20 Flirty Goodnight Texts For Him To Keep And Love You Lots

Goodnight text for him from funny to flirty for your man

By Madiha A.
20 Flirty Goodnight Texts For Him To Keep And Love You Lots

Daily Goodnight Text Is The Secret For Bonding

Husband-wife, boyfriend-girlfriend, live-in partners and long-distance lovers, all need an element in their lives that is unique to them. Some like to go hiking, some are bookworms; some are movie lovers while some others are crafters. This unique activity being their “us time” allows them to bond. They get to spend some time together doing something they both love. 
Busy schedules and fast-paced lifestyles have taken the much required “us time” out of most relationships. Hectic days at workplaces and busy after office routines leave no time for bonding. However, if the love is true and partners yearn for each other’s presence, they will surely find a way. If you are still wondering about what’s and how’s, text messaging is a great solution for those who besides busy routines want to remain connected. A text message can be sent at any time of the day but goodnight-message has its own value and effect on the receiver. Knowingly or unknowingly, it will become your secret bonding ingredient.      

20 Goodnight Text for Him 

Never underestimate the power of a sweet, sensual and romantic good night-message. A few words of love shared as a goodnight-message can do wonders. No matter how close or far apart you live, make a habit of sharing a goodnight message with your partner and strengthen the bond of love. You can always come up with your own message; just type your sentiments or pour your heart out, it’s up to you. If writing isn’t your thing, here is a compilation of good night text messages that you can share with your better half and leave them awestruck.  

Cute Text That Will Make Him Smile

Sending a message that puts a smile on his face would be the best thing to do as a partner. Write your own words or copy and paste one of these; either way he would surely admire your thoughtfulness.

1.    Hey handsome, all my friends are jealous of me and want a man like you, well I told them I’ll be selling you anytime soon. I hope you’re ready to be sold.
Send this message with an endnote: “It’s definitely not happening tonight, so sleep well”.

2.    Sometimes I wonder if you are really real because someone as perfect like you don’t really appear in the real world, well, if this is fantasy then I’m enjoying every bit of it and if it is a dream then I don’t want to wake up.

3.    You’re so cute and charming, you smile is one of the greatest things I cherish about you, your charisma and humor is everything that lightens up my day and you’re just perfect for me in all ramifications. Darling, in short, you’re the best anyone could ever have. I love you so much, baby!
Who wouldn’t smile after receiving a message like this? 

4.    Your smile is the medicine to all my worries and pain and they heal me faster than any drugs, I’m sick and worried now, would you please smile for me and heal me faster?

5.    Your smile serves as my comfort, your chest is my resting place, your love is the blanket that covers me form all cold and your warm breath heal my soul. I love you, baby!
Putting a smile on your beloved’s face does not require much effort. All it needs is a bit of humor mixed with loads of love; a perfect recipe for a precious smile.

Text For Your Long Distance Crush

No one can understand the perks of being in a long-distance relationship. The obvious lack of physical intimacy can lead to severe consequences; breakup being the eventual one. So how to bond in a long-distance relationship? Well, there can be many ways but the most convenient and effective is texting. A little play of words mixed with lots of love can be powerful enough to keep you two in an unbreakable bond. A long-distance relationship requires a little more effort and dedication to keep the partner in the love loop. Going the extra mile definitely helps when it comes to keeping in touch with your distant lover. Here are a few text messages for your beloved who is far from your eyes.

6.    They say that absence makes the heart grow fonder, and I think you can say the same about distance. Each day we spend apart only makes me more excited to be reunited with you. In the meantime, know that you're in my thoughts (and my heart) every day!

7.    I always hear people saying long-distance relationships don't work, and it makes me happy to know we're proving them wrong. No matter how far apart we may be, my feelings for you won't change. You’re my heart's desire. I love you, honey.

8.    Despite the long distance between us, I love you more and more every day. Each time you are away, my love for you grows because I am reminded just how much better you make my life and how happy I am when you are here. So come back soon!

9.    I can’t text you roses or fax you my heart. I’d email you kisses, but we’d still be apart. I love you to pieces, and just wish you’d see that I care for you so much because you mean the world to me.

10.    We knew that our distance relationship would be complicated, but I will keep waiting for you. Be sure I won’t finish this relationship, because despite the fact you are far away, there is something wonderful between two of us and I am deeply in love with you, when you come back you’ll know that you are the owner of my heart.

 Funny Text to Make Him Laugh

Cracking jokes is usually considered a guy thing and women are expected to laugh even at the lamest jokes. If your guy has a taste for humor, sending him text messages that make him roll on the floor laughing, will be an excellent idea to develop a new kind of connection. Share jokes that you both can relate to and start living a life full of laughter. Here are a few messages to give you an idea of how to get started.

11.     Are you an appendix? Because I don’t understand you or know how you work, but this feeling in my stomach makes me feel the urge to make out with you.

12.     You are under arrest for being too cute. Your punishment is to be silent and if not followed then you will be silenced with kisses.

13.    ‘Excuse me; I just dropped something looking at your pictures again… My jaw!’

14.     ‘Well, I am an unemployed girl with a certificate in cuddling, a diploma in caring and a degree in kissing. Do you have a job for me?’

15.     ‘I am not a photographer, but I can still picture you and me together...in my bed.’

Flirty and Sexy Text to Make Him Yearn for You

Words have the power to make your partner yearn for you. Either said face-to-face or sent via text, words can arouse feelings and yearnings like nothing else.

16.    The feeling I get when you kiss me makes me want to ask for more, the wetness of your lips lighten up my day and your sweetest touch is what I linger for every day, I just want you more and more every day of my life.

17.    My lovely man, I feel so passionate when I’m with you that I want to pour the rain of love which you can’t miss even a single drop and I am willing to make you soak in love so that you can realize how deeply in love I am with you. You have unleashed the fuel of joy in my heart! I love you!

18.     There’s a huge sale going on in my bedroom right now. All clothes are 100% off, it’s a limited time offer.

19.    So, I heard that a kiss can burn 6.4 calories per minute. Do you want to work out?

20.     I just bought a thing from Victoria’s Secret…want a private runway show, or should I save it for someone else?

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Love is wild and free. It requires no conditions and support system to flourish. Finding your soul mate is a difficult but life-changing experience and retaining them will take a little effort. Every couple needs to create and strengthen the bond that is unique to them. 
Texting has become one of the leading ways of communication and has been playing a great role in keeping couples with different timelines, connected. From a simple emoticon to an elaborate expression of love, the text message has an ability to keep in touch with your beloved at any hour of day and night. It just takes a minute or two out of your busy schedule to let your beloved know that you are thinking about them. Make them smile, laugh and even yearn for you with a message straight out of your heart and melt them with mere words.