Does My Ex Still Have Feelings For Me? 5 Signs They Do

Do they still text you a lot? That could mean something’s up…

By Fred S.
Does My Ex Still Have Feelings For Me? 5 Signs They Do

If you’ve just gone through a breakup, the most crucial question in your mind must be if your ex still has feelings for you.

The fact that the two of you had to part, and the rejection, all of it is painful enough. Wouldn’t it be easier to cope with it if you got a sign that they’re somehow still lowkey in love with you?

If you’re reading this article, it means you’re probably not entirely over your ex. You know that there was something real between you and your ex, and it was beautiful, something you truly cherished. Did your ex feel the same way though? Are they going through the same roller coaster of negative emotions and shared memories of the two of you? Do they still love you?

Can An Ex Fall Back In Love With You?

Sometimes, two people who are, in fact, incredible together, get into an unfortunate fight and fail to communicate appropriately to solve things together. Emotions sometimes get the best of us, and we make huge decisions without giving it a serious thought. Many relationships end this way abruptly, even though there was a ton of potential and chemistry between the two partners.

Often, differences can be sorted out through an open communication session, reuniting two lovers who had hastily ended their relationship. If you both experienced a relationship where you truly felt like soulmates, and the world didn’t matter as long as you were together, falling back in love isn’t unlikely at all.

Why Do People Who Broke With Each Other Find The Desire To Get Back Together?

With a relationship that lasted for a considerable amount of time, where two people mutually shared wholesome moments daily, it’s never easy for them to erase one another from memory. The two lovers become a significant part of each other’s lives, and nothing is complete without them.

They could be having the happiest moment in the world, it just doesn’t feel the same without that special someone by your side. Even after the break-up, different events can trigger memories of a shared instance with one’s ex, sometimes making the person feel like all they need is their ex to get back to them. This recurring desire to get back together takes a long while to fade away completely, but sometimes never does.

5 Signs Your Ex Is Still Not Over You

1. They want you to get jealous.

You might see your ex making some obvious moves solely to make you jealous. They could be posting extra-happy pictures with the opposite sex on their social media accounts like IG, Snap, and Facebook, etc.

They could also send indirect messages through their friends, or your mutual friends, to tell you that they’re super happy without you and moving on just fine. They might try to portray that they’re more comfortable than you are.

They’re going through all of this trouble for one of two reasons; either they despise you and want you to know that they’re better off now, or they’re still struggling to forget you completely, and you still occupy their thoughts. This sign should be coupled with other strong indicators to conclude as to whether or not they’re still into you.

2. They ask about you through your friends

If your ex often contacts your friends to ask about how you’re doing and your whereabouts, they possibly still have feelings for you. Even if they’re not necessarily madly in love with you, they still remember and care enough to ask how you’re doing, and that’s a sign of affection.

Since your friends are involved now through him getting in touch with them, you’ll probably be getting lots of advice from them. It’s crucial to think with an unbiased and objective mind, as your friends could give you bad advice following the occurrence unknowingly. Some advice could be pessimistic, optimistic, hateful, or hopeful – don’t let it sway your judgment towards something you do not want or feel.

Whatever it may or may not mean, one thing is evident through this action, they care about you and haven’t completely forgotten you.

3. They still contact you regularly

If your ex has already gotten into a relationship but still keeps in touch with you regularly, there’s a high chance that they still love you. Their new relationship is possibly only a rebound, as it’s a common occurrence in a lot of cases.

An ex generally gets back in touch with their previous significant other as they know that the new relationship isn’t as great as what they left behind, and it’s just there to fill a hole in their life. If they’re still contacting you consistently, they probably hope that you’ll give them a sign that makes them want to get back together.

4. They tell you that they miss you.

As good as this sign sounds to be, it doesn’t mean they want you back. Yes, it could mean that they’re not over you and still have feelings for you, but not necessarily. If it’s only been a short amount of time, it’s entirely normal for your ex to miss talking with a person they care about, being loved, sex, and being content. They may miss being in a relationship, but not necessarily ‘you’ – as harsh as that sounds.

However, it’s still a positive sign for you to hear this if you’re hoping to get back together with your ex. It at least communicates the fact that he’s not completely happy with his situation after the breakup, which can be a driving factor for the two of you to get back someday together. Be patient, and let things flow at their own pace.

5. Their Rebound Is Awfully Similar to You

Often, an accurate way of identifying whether their new ‘relationship’ is a serious bond or just a rebound, is to analyze how similar their new partner is to you. If they’re identical to you in many aspects, there’s a healthy chance that your ex is finding a replacement to fill the void you left behind, with someone similar.

If the new person in their life acts like you, physically appears like you, dresses like you, or even gives off the same vibe as you – it could mean that they’re not over you and still think about you an awful lot. In such a rebound relationship, everything about their new significant other will only keep reminding them more and more of you, making it increasingly more challenging to move on from their breakup.

Rebound relationships significantly increase the chances of reconciliation because they’re generally short-lived, and the ex soon realizes that replacing their favorite person with another human is merely impossible.

Some Questions to Ask Yourself If You’re Getting Caught up With Feelings of Getting Back with Your Ex

It could be that you just can’t wait to have your ex back in your life, but is that the right course of action for you? Is it even worth it to get into a relationship with them again? Before you decide that you’re entirely open to get back together with them, it’s advisable to ask yourself a few critical questions.

Are you sure that you miss your ex because you feel like he’s the only one for you, or do you hate being lonely? Was the relationship abusive, and are you going to be going through more toxicity if you get back with your ex?

Set the record straight with yourself and ask yourself why you want them back. If it’s purely because you confidently feel like you’re the happiest with them, and vice versa, only then should you pursue reconciliation.

If your ex wants to get you back, but you don’t, how do you say no?

Sometimes, the situation is the other way round. You might be completely okay with the post-breakup situation, and moving on just fine without your ex, but they don’t feel the same way. If that’s the case, they’ll probably show some of the signs we’ve discussed above. They could even end up confessing to you that they’re still in love with you, and want you back – but you might not feel the same way.

If that’s the case, and you want to refuse politely, it’s best to discuss things deeply in an honest conversation with them. Tell them why you think it’s best to go separate ways and help them understand why you think it wouldn’t work. If you’re feeling extra sweet, tell them that it’s not them, but the incompatibility between the two of you. They’ll hopefully understand, and the two of you can end on a positive note.  

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Even the smallest of indications from your ex can show that they love you, and it’ll make you feel tons better about the whole situation because then it won’t just be you who can’t seem to forget them. If you’re having a tough time with a breakup and feel like getting back together, you must be looking for signs that tell you he’s still into you.

In this article, we’ve deeply discussed the signs of an ex still being in love with you. If you find several of these to be present in your case, and have a gut feeling that they’re still interested in you, muster up the courage and talk to them about reconciliation. All the best!