The A-Z List of Kinks To Explore With Your Partner

Can you name the list of kinks from A-Z? If not, read on now!

By Kimmy
The A-Z List of Kinks To Explore With Your Partner

The History of Kinky Acts


Honestly, for as long as sex has been around, kinks have. Even back in the days, people find pleasure in more than just straight-up D-in-V action. They would use wood and other objects to increase their sexual pleasure. As the world involves, so do kinky acts.

Now if you go to a sex shop, there are thousands of toys to choose from that can satisfy any desires you have. From the softies to hardcore, anything, you name it.

There's only one rule in all the limitless kinks, mutual consent. Always get consent from your partner first if you're performing anything out of the ordinary. That goes without saying, sex should always be mutual consent. Besides that, exercising common sense is also important and some of the kinks can be dangerous if not performed properly.

Now let's take a look at the complete guidebook on all the kinks you will ever need!

The Complete Guidebook To The A-Z Kinks To Explore With Your Partner

1. Age Play

Each of you picks or rotate on assigned ages to roleplay on. Most of the time, one would choose to be the "baby" while the other chooses to be the "parent". The baby would cry for love and care and the parent has to do everything to satisfy the baby. This can be a fun role play for those stressed at work, looking for an outlet to leave off some steam.

2. Bondage

Unsurprising, a kink list is never completed with bondage. Couples can take it really far with their amateur bondage gag and some even take it one step further by taping and publishing their kink on the Internet. Bondage is one of the most popular categories searched on porn sites and it's not hard to understand why the dominant feeling would turn so many on.

3. Cuckquean

Not familiar with this term? Cuckquean means getting sexually aroused by the idea of your partner having sex with someone else. Most like to judge if you find that arousing, you don't love your partner. But it can be a fantasy, we all have little fantasies that we fear to admit. Why should we? They are fantasies only. Even if it's real, as long as everyone has mutual consent, it's really not other people's business.

4. Double penetration

How...when you have only one dick in the sack? Well, that's what toys are made for. Double penetration never limits to only men, anything that can penetrate can be used. Try with something small and less rough if it's your first time trying, it could take a bit of time adjusting.

5. Electrostimulation

Getting aroused by getting shocked. Behold, it is as dangerous as it sounds and you absolutely need guidance and ONLY purchase such a device from a sex shop for the purpose of sexual acts only. NEVER get anything not intended for sex and try to shock yourself or your partner. Warning, it could be fatal if you don't use common sense and shock yourself with AED or something.

With proper use, a shock can stimulate a sense of pleasure (only when the shock is very light). It's like a tickle that makes your chuckle. Be careful and you will enjoy it.

6. Fisting

A kink that, according to many real-life doers, is not enjoyable but definitely would be up in the alley for someone that enjoys pain and challenging themselves. Remember to warm up to it and use different smaller objects first to work your way up.

7. Gagging

You should be no stranger to gag balls, even if you've never tried them in real life. Gag balls are a fun thing to try. It's not as intrusive as many other kinks but gives you a sense of thrill.

8. Hentai

Dressing up as anime characters is one of the most popular fantasies among couples, especially comic-heads! Anything seems possible in Hentai and the dreamland is endless. A must-try if both of you or one of you is into anime.

9. Impact play


Using an object like a paddle, a whip or even hands to hit the body. Aim for the fatty area for pleasure, otherwise, it's painful. Mutual consent is important during any kind of sexual activity, and especially the ones involving hitting. 

10. Jelly

A lot of couples find it a turn on to have jelly all over their body when they do it. Besides being the lube, jelly is supposedly arousing due to its texture and bouncy shape. Great to try in the bathroom for a fun playtime.

11. Klismaphilia

A fancy Greek word to describe finding sexual pleasure while being tortured. Some couples find it erotic to do kinks involving torture. Again, be very careful when performing such acts and always have a safe code and mutual consent before trying.

12. Leather

Of all the fabrics, leather sits tightly on top of the arousing pyramid. Leather gives off a mysterious, dominant, cold vibe that many find attractive and irresistible. There are leather clothes specifically made for kinks so you don't ruin your own lovely leather.

13. Masochism


Indeed, many of the kinks involve physical pain. Masochism means inducing an erotic feeling from receiving physical pain.

14. Nylons

Anyone who finds feet, toes, and legs wrapped in nylon stockings attractive should totally try this kink. We all have our preference and many would suggest this!

15. Orgasm control

The act of controlling one's orgasm. Getting them close to coming, then stop. Or forcing them to come. A lot of people find it satisfying to be able to control when their partner comes. This could be a funny kink turned competition between you and your partner.

16. Pet play


As literal as the name suggests, you play a pet and let your "owner" decides what you do. This is another way of dominating. Apparently a great way to unwind from work too.

17. Queaning

Commonly known as face-sitting, queening refers to a girl dominating her partner by giving oral sex. You have full control of what's about to happen if you'd let him come or not. Girls enjoy that because it gives them full control while keeping the intimacy and love with their partner.

18. Rope

Rope can facilitate a sexual act in many ways. Commonly used on the body, and never recommended on the neck. Using a rope on the neck is more dangerous than choking with your hands because you cannot feel your partner well. Mostly used for tying your partner to a bed or to the door and "forcefully" (with mutual consent, a part of the role play) have sex. Perfect for couples when one wants to feel dominant and the other wants to feel submissive.

19. Spanking


Not much explaining needed. Use an object to help as well if you are having a hard time pleasuring your partner with your hands.

20. Tentacles

Do not have sex with an actual octopus or anything. There are many toys that can be purchased to satisfy your tentacle fantasy. It's basically like multiple penetrations.

21. Urophilia

A fancy word for watersports, the "golden shower". Not everyone can handle this or find it arousing. But for many adventurous souls out there, this can be a once in a lifetime must try kink. If you don't like it, you can simply move on, no harm done. Although you might be having a hard time getting your partner to say yes to trying this one out.

22. Virgin

No, you can't be a real virgin again, but you can pretend to be one. Virgin fantasy is very popular among both girls and boys. You can pretend to be the clueless last year high schooler again asking for instructions on how to do it because you're nervous about losing your virginity. The virgin role play undoubtedly is very popular and creates good results for couples to think about their sweetes and purest time when they first started having sex.

23. Whip

Another type of dominance act to assert authority. Whips especially for sex can be found in sex shops. They are less rough and a lot more comfortable.

24. Xenophillia

Enjoy having sex with strangers. Many do. Another role-play to try with your partner where you pretend to not know each other and getting hit off of each other's vibe and straight for a bang right where you meet.

25. Yoni egg

An egg-shaped vibrator to be inserted into the vagina fully and stimulates sexual pleasure.

26. Zoophillia

A role play where you pretend to be different animals having sex. Is this one of your deepest fantasy and your partner happens to share the same? You can be any animals you want!

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Stunned by all the different kinds of kinks you didn't know about? The sex world is as vast as the real world. There's so much to learn. By now, you should've chosen one kink to try. What're you waiting for? Ask your partner to see which one to start with!