List of antioxidant drinks you've never heard before

What are antioxidant drinks and the reason people are taking it

By Sameet
List of antioxidant drinks you've never heard before

What are Antioxidant Drinks?

Even though we can find nutrients everywhere around us, but ever wonder do they even absorb well in our body? We encounter many toxins every day which are destroying us inside out. To tackle these, we can consume antioxidant drinks which can strengthen up our immune system, improve circulation and fight back the dangers that pose a threat to our body defenses.

These antioxidant drinks are made for this sole purpose and have benefits beyond compare.

Benefits of antioxidant drinks while pregnant

Lucky for you, we’ve collected all the perks of antioxidant drinks that can clarify all your confusions about these drinks being safe for pregnancy which is a major concern for many people.   

1. Cardiac Defects in Children

A little care is always good especially when it comes to bringing new life. Wouldn’t you want to protect that little one from all kinds of systemic defects of the body? The heart is at risk in cases of obese and smoking women. These complicated cases can be prevented with the right antioxidants to handle any anomaly of the cardiovascular system. Let that tiny one be born with a big healthy heart. 

2. Aging of Mother

You’d be shocked to know that aging of the pregnant women is also a matter of concern when it comes to antioxidant drinks. This is when the mother gets poor Oxygen supply. Antioxidants can be of great help when it comes to nourishment of both the mother and the baby.

3. Preventing Malformations

This is a major problem in the modern era, especially people who are alcohol abusers. But luckily, antioxidant drinks and foods can help prevent the birth defects in such case or at least reduce them to a great extent.

Benefits of antioxidant drinks for acne

So turns out, free radicals are responsible for the notorious acne too. But what if you knew how to deal with this dilemma and easily? Yes, that is possible with some amazing antioxidant drinks you can follow up and make your life acne-free!

1. Reduced Inflammation

Fighting acne won’t be this easy. All the necessary things needed to get rid of acne for good are present in antioxidant drinks. They remove free radicals which exacerbate the already present acne or even slight chances of acne production. Wondering what’s the best drink for this horrible skin problem? The answer is simple green tea. Seems a bit too easy? But no doubt it is, just regularly consume it for 4-8 weeks and you will see the difference.

2. Oil-Free Skin

Antioxidants have the ability to clear away the excess sebum which can cause many skin problems including acne and pimples. Also, it’s not a pleasant sight too right? Even though sebum is protective, too much can be a problem.

3. Skin Toning

What’s better than a firm and well-toned healthy skin? Ever seen someone and wondered what the secret to that rejuvenating and glowing skin is? And what is the key to getting clear and acne free skin? Well, no need to wonder anymore because you too can achieve that with antioxidants containing Coenzyme Q-10.

Drinks containing fresh oranges and strawberries can also do the trick.

4. Reducing Scars

Scars from acne can be reduced when proper healing is done. This can happen when the blood flow to the injured area is increased. Apart from antioxidant scar treatment products, you can use drinks containing Onion extract called Allium. This minimizes the scar and gives the skin a fresh appearance.

Benefits of antioxidant drinks for weight loss

All of us have been a part of this never ending debate and have invested so much in achieving it too. What if we tell you to stop chasing the pounds to lose, and start focusing on the Oxygen points for the body? When you have a well O2 nourished body, the weight will fade away as easy as it sounds.

There is no scientific proof as yet that antioxidants lead directly to weight loss as the actual key of losing weight is to consume foods that will keep you full while providing fewer calories. Thus, foods that supply the body with the most antioxidants have qualities that make them credible in promoting healthy weight loss.

Losing weight does not mean at all that you are restricting yourself from food. It is just an authentic plan to get you the type of diet that directs your body to a healthy state and protects it from obesity.

For this purpose, a scientific reference tool known as ORAC (oxygen radical absorbance capacity) value of the foods and drinks consumed. More the ORAC value, better the weight reducing properties. Health experts advise taking at least 5,000 ORAC units per day for antioxidant protection.

Some of the antioxidant drinks richest in these ORAC points are:
Acai Pulp (102,700)
Green Tea (50,000)
Maqui berry juice (40,000) 
Red wine (3,873)
Blueberry juice (2,906)
Concord Grape juice (2,377)
Acai juice blends (1,767)

Other list of antioxidant drinks

Here is a guide to help you find natural and manufactured antioxidant drinks which might aid you in getting the perfect health.

