75 Dirty Things To Say In Bed To Get Hot And Sexy

Feeling aroused and the urge to get dirty on the bed but your partner isn’t feeling the same? These sexy and sizzling lines will help.

By Aadil Raval
75 Dirty Things To Say In Bed To Get Hot And Sexy

75 Things That Will Make Him Dirty & Hard…

Do you feel aroused at times but observe a disinterest in your partner to make love? Well, we totally understand how it feels when you are excited and feel ready to make love but your partner isn’t making the effort to spank you. Do you feel choked when you have something dirty to say that would eventually spice up your intercourse but can’t say it because your partner might not be willing? We are with you. While there are cases of lost interest, it could also be because of work stress and pressure.

Well, if you are bossy or you have a sporting spirit, then here are tips and few things that you can say to your boyfriend and make him hard down there. First of all, understand that dirty talking isn’t just talking but is an art to learn and practice to make it effective.

It’s An Art

Before you can learn about the things to say to your boyfriend and arouse him to have intercourse with you, learn about the art and the aspects of dirty talking and how to make it work every time you try. Cautionary Measure *It’s Addictive*.

Things To Remember Before Talking Dirty With Your Boyfriend

Talking dirty to your partner is advantageous. This is a well tried and tested method used by people across the globe from every walk of life. Talking dirty induces one's partner to get excited and thus, you will end up in bed even before you know it. Here are few benefits of talking dirty to your partner and turn them on as well as the 75 things to tell that will arouse your partner.

It Builds & Strengthen Sexual Attractions

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If you are thinking about how dirty texts and dirty talking can make your sex life radiant and enjoyable, keep an open mind. As we all know, the sex drives decreases as we age. If you don’t do something before that happens, you will end up having no sex life in the latter stages of life. But worry no more! The mantra for dirty talking is to the rescue. Talking dirty doesn’t only help during the intercourse session but it keeps the sex drive alive within. If you follow the same routine when having sex each time, it is no doubt that with time the spark will fade.

But with dirty talking, things can be different. It keeps you and your partner sexually attracted to one another. Flaunting, teasing, fondling, and cuddling makes your relationship or marriage have a longer lifespan. As soon as the relationship progresses, you can try new ways to talk and be dirty. In this explicit article, we listed 75 of the dirty things to say in bed but, believe me, there are million more things that you can say while having the heavenly orgasm.

It Keeps Him Thinking About You *only*

What do you need in a relationship? Your partner must be honest, loving, and loyal, among other things. If you try talking dirty to him, it will always keep him thinking about you. Once your foundation has been built on a strong sexual interaction, talking dirty will facilitate it even further. Talking dirty throughout the day will keep him sexually active, as well as he will be loyal to you only.

Men Are Perverts

You saw that coming, didn’t you? Men are real perverts and think about dirty stuff all the time. But think about your boyfriend or husband and you will say that he can act like a pervert but only towards you and no other girl out there. If you can keep him interested by experimenting with various dirty texts and dirty things to do each day, you can ensure that he loves you only and no one else. Whenever he will think about something you said dirty, he will remember you.

How To Start Talking Dirty

Talking dirty is an art and you must go with the flow to get the most favorable results.

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1) Have A Steady Start

Imagine you're climbing Mt. Everest and you're climbing a wall; there is a huge difference between these two. Starting at a full run will not have favorable results. Therefore, you must start slowly and steadily. First, start hinting towards your affinity for dirty talking. You can watch some movies where you can find couples indulging in dirty talking to get him in the grove.

You have to first introduce the concept of talking dirty and make your husband or boyfriend comfortable or else, no matter how much efforts you put in, you won’t get any output.

2) Bedroom Is The Sanctum For Talking Dirty

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If you are looking for the best corner of your home to get him cozy talking about sex and what dirty things you can do, try the bedroom. This is the place where you can talk to your husband privately and without any interference. Talking about ‘talking dirty’ in the bedroom has additional benefits too. If he reacts just as you wanted, then can move on to the fun part, intercourse. But if he doesn't, then you can at least discuss why you have been wanting to talk dirty and bingo! It's a win-win in both situations.

3) Don’t Force It On Him

Whenever you decide to take up ‘dirty talking’ to your partner, ensure that he gives you consent before using it. If he is uncomfortable, talk it out or find something else to spice up your bedroom life.

