17 Creative Ways on How to Initiate Sex With Your Other Half

Interesting Innovative Ways on How to Initiate Sex with Your Partner

By AcaciaJ
17 Creative Ways on How to Initiate Sex With Your Other Half

As you know, sex and intimacy is a huge part of any happy and healthy relationship. A strong sex life with your partner keeps your connection strong and helps you grow as a couple. However, intimacy is not only physical as it requires keeping other aspects of a relationship healthy to keep it going. Although keeping intimacy alive takes effort on both parts, it doesn't have to be a challenge. There are several ways you can keep your sex life happy while still maintaining a great relationship.

How to Initiate Sex Through Text

While it may seem completely random and a bit inappropriate to send a sexy text to your partner out of nowhere, it may just be what they are looking for. Initiating sex is much easier than it seems and will certainly yield steamy hot results. Here are some tips on initiating sex through texting.

1. Carefully Choose a Time

As we all know, timing is everything. So ensure you choose a good time to send your significant other a sexy text. If you know they have a big day at work such as meetings, or they are typically not able to pull out their phone until lunch, save the message for them then.

2. Never Underestimate the Winking Face

It's no secret the wink emoji serves a universal purpose of flirty vibes. Turn things from flirty to deliciously sexy by sending a steamy message along with a winking emoji. Your partner is completely familiar with your wild side by now, so even if a message is seemingly cryptic message followed by a winking emoji you are sure to get any and every message across;) 

3. Incorporate What They Like Most

Of course in sexting, you want to talk about what drives them wild in the bedroom. Talk about what you want to do while (insert favorite position here) or you want them here while you do this to them there. This is the perfect starter for any hot conversation and will have your partner longing for more now, and later.

4. Ensure They are Interested

Obviously you want to make sure they are into it before anything else. Sometimes sexting can make people uncomfortable and can be a turn off. Of course your partner is into it then continue the conversation but if for some reason they aren't, it may be best to drop it until another time. 

5. Express Yourself

Let your partner know how much you enjoyed your last time in bed with them. This will not only set off some serious sparks but it's also very loving and endearing. Everyone wants to be praised on their bedroom skills as it lets you know you're satisfying your partner the right way. You can also make things even spicier and detail what your last love making was like and tell them it will be even better this time around. Your significant other will both enjoy and appreciate this sweet, sexy gesture. 

How to Initiate Sex When you are Shy

6. Relax

If you find yourself so shy that you automatically tense up in the moment, then you seriously need to breathe. Don't let being shy come between you and your partner sharing a beautiful moment of passion. Instead, relax and take some deep breaths. Go to a happy space in your mind swiftly if you need to but more importantly be in the moment.

You need to understand this is an amazing time for you and your significant other to express the way you feel to each other. This alone can help you take your mind off being shy and instead channel that energy into creating passionate memories with your partner. 

7. Exercise More Intimacy

Another great way to overcome shyness in the bedroom is to have more sex with your partner. This alone can seriously aid in breaking any shy barriers that seemingly won't go away. You and your partner will learn the ins and outs of what works and what doesn't in terms of satisfying one another. 

This is a very fun, rewarding and beautiful way for you to also grow close and strengthen your bond with your significant other. By exercising more intimacy you are strengthening your physical and mental relationships with one another, while kicking shyness to the curb. 

8. Keep the Sparks Flying

The bedroom is not the only place to keep sparks going, it's simply the arena in which to ignite them. There are several ways you can keep things spicy outside the bedroom that will help you overcome shyness and bond with your partner sexually on another level. You can send one another steamy sexts, hot emails or if you can you can also send hot pics (ooh la la!) These are all great ways to stay connected and keep things sexy outside of the bedroom while breaking away from shyness. 

How to Initiate Sex More Often

9. Don't be Selfish

No one and I mean.. NO ONE likes a selfish lover! Sex is never just about you, it's always about you AND your partner. Imagine a world where everyone was selfish lovers? Yikes, scary thought! So imagine how your partner feels when you give way less effort in pleasing them but ensure you're taken care of every time. It's very selfish and shouldn't happen. Instead, focus on pleasing them during sex. 

This not only is considerate and loving, it will make your partner crave you much, much more. Take the time to understand what pleases them and what doesn't, and implement more of what they love than what they don't. 

