Redefining Wife Material In 2020 For Most Men Now

What is considered a desirable wife material in today's context

By Evelyn
Redefining Wife Material In 2020 For Most Men Now

Find Out If You're Keeper

Have you wondered lately if you're wife material? What are men looking for in a wife in today's context? If you want to be a wife, do you think you've got what it takes to be a good one? Of course, all this is very subjective because each man will have their set of wishes and expectations about what they want in a wife but it doesn't hurt to have a few pointers.

So, are you a keeper in his eyes? What will it take for him to "put a ring on you"? Throughout time things have changed regarding what is considered desirable wife material. If we compared what constituted "wife material" in the 1950s to now, you'll find that back then it was pretty basic. Men wanted the perfect wife, and that entailed staying home taking care of the kids, making sure the house stayed clean and in order, and having dinner ready when the husband got home.

Women's aspirations weren't considered back then, you first had to fulfill the wifely duties. Looking at it from nowadays's perspective, it sounds pretty depressing, right? Thankfully, a lot has changed in that regard and what constitutes wife material now, doesn't have anything to do about being docile or submissive and letting the husband run the show. Now your opinion counts and it's valued. You have the option of being real partners, working hand in hand to make the marriage work.

A lot of these changes are thanks to Women's Movements and all the advancements inequality. In today's context, men are more likely to look for women as their partners, not as their maids. 

Still knowing this, it's hard to know exactly what you need to do or need to have to be wife material. This is because men tend to keep their thoughts and feelings to themselves that's why there are some surveys around the web asking men that specific question: What makes a woman wife material? The answers are varied but very helpful and we hope they can help you answer your questions. Take a look. 

13 Qualities that make you wife material

If one of your goals is to get married and be a good wife and mother, then knowing what men want in a wife can definitely help you achieve that goal. This doesn't mean that you have to change who you are to mold yourself to all those expectations, just keep them in mind to work on them. 

1. He can count on you without worries

Reliability may sound boring and not exciting at all but when it comes to desirable qualities in a wife, it's crucial. It means that you're going to be there no matter what and that's exactly what he wants in a forever partner. He won't have to worry because you'll be there when he needs you, stand behind him to support him, beside him as a teammate, and in front of him when he needs protection. It means that if you promise something, you'll keep your promise.

2. You'll love him properly

Yes, there's got to be love and attraction, that's a good base but in marriage, it needs to go deeper. It cannot be a romantic ideal, where you'll only love him when things are great and you see everything thought pink-tinted glasses. Loving him properly means that even when you're having an argument and are super angry, you'll still make sure that he takes an umbrella to work because it's pouring outside and you don't want him to get sick. Loving him properly means you'll love him through the good times and the bad times in equal measure.

3. You're heart is genuinely good

A good heart is something for life and that's the core of wife material. An intense chemistry between the sheets, the willingness to go on adventures together. or being passionate about you as a couple, are definitely important and will be considered but in the long run, they're just bonuses, they're not a solid foundation. When stripéd of all the extras like your looks, your professional accomplishments, and all the other perks, he'll take a good look at your heart because a woman with a good and kind heart is the one that he'll see as his life partner.

4. Your intellectual curiosity is insatiable

Men don't want fans or flatterers or adversaries, they want someone who can challenge them, someone who completes them. For that, you'll need to know a little bit about everything and know how to use that knowledge to win your man. All the outside beauty factors in, but when push comes to shove, you can't rely on that to hold on to a man forever, you need be able to hold on an interesting conversation to keep him on his toes and keep him excited about the future.

5. You have patience galore

If you're hoping to be wife material, then having patience is essential because this helps build a strong relationship. Why? Because it takes patience to learn about each other and to learn about the differences in each other's personalities. It takes patience to adjust to a couple's life and it takes a lot of kindness to maintain calm while he adjusts; and it takes patience to have discussions instead of arguments. So if you're not the patient type, take a deep breath and practice.

6. You make him be a better man

We all have flaws and things we need to work out so we can be better persons. If being in your company makes him want to be a better man, if you encourage him to leave behind those parts of his character than don't bring anything positive, then you're definitely wife material. 

7. You have compassion

When you really love someone, your emotions are linked to them. This means that his happiness is your happiness too, that when times get tough, you lend him your strength so that he can cope with pain and uncertainty. You share the good and the bad, tears, and laughter in equal parts. This can only be achieved if you're a compassionate person, otherwise, you won't be able to care and bring the support when needed.

8. You're totally OK with who you are

Men like women who'll look in the mirror and really like what they see. We're not talking just about your appearance, this goes deeper. Being able to accept who you are, the good and the bad and own it, that's what desirable wife material is all about.

9. You're thoughtful

Often enough, thoughtfulness is overlooked in a relationship, but this is something men want when thinking of a wife. Life can be hectic and it's easy to forget the importance of working into making your significant other happy. Being wife material means that you take time to learn what he likes, pay attention to small details, and doing something special for him just to because or when he's had a tough day. It requires not being selfish.

10. You love to laugh

One quality that men definitely look forward to in a woman is a sense of humor. A woman with a sense of humor is easy to be around because she can inject a much-needed dose of positiveness when things get tough. Being able to laugh and love together is the stuff long-term relationships are made of. He'll want to know that even in bad times, he'll be able to laugh with you. 

11. You accept the whole package

You love him genuinely for who he is, that's what he wants most. We all have character flaws and are not perfect, so if you're able to love him for his goodness and virtues and (most importantly), love him in spite of his flaws and imperfections, then for him you're most definitely wife material. And this is a win-win situation because you can bet he's going to do the same for you, love the whole package.

12. You value his opinions

Some men don't know how to make his opinions count, they're kind of doormats. And maybe he isn't expecting this about you but it's exactly what he needs. You make him realize that his opinions have value, that he matters, and that he should take himself more seriously. You are brutally honest with him but always in a loving way, never with malice. You'll be his champion and will make him be a better person for you.

13. You love his loved ones

If you're willing to care and spend time with his loved one, like family and friends, you'll be on your way to being wife material. Sometimes it may not be easy to get along with the in-laws or with some friends but if you're willing to go the extra mile and try to get along with them for him, he'll very much appreciate it and will cherish you.

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Being wife material is something very subjective because each man is different and will want different things when it comes to marriage but the qualities mentioned above will give you a glimpse of what men are looking in a wife in today's context. Think you've got what it takes to take the plunge?