4) Tailor The ‘Dirty’ Phrases

Of all the phrases written below, you can use them totally as it is or you can tailor it as per your preferences. You can either tune it down to suit your language or say it as it is to enjoy the most orgasmic intercourse you've ever had with your boyfriend.

5) Adjust To The New Setting

Now that you have started talking dirty with your boyfriend, you will have to understand that using it is an art. So whenever picking any of the dirty lines mentioned below, try to think of the suitable lines and settings.

6) Adding The Girlish Charm

Simply talking dirty won’t help. Talking dirty while showing the lustiest grace can do wonders. Adapt to your new routine of talking dirty with your man and ask him to do the same. Being a girl, you can always be graceful even after feeling dirty and aroused.

7) Rekindle Your Phone Sex

It is not just for couples who are together but for those who are living apart due to work or other reasons. Use these dirty phrases while having text conversation or phone sex which will turn him on.

8) Limit Its Usage

Talking dirty has its pros but using it more than someone can consume is never a good thing. You should think of 'dirty talk' as a seasoning to the main course, not using it as the main course itself.

The 75 Dirty Things You Have Been Waiting For…

No more waiting because here we present an explicit list of 75 things to say to arouse your husband with your dirty talks and texts.

1) Dirty Things: I Want To Be Your Fuck Doll

While having intercourse, there's no doubt that speaking dirty phrases will escalate the excitement of both the partners. So what are you thinking? Say to him such a thing and discover his ‘hard’ side. *wink*.

2) Use Me!

Short and subtle. Using short dirty phrases will double your pleasure after he cums. So enjoy the heavenly feeling of being used on the bed.

3) You Know What? The Sheets Got Wet With My Cum

Make him feel special that he makes you feel satisfied. This phrase is one of the examples of being sarcastically sexy and inviting your boyfriend for a dirty and horny night over.

4) I Am Touching Myself Right Now

If you want him to get aroused just the way you are, this is something you should probably text to get an instant reply. He will be flattered and would hurry to check on you if ‘you are still ready.’

5) You Got A Dirty Mind Which Totally Works For Me!

If you are looking forward to giving him an edge over your sexual intercourse, text a similar message. He will feel his prowess over you in bed. And the next time he is on the bed, he will pump in harder than last time.

6) I Want You To Put Yours In My Mouth

I know you love your boyfriend and want to make him feel happy both emotionally and physically. Ignite your sex+life with a little dirty stuff i.e. ‘put it in my mouth’ message and you have him with you.

7) During Work: I Can Never Get Enough Of You

Is he busy at work? Send him a text stating that no matter how much time you spend with him on bed doing dirty things, it is never enough for you. This will probably make him work harder to last longer giving you the heavenly pleasure.

8) Whenever I Am With You, I Cannot Control Myself

Do you want to french kiss him again and again whenever he is around you? Of course, you are in love and have needs to be satisfied. Let him know how you feel about him.

9) Can You Show Me Where You Wanna Bite Me?

Love bites are one of the sexiest memories when you indulge in dirty deeds with your boyfriend on the bed. Ask him where he would like to give you a love-bite.

10) Bite My Neck

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Your boyfriend knows that biting your neck is your weakness. Let him exploit it or at least tease him to do it. It will make him harder than ever.

11) Spank Me!

Ask him to spank you and in no time, he will reach for your private parts to fondle and get you sexually excited, you dirty girl.

12) Which Position Would Be If We Were To Have Sex In Just One Position For The Rest Of Our Lives?

There are more than 69 positions in which you can have lovemaking intercourse with your love. Of all the total that you've tried, ask your boyfriend about his favorite dirty position. Now that you know about which dirty position and activities he likes, you can make use of it to plan a dirty night over on his birthday or on a special occasion.

13) You Taste Amazing!

It could mean the taste of your french kiss or when he unloaded his load inside your mouth. Both of which are advantageous and sensuously enthralling. The more dirty you get, the more fun it becomes.

14) The Most Dirty Thing You Did Last Night Was When You Shot Your Cum Inside Me

A direct line to say about how you felt when he unloaded his cum inside your mouth. This is a direct statement which you can alter to suit your type.

15) Tie Me Up, Handcuff Me And Ride On Me

Did you watch Fifty Shades of Gray? The movie is about couple’s interest in BDSM which is to ignite the fire in one’s sex life but also makes it entertaining to spend the most pleasant moments on bed with your bae.