10. Amplify the Affection

By nature, we love to touch and to be touched. It's natural for us to crave affection and want to give it, which is why you should do so more often with your partner. No matter how small like holding hands or hugging, to cuddling in bed, massaging or even kissing, it all amounts to touching in a loving way. This is potent as it deepens the connection with your significant other and creates endless stimulation. In turn, you will find your attraction to your partner increasing tremendously and you won't be able to keep your hands off them.

11. Practice Effective Communication

Yes, it is true that communication is key to a healthy relationship, especially the sexual aspect. Sex is not only about physical, it's about mentally connecting as well. If you and your partner constantly argue and bicker due to ineffectively communicating then your sex life will suffer. It's vital that you take the time and effort to communicate in a healthier manner to maintain positive attitudes and keep an overall healthy relationship.

Hear each other out , don't raise your voices and come to a middle ground. These are just a few small steps that can go a long way in communicating effectively to help maintain a great life in and outside of the bedroom. 

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How to Initiate Sex in a New Relationship

12. Continue to Break the Ice

Talking is the perfect starting point if you're nervous about initiating sex in a new relationship. Whether it's your first time or your fourth, having sex with a new significant other can surely bring out the nerves in us all, for countless reasons. However, simply talking with them before sex or after can help tremendously. 

Whether you recount that funny moment from your last date or you simply want to let them know how much you appreciate them, communicating with them can help break the ice and rid you of any nerves. Plus, this is just an all around sweet way to set the tone for a beautiful moment together. 

13. Be Honest

Honesty is ALWAYS the best policy, especially when it comes to being intimate with your partner. The good thing about intimacy in a new relationship is, this is an ideal time to let learn what you love and vice versa. By learning early about what turns each other on and what doesn't, you can continue to implement this throughout your relationship. If you don't like something, simply let them know.

Everyone wants to know what works for their partners and what doesn't because they want them to walk away satisfied. So honest and upfront about your do's and don'ts in the bedroom even in a fresh relationship. Doing so will help keep the sparks flying and the flames burning in the long run. 

14. Just Laugh it Off

It's always easy to feel embarrassed if something doesn't go as planned in any aspect of life. However, sometimes it's best to look at the positive side and keep on going, even in the case of initiating sex in new relationships. Maybe that position didn't go the way you imagined it or you accidentally burp, or even sneeze directly on them during a spicy moment. It's okay, just laugh it off! 

These very moments are what can bring you even closer to your partner after having a belly aching laugh. This can help you bond with each other even during what seems like the most embarrassing moment. So just smile and keep going, your partner will appreciate your lightness and ability to remain positive despite. 

How to Initiate Sex After an Argument

15. Apologize

Of course, the first step after any argument is to apologize. It's important to overcome your pride especially, if you care for one another. Arguments are just a reflection of your different view points but if not resolved can and will affect your relationship in the worst way. So, saying sorry to each other is ideal as apologizing shows understanding, compassion, consideration and the respect you have for your partner. Plus it will send you well on your way to the next step: making up;)

16. Get Romantic

There is nothing better than showing your love for your partner after an argument, than to do something sweet for them. If you're a guy you can pick up some flowers with a card and explain how sorry you are about your argument. You can also set a candle lit dinner and cook her favorite meal. 

Ladies, you can also cook your guy's favorite meal followed by a nice massage after his day at work. Later, you can slip on something he'll go insane to see you in. These sweet gestures are all the perfect way to reconnect and initiate passionate intimacy after an awful falling out with your partner. 

17. Create a Making up Routine

Perhaps the most important of these three tips is to establish or create a making up routine. This can be anything from cuddling, sitting and talking over your favorite dishes, going to a park watching the sunset or simply cuddling. Anything that shows your partner you apologize for that yucky moment and you instead want to come together to move forward. Practicing this anytime you argue can and will only result in remembering the person you fell for and will serve as a reminder of why you're still with them. 


It takes work to keep your relationship in a happy space. While things may get off track sometimes it's always worth it to fix them with your partner. Intimacy plays a role in expressing your love for one another through fixing those issues. So, no matter what stage of a relationship you're in, it's never too late to show your significant other how much they mean to you in the sweetest, and sexiest of ways. 

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