The 15 Type Of Smiles He Gives You And Their Meanings

The guidebook to smiles and what it means happiness or not

By Sid
The 15 Type Of Smiles He Gives You And Their Meanings

People who say that women are hard to figure out haven't been on the other side of the story. It's pretty obvious to figure out what a girl means when she smiles at you, but guys are a whole other story. Most of us need to have a group call session to figure out what the guy meant when he smiled; we can't make a fool of our selves now, can we? I'm pretty sure that 2 of 5 single ladies out there have lost at least one potential partner just because we misjudged their smiles when we saw them. So, if you find yourself in such situations more than usual and your friends aren't always there, I'm here to make sure you're never in doubt again.

1. The politician smile

While other smiles might need a description to go with them, this smile is recognizable because of the feeling that you get. You'll feel like they know something about you that they won't let you know. It's a bad boy trademark, so if you're looking for something serious, this is someone you should stay away from. So, the next time you see a guy give you a closed-lip smile, you might want to turn away unless that's the type you're attracted to.

2. The one-sided smile

The one-sided smile is to die for! If a guy gives you a one-sided smile, it's safe to assume that they might have a surprise for you. It can be anything from a romantic dinner to a quickie at work, so when you see your man giving you that one-sided smile, be ready for anything. Whenever a guy is up to something sneaky, you can always tell by their one-sided mischievous smile.

3. The fake smile

While many people have a problem is deciphering fake smiles, let me give you a tip that will make that easier. Rather than focusing on the smile, try to look into their eyes. While it's easy to manipulate your facial expressions, your eyes give you away. So, the next time he smiles when you ask him if everything okay, look into his eyes and see if he means it, he might be trying to shield you from some sort of problem.

4. The genuine smile

If he comes running to you with his perfect teeth on full display and his eyes squinted, then it's a genuine smile. Another way you can know if a smile is genuine or not is by noticing if you're smiling in their presence. In most cases, a genuine smile is contagious, and the vibe is positive, so trust your sixth sense and go with it. A genuine smile shows that you're a person he trusts; it might not be a romantic interest but surely an indicator of friendship.

5. The "you're standing on my toe" smile

I once thought a guy was interested in me because he looked right into my eyes and smiled, turns out I put my chair on his toe, and he was too polite to say anything. Never mistake this smile for anything else if you don't want to make a fool out of yourself. So, if a guy is standing to next to you, or behind you in line, and is smiling at you without any reason, you should look around and find out you aren't causing him discomfort in some manner.

6. The "not so amusing smile"

If he's smiling at you with one raised eyebrow and a smile that's somewhat between a sneer and a smile, the chances are that that person isn't that into you. Know that it's not your fault; many people just have a different sense of humor, and maybe this man is one of them. Ignore such people and don't take it as a challenge; wasting your time on someone who hardly cares isn't a smart move.

7. The mocking smile

If you're a harry potter fan, then the perfect example of a mocking smile is the way moaning myrtle smiled before going on about how he ended up in the girl's lavatory or the way Malfoy smiled when his dad bought everyone the Nimbus 2001. This smile often indicates that the guy is a jerk, a narcissist, or a megalomaniac. So, a person with a mocking smile is a person you should run away from.

8. The "know it all" smile

The "know it all smile" is something that I hate, and if you have a friend that’s a fact-checker, you already know what I mean. It a smile that's smug yet satisfied; it comes with a hint of evil in the person's eyes. While some people don't mind being fact-checked, again and again, I hate it beyond measure, so if you're like me, then it's better to just roll your eyes and give them a shut-up call before it gets out of hand.

9. The "I'm into you" smile

This smile is easy to recognize as it's so big it reaches your eyes. If someone looks at you like Scooby doo looks at treats, you've got yourself a keeper girl. Other than the smile itself, the whole vibe and body language show that they're ready to follow you around like a lost puppy. So keep your eyes peeled out for these kinds of smiles.

10. The teeth smile

If a guy around often has his teeth on full display while laughing, it means that they love your company. So, it's a safe zone. If you've been trying to take things further with this person, the chances are that you might get a positive answer, so cross your fingers and give it a go.

11. The marketer smile

As the name indicates, this is the kind of smile that people have when they need something from you. You can easily identify this smile as it often results in fake laughs even at the most stupid things, and people like this always have inquiring eyes that dart around as if looking for the right moment. Try not to fall victim to a person like this.

12. The creepy smile

A creepy smile is somewhat similar to the fake smile, with the exception of the way the eyes make you feel. I'm sure all of us have at least encountered one guy whose smile made us uneasy to our core, Its tight-lipped smile with both sides rising, whenever you're in a situation like this, stay strong and walk away.

13. The fearful smile

While all the rom coms in the world show us that smile is a response associated with love, science says otherwise. An awkward smile paired with avoiding eye content can mean that the other person is intimidated by you. So, it might not be a great idea to show up unannounced and start talking to that person.

14. The flirtatious smile

A flirtatious smile is like the half-smile mentioned above, but in certain cases, it is paired with lip biting. If you're dancing at the club and someone gives you this kind of smile, it means they like what they see, and they want more. So whether you want to put on a show or go talk to the person, it's totally up to you.

15. The smile of despair

As crazy as it may sound, research shows that people also smile at times of utter darkness. This is easily recognizable as it has an eerie feel to it. It is often a cry for help. So if you see someone smiling in pain, you should go hold them for a while. These smiles are often a cry for help, and helping someone in their time of need is a great thing to do.

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While there are many different ways that people smile, the above-mentioned ways are often universal. No matter which part of the world you're reading this from, this can help guide you through the confusing world of the way men smile and what it might mean. Judging a smile and knowing what it means can save you from many embarrassing situations. Save this on your phone, and whenever you're in doubt, give it a read to find out which situation you're in. Consider this to be a short guy smile dictionary that you should carry around.