No Boyfriend? How About Getting A Boyfriend Pillow?

Try sleeping with these boyfriend pillows for humor and comfort

By Kimmy
No Boyfriend? How About Getting A Boyfriend Pillow?

What is a boyfriend pillow?

Longing for a masculine man to cuddle you to sleep and make you feel safe and secure? Strong and independent girls like us don't always have time for a relationship. That doesn't mean we don't want some warmth and affection to fall asleep next to from time to time. This is exactly when you should get a boyfriend pillow!

A boyfriend pillow is usually a pillow-shaped in the form of a man's disembodied half-torso. Giving the user the feeling of a real man's cuddling is the main reason why the boyfriend pillow exists. You feel that you're sleeping next to someone and the warmth calms you down so you can sleep better at night.

Boyfriend pillows are on-demand these days. They are fun and comfortable. Both singles and girls in a relationship would get a boyfriend pillow because it's just so comfy that it gives you a better sleep.

There are many different designs when it comes to boyfriend pillows. It can be a naked masculine man with abs or a confident man in suits. Basically, anything you can think of. There're even full-body boyfriend pillows available in case you want the full experience.

Boyfriend pillows have grown in popularity a lot in recent years. The business is booming so there're a lot more options when purchasing one. You can custom-made your boyfriend pillow with a photo or any other special requests. You can even design the shape and everything.

Boyfriend pillows have become a lovely companion for girls around the world. Sleeping with a boyfriend pillow is just sweet and makes you feel safe. They're just as cute as a stuffed animal. Why not try a boyfriend pillow next time you want to add a new member to your bed?

Places To Buy A Boyfriend Pillow

Tempted to buy a boyfriend pillow but not sure where to go? There're so many options, you can just stay home and order one online or go check out some physical stores and hug them out until you've found the right arm on the ''right guy''.

Amazon is a great place to purchase a boyfriend pillow online. You can find boyfriend pillows from all sizes to all styles. Get a full-body boyfriend pillow for your queen size bed or a muscle man arm pillow for your bunk bed. Either way, you will be happy with your choice.

Walmart is another convenient place to get a boyfriend pillow from. It's Walmart. You can always find one nearby. The best thing about Walmart is that you can actually try them out in real life to see which one best comforts you. And they're always promotions going on in Walmart so you might as well just grab one because it's a good deal! It won't be the first time you go to Walmart and buy something just because it's cute anyway

Cheap and good boyfriend pillow from Walmart

1. Cute and Fun Husband, Companion or Cuddle Buddy

Cute and Fun Husband, Companion or Cuddle Buddy

Fancy a smart and gentle investment banker? This boyfriend pillow is great for those looking for a lovely and kind vibe. This blue-collar gives out an office vibe and the man is not masculine, which is great for slim and short girls. Masculine guys can sometimes be seen as too aggressive or scary for girls with too big of a height and body size different. So they would prefer a slim-built boyfriend pillow to calm them during the night.

The shirt is removable so you can easily dress it up with something else. You can order a different color from the website or you can just cut your own clothes to dress it up. It's fun and entertaining. This boyfriend pillow comes in 10 different colors and it's only $35.5 for one! What are you waiting for?

2. Boyfriend Muscle Man Arm Plush Cotton Pillow

Boyfriend Muscle Man Arm Plush Cotton Pillow

"Co-starred" in Glee, this original muscle arm man is here to offer you the ultimate unbeatable experience! Made from pure cotton, this boyfriend pillow is strong and durable, exactly the muscle man it's supposed to be. Hug this muscle man as hard as you can and when you're watching a scary movie or just lay your head on its chest to feel that Captain America body structure.

For you to fully appreciate its abs and muscles, this boyfriend pillow doesn't come with any clothes, but that's the best part of it, isn't it? Why would you want clothes on your boyfriend pillow anyways? Wrap your arms around that shirtless man immediately to let those lovely abs cuddle you to sleep. There're three different colors available from $30.49 to $38.57.

Customized boyfriend pillow with face

Personalized Body Pillow Long Distance Gifts Custom Body

The traditional boyfriend pillows are not enough to satisfy you? Don't worry, it happens. We have high standards for things and that's a good thing! You want to personalize your own boyfriend pillow so it's unique and completely yours.

Check out Etsy for their customized boyfriend pillow collection. You can design your own or have a photo printed on the pillow. Even if you aren't interested in having one, you can still send it as a gift to your boyfriend! Click here to check it out.

For physical stores, check out photoshops like Kodak in your area to see if they offer this service. In some regions, they provide a greater variety of services, including personalized pillows. Otherwise, try to see if they have this service in some theme-related gift shops.

Smaller shops local to your area may offer this service, for your best information, you should ask on your local neighborhood Facebook page to see what you can find!

DIY boyfriend pillow

DIY is always fun and cost-saving. DIY a boyfriend pillow isn't the most difficult thing but it takes time and effort as it's quite a big art to make.

1. Depending on the size of the boyfriend pillow you want to make, prepare enough cotton, which is recommended as the best material to stuff the pillow with.

2. Fold one piece of a big fabric once and draw the shape you would like for your boyfriend pillow along the edge of the folded line.

3. Cut the fabric along with the shape you've drawn and opened the fabric. Now you have one piece of fabric with an identical pattern (the body shape)

4. Put the cotton on either side and fold the fabric again when you're done and sew it to close it with a sewing machine.

5. Put your favorite T-shirt or whatever on him and there you have your DIY boyfriend pillow!! It's not that hard, is it?

Funny memes taken with boyfriend pillows



Damn right, who needs a real man when you can have 100 boyfriend pillows. There's no need to lower your standard just to have a man to get you through the night! Now you can have many boyfriend pillows sleeping next to you and it's even better!

Strong and independent women are all getting boyfriend pillows because who has time for a real boyfriend these days? Only boyfriend pillows are real and will stay! Time to get a sea of boyfriend pillows, girls?


Source: Me.Me

Humans are animals, after all, you can never truly predict their actions. Having to constantly worry about your man cheating on you is exhausting. At the same time, besides trust, you can't really do too much about thinking about it because you never know what could happen.

A boyfriend pillow will never cheat on you. You know you can trust your comfy, loyal and strong pillow to keep you company for as long as you want. Nothing to worry about, only love and warmth for each other!

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The demand for boyfriend pillows is on the rise for a good reason. A lot of girls enjoy sleeping with a long pillow to have a sense of security anyway. Boyfriend pillows become a good choice for them. Get the body shape you like and you can already dress them as you please. Whether it's a police officer, a construction worker, an IT nerd or a doctor. Just get the custom and your boyfriend pillow can be whatever you want it to be!

They're even personalized boyfriend pillows these days that you can have your own design or photos printed on them, so you can have something unique to yours. What are you still waiting for? Get yourself a boyfriend pillow today to have an amazing sleep tonight!!