had to gain her trust first. I knew that our friendship relationship had to start out real if it was going to even have a chance at possibly being a "real relationship." And I know that as a man, it's my job to set the tone as to what culture I'm looking to create with the partner I choose. DO YOU KNOW WHAT THE NEXT THING SHE SAID TO ME WAS?? She sincerely asked, "I see you work so hard on your business, is there anything I can do to help you?" And she suggested she would start reposting my client's transformations on her page. I've never had a woman offer to invest in me JUST BECAUSE she believes in me. After that first conversation, I called my father and told him "Dad, I think I met THE ONE!!"

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10. You can tell it's love if a guy can be dorky around you

Does he ever make fun of you harmlessly sometimes? Or does he playfully tease you every now and then? Because if he does, this body language could be a sign of his true love for you. If a guy can show his crazy playful side to someone, it means that he's simply comfortable being with that person. Love doesn't always have to be solemnly romantic. Speaking from experience, relationships where couples act crazy with each other all the time work way better and stand stronger for a long time. Besides, guys will never tease ladies they're not interested with.

"Luke and I met through @eharmony. I am a teacher and work with all women. Luke is a police officer and works at night, mostly with men. The odds of us finding love in another way were not in our favor. When I came across his profile, I immediately had butterflies and lucky for me, he was interested too. We quickly learned we had a lot in common, including dogs with the same name... I mean come on! We went on our first face-to-face date on October 9, 2011, just two weeks after we started talking. We've been inseparable since that day and met each other at the altar on July 12, 2014. My advice to anyone still looking for love is to give online dating a try. Sometimes you have to put yourself in the position for love to find you." * eHarmony works! Get started for free! (Link in bio) #eHarmonyworks #love #eHarmony #ad #successcouple

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11. He talks to his friends about you

When you are around his friends, notice how they talk about you. Do you find it weird that they know things about you even though you haven't told them or you're just not close to them at all? This could only mean that he talks about you to his friends. Either he's really proud to have you, or he can't get you out of his mind. Either way, he obviously loves to show you off to other people. This is a sign of a guy being deeply in love with you. It's a common personality trait for guys to brag about something they're happy to have. He loves talking about you and he's not embarrassed by it.

12. Your interests suddenly becomes his interests

Have you ever seen him doing stuff he's never done before? Or talk about something he usually doesn't talk about? Especially stuff that you are mostly interested with? Then good! You can safely say that he is in love with you. When guys do this, it's because they want to connect more with you. They're finding out things they can do together with you. Even if it's just watching a TV program you love, or playing your favorite video games, and even talking about stuff that are "too girly". Also, if you notice that something you've shared to him becomes his favorite thing to do or talk about, you are even more in luck. That means he deeply cares about your likes and dislikes.

13. If a guy is being overprotective, he's in love with you

Watch closely how he behaves when you're together in public. Does he put his arms around you constantly when you're around many people? Does he act like he doesn't want to share you with anybody else? Or perhaps, he keeps nagging you about how your dress is too short or you're showing too much skin that he just becomes annoying. This is him being overprotective towards you. He cares for you and if he does, it means he loves you.

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14. He touches you every time he gets a chance

Again, it's all about the body language. If he touches you often, it's because he wants to be close to you. We're not talking about touching as if he's trying to flirt with you; it's going to be more like a gentle caress. It could be the way he touches your hand when he laughs, or brushes your hair with his fingers while he stares at you, or the hugs he gives you randomly. This could also work the other way around. See how he reacts when you try to be close to him. If he flinches, it could mean he shies away from physical contact with you. But that is not always the case. The flinch could also mean he's just really nervous. If he tries to make a move to touch you again, then you're good.

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15. Notice how he talks to you

You could also tell if a guy is into you by the way he talks to you. Notice what subject he prefers talking about. If a guy likes you, he will talk nonstop about himself because he's trying to attract your attention by making himself sound appealing. But, if a guy is deeply in love with you, the "I" becomes "we". He will start to listen to whatever you have to say, no matter how boring it is. He will initiate conversations with starters such as, "how are you?", "tell me about your day", or "what do you want to do?". This can also go along with body language. When he talks to you, does he give you his full attention? Does he lean in to hear what you say? Does he look in different directions or only looks intently at you?

