Making my Husband Wear Dresses: Spicing up the Bedroom

Even if it's just boredom or a way to spice up your sex life!

By Aey
Making my Husband Wear Dresses: Spicing up the Bedroom

Why Do Other Husbands Wear Women's Clothes?

Marriage is a bond that comes with a structure to things. After the honeymoon period, most healthy couples will have a routine that they stick to. Sometimes that routine gets too monotonous and to spice things up, activities that may seem silly can play a significant role. Couples do a lot of silly and exciting things in private to please their partners. This gives them a break from the same-old routine. These activities include wearing costumes, enacting scene/roleplay for sex and some also go as far as having a third party join in. Husband’s wearing women’s cloth is simply an activity to take a break from the everyday norm.

Why Do I Want My Husband To Wear Women's Clothes?

Maybe a friend shared a story with you that ended up becoming a fantasy for you. You might also want to see your husband dress as a woman if for some reason, having control makes you feel powerful. It can also be a turn-on for some wives to see their husbands dressed in their clothes. We’ve all been into situations where we don’t know if we’d be into something or not without trying it out ourselves – dressing your husband up maybe one of those activities and you love trying. Just know that having these fantasies isn’t weird at all and do what makes you happy!

How Do I Make Him Wear Dresses? Steps To Getting Him To Wear Woman's Clothes

Understandably, most men will resist the idea of dressing up as a woman, especially in public but anything is possible if you know your way around persuasion. One thing to take into account here is when to stop trying to make him wear a dress. For instance, if your husband is introverted and doesn’t deal with the attention that well, pushing him to do this publicly isn’t a good idea. It might take a hit on his self-esteem and he might start getting even more uncomfortable in social settings. Now that all that is out of the way, let’s dive right in. Here are the steps you need to do to get him to wear women’s clothes.

1. Set the intention

The first and foremost step is to know what you want. Do you want your husband to dress up as a woman? You need to understand that this will be a sight that will always be engraved in your memory. Don’t go ahead if you can’t make peace with that.

2. Convince your Husband

There are different personalities of men. Some are easy-going while the others are up-tight. If your husband is from the former category, simply suggesting to him this idea might get him to dress like a woman. If he resists, here is an idea that is sure to work!

Play a game that you’re sure you’ll win with a punishment that the loser will have to do what the winner asks. When he loses, hand him the dress you want him to put on and enjoy! You can also use this to make sex more exciting. I assure you that he will not resist when cosplay and sex are in the picture. You can propose to wear what he likes while he puts on what you like. See, there no problem out there that can’t be by brainstorming a few ideas.

3. Choose a dress you want him to wear

If this is a once in a lifetime opportunity and you don’t see your husband giving in to this idea ever again, choosing the dress is a delicate issue. You need to dress him up the best you can. You’ll find more tips on how to dress your husband as a woman later in this article.

4. Get him dressed!

Once you know what you want, go get him dressed girl! He might need your help as getting into a woman dressed might completely be foreign territory for him.

Can A Man Wear Women's Clothing In Public?


For a woman, wearing women’s clothing in public is nothing new and wearing men’s clothing publicly isn’t a biggie either. Women styling men’s clothes for an outfit has been normalized for a very long time but it isn’t the same for the men out there.  A man just cannot get away with openly wearing women’s clothes in public and not being attacked by questionable eyes and judgments whichever turn he takes. For some reason, a man in a feminine attire draws attention and giggles from others. But the question still arises, can a man wear women’s clothing in public? Yes, a man can wear whatever he wants to wear in public. It isn’t his problem that the world just hasn’t grown enough to be accepting and open to people’s choice of living. For them, what isn’t normal is breaking the rule. To lead a happy life, we shouldn’t be afraid of going against societal norms. 

On the other hands, if you’re a wife who wants her husband to rock a few feminine pieces for your excitement and your husband is ready to play along, here are a few ways you can dress him as a woman with making him feel like he made the wrong decision trying to please you.

How Do I Dress My Husband As A Woman?

1. Go for lingerie!

Lingerie or women underwear is the safest piece for him to wear in public. This will give you the satisfaction needed and an upper hand that you know his dirty secret while the others only see what’s on the outside.

2. A skirt!

For this one to blend in, you need to bring on your styling skills. Skirts are way more versatile than they are given credit for. All you need to do to add this garment to your man’s outfit for the day is do a bit of research. I’m not saying that his outfit won’t turn heads but if styled properly, it can be a lot more subtle than a dress. If your husband is the confident kind who doesn’t care what people think, I’m pretty sure he’ll go all out to make you feel special. In return, you shouldn’t hold back when you’re under the sheets to please him.

3. He can rock with makeup

Make-up is a huge part of a women’s outfit. Nowadays, it has become very common amongst men to rock a full-glam face of make-up. If you want to try something different than clothing yet feminine, make him wear make-up in public. Both of you can even wear the same look with color-coordinated outfits.

5. The role-swap

Out of all the ways to dress him publicly with the fear of judgment minimized, this one is the most fun. Swap your dressing style! You guys will surely get looks by people on the road but they will brush it off and probably remember you as a fun and silly couple. Some might even envy the relationship both of you share!

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Doesn’t matter why you want your husband to wear a dress, if that makes you happy – talk to him! He might not even ask for the whys and just do it because you like it. Well, within the 4 walls of your bedroom, all the kinky fantasies are valid and are beyond the judgments of why and what’s. If you want to take it up a notch and dress him up like that in public, that is a challenge right there. For that to happen, you need to talk to him, understand him, and understand that he might not be comfortable doing that. Don’t force him if that’s the case and move on from that idea. If he plays along, be ready because a similarly bold task might be coming your way soon too. These silly activities are what become the moments that you laugh about when your hair is all white and you are sitting at your front porch sipping coffee. The minimum attention span of a bystander who might see your husband dressed as a woman is, give or take, 10 seconds; and he won’t even remember this after a day passes but the both of you will have a memory to hold for the rest of your lives.