16) Call Me A ‘Bitch’

You have seen it in the movies and well, the dirty quirk works the same in real life too. It isn’t an insult but something that will make your partner more aggressive to pump and stroke.

17) Whenever I Think About You, It Makes My Thighs Slippery

The dirty phrase directly implies how you get wet and aroused when thinking about him. This is a great phrase to get him to bed with you doing french kisses and having an intercourse with you.

18) You Make Me Feel Like A Whore Wanting For More

Well, get your boyfriend in bed with you by uttering this dirty phrase. It works as a trigger mechanism that makes your sexual relationship and intercourse magical and full of pleasure.

19) I Can Handle Ample Of Strokes Before I Orgasm. How Many Strokes Can You Perform? Let’S Take A Test Right Away

Grab your phone and make him horny with just a simple text and send it. Initiate the dirty conversation and tease him to maximize the strokes to give the much-needed pleasure.

20) I Want You To Grab My Ass And Bang Me From Behind

Girl, you need to tease him and make him want more. What’s better than to make him feel needy for that perfect and curvaceous ass that hardens even onlookers.

21) I Forgot To Pay The Bills. Let Me Know How Can I Make It Up To You

It is more of a role play thing where you can ask your boyfriend for something that you can do to settle the bill. I bet your boyfriend has already seen something similar to this dirty invitation and he will come running for his bounty i.e. You.

22) You Are Too Big!

Sending him complimentary texts will only help for a romantic dinner, but sending something which depicts both his dominating feature on the bed and the dirty meaning, will make him happy to get such a text.

23) I Hurt But I Still Want Your Big Cock

Tease that dirty brain of his and kindle him to join you over the bed for sexually explicit foreplay and intercourse.

24) I’ll Tell You One Of My Dirty Thoughts About You, Why Don’T You Push Me On The Bed Meanwhile

Go get him girl. Give him directives to romanticize you and the rest will be followed in the flow.

25) I Know You Like My Vagina. So What Are You Waiting For, Take It Cause It’S Yours

Speaking dirty phrases before and while having sex is beneficial for your orgasm, so why don’t you try it on your man and see what magic it brings.

26) I’ll Mark You As Mine Tonight

A guy loves his girl when she says that he’s hers. So next time when you want to express your love and affection towards your bae and also want to get him inside you, this dirty text will do its job.

27) Knowing That You Dominate Over Me, It Makes Me Go Horny

If you are near him, try cuddling and fondling him when say this dirty thing. Giving a french or other kisses will be an added bonus. Moreover, this is about him satisfying you which will eventually make him hornier and he might take you to bed to do it then and there.

28) Come Home Soon, I Have A Dirty Surprise For You

This particular dirty phrase works well with a message so try to include in your messages or emails to get the most out of it. What can you do to make him happy? Buy that pretty red dress that he had his eyes on while you were shopping or flaunt your jugs with that Victoria’s Secret lingerie. It will surely raise the temperature of the room when he returns home. It will take just a glimpse for him to get an erection and then, you can continue with your dirty talking while having the perfect rhythm of being f**ked.

29) Guess What Color I Am Wearing Underneath

Tailor it according to your preference. Ask him to guess what color is your bra or panty and turn him on. This dirty phrase works well when sent through email or text message.

30) I Wish To Wrap My Pussy Around Your Penis

Go bold and dirty. You can either text him or say it directly both of which are equally enticing since you are actually giving him a compliment he will be eager to accept.

31) I Love When You Wear Skinny Clothes

Tease him to wear skinny clothes more often. You can add something more dirty than this line such as his skinny jeans shows his groin bulge which actually makes you horny.

32) My Number One Priority Is Turning You On

Get dirty and say it. Tell him how he is your first priority and grabbing him and bringing him to the bed to indulge in something dirty is your priority every night.

33) Tonight Is Your Night, Go Make Me Cry In Bed

Men love when girls cry and moan. This is also your chance to use any of these dirty lines while moaning. The more your moan and use these dirty lines, the more it will turn him on.

34) Take Your Clothes Off You Dirty Boy. Today We Will Do It Your Style

Do you remember if he has ever told you about doing something which you denied? It could be a french kiss or ‘69’ position. Bring up that dirty thing and use it to impress him.