16. You can tell it's love when he makes eye contact with you

As I've said, one of the most important body language signs to look out for is through the eyes. When we don't like someone, it's usually awkward for us to make eye contact with them. It becomes a habit to look in different directions to show our disinterest. A guy is deeply in love with you when he's not afraid to make eye contact with you. He could be talking to you or he just really likes to look at you. It means you have his full attention. When he says "I love you" while looking at your eyes, it's probably real. He can't get enough of you because he just admires you that much and he appreciates your existence.

17. He is not afraid to apologize

Let's admit it, one of the hardest things to say is the word "sorry". Each of us has our own ego that we don't want be stepped on. It's so difficult for us to acknowledge our mistakes. I am sure you have gone through an argument with someone you love before. A guy who is deeply in love with you will fight fair, he might speak what's on his mind whether you'll agree with it or not, but he will also make sure to listen to your side. He'll handle the argument as calmly as possible because he doesn't like to see you get upset. And, if a guy cares a lot, he will never let the two of you go to bed in the middle of a conflict. He will try to resolve it fast and he won't be embarrassed to apologize to you. He won't even care who is in the wrong. Also, notice his body language when he apologizes. Nowadays, saying "sorry" doesn't always show sincerity. Look at his reactions and see if he does really mean it. Does he hold your hand or give you a hug? If he shows discomfort in having physical contact with you even after making up, then it's a sign that he still holds grudges against you.

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18. You are a part of his family

From experience, I found out that a guy who brings me to his house to spend the day with his family loves me more than a guy who'd rather take me out on a date. Family is the most important thing you've got, and if a guy wants you to meet these people, you must think that you are also special in his life. He wants you to be part of it and he's proud to show you off, especially to his parents. Bringing you home is also his way of telling his family to fall in love with you too!

19. If he loves you, he will never give up on you

Have you ever went through a breakdown where you had no one to lean on to because even the people you thought were close to you already gave up? If a guy is deeply in love with you, he will stand with you no matter what your situation is. He might show frustration whenever you're troubled but he's willing to go through that until you overcome it. He will be willing to stay up all night to console you. There might even be instances where he will neglect his own troubles just to resolve yours first. After all, that's what love is. You can't say that a person is a part of your life if you can't handle them at their worst.

"It's not the most attractive quality to go on a date with someone who is venting about their ex the whole time. And 5 years ago, that was me. I was on every dating site possible, but couldn't understand why no one ever asked me out for a 2nd or 3rd date. In hindsight, it's crystal clear. I was angry and bitter about love. I had recently walked out on the father of my 2 children after a 9 year relationship. He was verbally abusive towards me, often telling me I was fat, ugly, & stupid. His anger continued to escalate until one day he punched a hole in the wall. I realized it was only a matter of time before his abuse turned physical, and I left. As a single mother with 2 kids, I wasn't sure who would want to date me. My ex left me feeling broken and worthless. After multiple failed attempts at online dating, I decided to take a break from dating altogether. I know it sounds cliché, but I needed to find happiness from within me, instead of looking for it in another person. I focused on becoming the kind of person that MY right kind of person would want to be with. 2 years later, I got back into the online dating game and found my Guy... no seriously, his name is Guy. Although I'm not exactly sure how I got any matches with my embarrassing profile bio that stated things like "not looking for a fling, "looking to make a family" "mom of 2 kids." (Not necessarily what men on dating apps are looking for). When I came across Guy's profile, most of his photos were kind of a train wreck, but there was one of him hugging his son that made me want to reach out. I realized early on that Guy was different. He's funny, genuine, and easy to love. But then again, I became someone different. We've now been together for 3 years and just got married this summer. Guy's son is wonderful and and our children love each other so much. My kids like to say, "we don't use the word step, he is our brother." My son and Guy's son are only a month apart. They even share a birthday party together. Being a blended family and an interracial couple hasn't come without it's challenges, but we hope that in the end, our children will be stronger and more open-minded individuals because of it."

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20. He will tell you so

If a guy is really in love with you, what better way to show it than simply to tell you he does? I don't mean just saying, "I am in love with you", but he will say and show it with all his heart. A man's sincerity isn't really hard to unearth. It's not their thing to blurt out their feelings that easily just like women do. So, if a guy tells you he loves you, and you can feel it, trust in him.