1. Green Tea

What a shame it would be if green tea is not mentioned in the list of antioxidant drinks and detoxifiers. Why? Because green tea is the healthiest beverage on the planet. From weight loss to reducing risk of chronic diseases, Green tea is the one to go for. The major role of green tea is to get rid of free radicals and detoxify the whole body. Automatically, all other health benefits follow.

2. Kombucha

Not very popular but it has amazing probiotic properties through enzymes, which can be very helpful if consumed regularly in our diets. It is made by fermenting fungus of kombucha and sugar, along with black or regular tea.

3. Mosto

This kind of grape can be a great alternative to wine as an antioxidant. It is rich in Vitamin E which can help in coping with the aging process of the body. It is better to make it at home as the grape peels and seeds also have nutritious qualities.

4. Lemonade

Probably the most common drink, but not everyone is aware of what wonders it can do for your body. Lemons have antioxidant properties and they fight off free radicals and also promote body’s collagen production. So when life gives you lemons, you make an amazing antioxidant drink for yourself.

5. Pomegranate Juice

Pomegranate juice even beats Green tea in removing free radicals from our body. It does so through flavonoids and anthocyanins. This one delicious drink will get you running and promote a healthy lifestyle. 

6. Cocoa Drink

Pure cocoa is exceptional in its medicinal benefits, but the modified versions of cocoa combined with fat and sugar should be avoided as much as possible. The pure form has immeasurable qualities related to the heart and our immune system.

7. Green Smoothie

A jar full of green shake or smoothie depicts good health all over. You can add many fruits and vegetables like spinach, beet greens, bananas, apples and pear etc. The result is delicious and you consume a large amount of beta-carotenes and vitamins in no time.

8. Bio-active Drinks

You can find a variety of drinks which claim to give health benefits, but it’s always a good choice to used certified products. Beauty & Go products contain dietary fiber extracted from fruits and vegetables and are rich in antioxidants.

Source: @mybeautyandgo/Instagram

Bioactive Beauty Drinks - 28 Day Treatment - Beauty & Go

9. Vitamin C

Vitamin C loaded drinks and natural extracts are the surest way to consume a bulk of antioxidants. They boost up your immune system and overall form a barrier for free radicals.

10. Burdock Root Tea

As traditional as it sounds, Burdock tea has been used by the Chinese since long as a detoxifying agent. It claims to purify the blood and restore the healthy state by removing toxins.


How to make antioxidant drinks

Want to customize the taste and ingredients of antioxidant drinks according to your preference? We have the perfect DIYs to help you on your way to a healthy and toxin-free lifestyle.

Antioxidant drinks from vegetable extracts

1. Kale

Kale is one of the most nourishing vegetables you can find especially rich in Vitamins and antioxidants. The red variety has around twice the amount as the regular one.

2. Beets

You must be familiar with beetroot juice, especially used by people who regularly work out. Beets contain Betalains which are impressive in their antioxidant actions.

3. Spinach

No wonder Popeye loved it so much. Maybe because of the incredible benefits you can achieve including protection for your eyes from toxic free radicals.

Here’s a video of some combinations of the above mentioned natural products you can use:

Lemon Ginger Morning Detox Drink

This is the perfect drink to get you started for the day. It will leave you feeling fresh and active and charge your spirit to get you through the hassles of a busy day.


Boiling water                   2 - ½ cups

Organic lemon                 1

Fresh ginger                    1 inch piece

 Ground turmeric             1/8 teaspoons

Honey                             2 teaspoons


  1. Boil water in a pan.
  2. Turn down the heat and add ginger, lemon and turmeric powder.
  3. Let it set for around 30 minutes.
  4. Strain and drink at room temperature or reheat.
Adapted from The Harvest Kitchen


The oxidative stress is a crisis which disturbs many of our vital body systems. Numerous diseases have evolved as a result of free radicals accumulating in the body due to pollution, toxic industrial chemicals and unhygienic food. This raises the risks of conditions like cancer, heart failure, diabetes and what not.

Lucky for us, a diet rich in antioxidants have been superb in their actions and in maintaining a healthy body status. The chronic diseases have been neutralized by usage of antioxidant drinks on a regular basis and a sudden lift in body metabolisms is noted. You too can experience the vitality by using these drinks and reap their many benefits!