35) If You Behave Well Today, I’Ll Be Doing Something That You Will Like

Tell him that you will be giving a treat if he behaves today. Now that you are adult, the treat will be dirty and sexy which means you will have to think about something that excites him.

36) Let’s Do It Again!

You had it once but crave for more you dirty girl, then ask him for some more.

37) I Wish You Could Hold Me In Your Arms All Day Long

Hint to your man about how you feel about him when he is with you. If you can’t think of any line, try this dirty line and send a text or say it in-person to get his attention asap.

38) Your Dirty Girl Feels Satisfied When You Make Me Moan And Scream Your Name

Wheather you moan and scream on your kitchen counter or bed or sofa, you can always use any of the other dirty lines to engage your partner and get the most out of the sexual act.

39) Today, You Will Jerk Off And I'Ll Just Sit And Watch Your Doing That Dirty Stuff

Check his stamina. Tease him to jerk in front of you and not cum until you want it to. You can add a little dirty surprise here by swallowing the cum he unloads but without any indication that you would be doing something that dirty while he jerks off.

40) Bed Time: Let’S Get Dirty Tonight, Anal Or Oral? It’S Your Preference To Try Me Either Front Or Back

What else can you offer? Front or back, anal or oral, these options and preferences can help you get laid tonight if your partner is willing to take up this dirty and sexy opportunity.

41) I Love How Your Cock Gets Bigger While In My Hand

Get cocky, get dirty. Grab his cock in your hand and say that you love it when it gets bigger and harder.

42) I Want You To Kiss Me All Over My Body

If you turn on when your boyfriend french kisses you on lips and then all over the body, then you use this dirty phrase to get the tickets for the concerts that your partner will be performing with you on your bed.

43) Make Me Feel Helpless Clenching Sheets On Our Bed

Talk dirty to him about how you feel helpless when he is stroking you.

44) Tie Me Up To The Bed And Do All The Dirty Stuff That You Always Wanted To Do With Me In Bed

The best thing about this dirty thing to do is that you can show the various movies such as ‘Fifty Shades of Gray’ to explain how you want to be fucked bad and dirty. Showing these movies will work in your favor since BDSM can get quite dirty and aroused at times.

45) I Just Wish You Could Fuck Me Forever

That’s dirty to the next level. Texting or saying it directly is something you could use to get the fruits that you sow.

46) If Sex Is Drug, Then I Am Addicted Having Sex With You

Are you craving for sex but your partner is in the workplace or doing something? You can say this dirty thing that is surely gonna impress him and will turn him on.

47) Shut Up And Take Off Your Clothes Off

If you wish to play the ‘domination’ card here, you can use this dirty line which doesn’t request, but instructs, the recipient to take his clothes off.

48) Bring Out The Animal In You. I’m Still Waiting For You On Our Bed.

You will have to unveil the hidden animal within him.

49) I Wish We Were Not In Public. I Wished We Were Alone Right Now. Know What I Mean?

If you love doing it but you are in public, saying something dirty as this will only entice him and he will get an anxiety to do it asap.

50) Undress Me Right Away

Don’t waste time thinking about doing it. Ask your boyfriend to undress you one piece at a time. You won’t forget this erotic night ever.

51) I Am Supposed To Be Working Today But All I Can Think Of Is You Over Me

Do your thoughts of him dominating over you make you feel wild and horny? Well, this is supposedly the one phrase you can say to bring him off his work no matter how important it is.

52) I Never Ever Imagined I Would Meet Someone Who Would Take Me To Heaven Each Night

He is special both figuratively and literally because he is someone who has been giving you the pleasure that you aspired for, so why not try to entitled him with this dirty phrase.

53) Fuck Me Like You Own Me

There are many variants for this dirty message such as “Fuck me like you mean it” or “Fuck me like you want to.” This will engage him in pumping harder and faster when you are on the bed making love.

54) Pump It Harder Inside My Mouth

Unless it is the ‘69’ position, your man dominates over grinding his penis deep inside your mouth. Well, the more you take it in, the more fun it gets. Don’t waste time thinking about it.

55) I Am Trying Not To Think Of You But Still Feeling Aroused

Tell him how dirty you feel and what dirty stuff you do whenever he is not around. This is something capable of turning on any man and then, he will come running to you.

56) I Masturbated Last Night While Thinking About You

Invite him over to a romantic and sizzling session with you on the bed. Tease him about it in a text or in-person and see how excited he gets when you say something like this.

57) Fuck Me So Much Harder That I Won’t Be Able To Walk Tomorrow

Do you want to get banged ever more than the last time? Say these dirty phrase and you will get your share of the cake.

58) Fuck Me Like It’S Your Last Time

There is a saying “Live each day as it’s your last day.” Use this to your advantage to get your man with you in a bed.

59) I Want You To Put It In, Don’t Pull It Back Though

Tease him to spend the most dirty and sexy night with you by giving him an open consent to put it and not pull it back (at least for some time). Meanwhile, you can stream and feel the moment then and there.

60) I Know I Was Bad Last Night, I Need To Be Punished Harder

Another dirty phrase from popular porn movies. Turn your house into an erotic place with candles, rose petals, and that pretty pair of Victoria's Secret lingerie you bought to entice him.

61) I Want You To Grab My Boobs And Suck My Nipples

Is your man working late making you go crazy? What you can do is text him or say this dirty phrase in the most sensual way possible or you can grab it on your own and try to impress him so that he comes to you.

62) I Love To Suck Your Dick

Another compliment that a guy would like to hear from a girl. Say this and confess that you have been having dirty thoughts about his dick and that you love sucking and stroking it.

63) Fill Me Up With Your Cum

Say, after you are done, have him unload the load inside your mouth and look how your boyfriend reacts. There are not a lot of guys who would love to do it with their girl. Is it him? Find out.

64) Fuck Me Harder, Daddy

Give him the opportunity to be the dominant player in intercourse. Grab him and ask him to do it harder and faster. Adding ‘daddy’ whenever you say something dirty will add the oomph factor.

65) Harder… Harder.. Harder...

The shortest phrase that ignites the adrenaline of your man and it will give you pleasure to remember for a life time.

66) You Make Me Feel In Heaven When You Play With My Pussy

Getting an orgasm is a greater feeling than faking one. You are lucky if your boyfriend can make you orgasm often. He will use the sexy french kiss or love bite on your neck.

67) When I Am With You On This Bed, I Never Wish To Get Out Of It

This is a very straightforward dirty text or thing you can say to your man. By saying this, you are making him feel special and dominating on the bed. This comes with a treat, so get ready for a morning quickie.

68) You Always Make Me Want To Scream Out Loud

Does thinking about him turns you on and make you do dirty stuff. Well, there are strong chances your boyfriend would be doing the same. So grab him and tell him how much you love being dirty with him.

69) I Like Squeezing My Nipples While Thinking About You

When a girl gets aroused, her nipples get stiff and that actually shows how horny is she. Your man knows that fact and he will jump right onto you when the opportunity comes and you say these magically dirty words giving him an invitation.

70) I Love Being Your Slut

The comment might seem derogatory but trust me, when having intercourse with your husband, these dirty phrases have a greater impact on the positive goods. It will give him an adrenaline boost and make his organ hard.

71) I Want You To Treat Me Like Your Toy

Now I am not being not-feminist but when you want that heavenly pleasure, you have to dip your hand in dirty talks. Let him feel dominated by you and empowered so that he gets the confidence to do it harder than ever.

72) Talk Dirty To Me

That’s a song but it will work on him too. I said it several times and I'll say it again, talking dirty and being dirty while having intercourse is worth it when you’ll be able to feel your orgasm being achived while he strokes harder and harder.

73) Do You Know That You Were Born To Be Inside Me?

One of the dirty things you should say to your boyfriend is literally this dirty phrase given above. It actually shows how much you love him and how much love you have.

74) I Could Cum Just By Looking Into Your Lusty Eyes

Say and show him how much you love him. Compliment his eyes, body and all the dirty deeds he did with you.

75) I Need You

Make him feel that you need it. This is one of the simplest dirty phrases you can say to arouse and make him feel horny. Use it wisely whenever you think your partner is getting a little dirty and you can get his attention and much more.

That’s the End of 75 Dirty Phrases To Use

The more you try to experiment, the crazier and hornier he will become. If you are looking forward to spicing up your love life and sex life, what is better than discussing it and taking the necessary steps to prevent it from fading. So enjoy talking dirty to your girl or wife and stay sexually active and interested in exploration and keep french kissing your mate because it's amazing.