40 Dirty Questions To Ask A Girl And Get Her Seriously Wet

Are you wondering about the exact words to ask your girl and get her really wet? Here is a cute dirty questions game that can be helpful.

By Amanda Palmer
40 Dirty Questions To Ask A Girl And Get Her Seriously Wet

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Words have immense power. Words can arouse a woman and make her horny. Sex is all in the mind for them. The right choice of words can make your girlfriend all wet and horny for you. 

But to get your girlfriend to that state requires a proper ambiance, mood and of course, words. These words can be glazed with love promises or can be framed in questions. Dirty questions game with your girlfriend will get you to know her better, know her wildest fantasies and spice up your love life. Such intimate questions will take your love to a whole new level and connect you both deeply with each other. 

The article below gives you some 40 dirty questions you can put up in front of your girlfriend to get her all wet and horny for you. You have to start with playful flirting, complimenting and dropping hints here and there. When you see her getting in the mood, you can throw your next set of dirty questions. If you, in the very beginning, ask her 'Do you finger yourself often?', it might get her freaky. Proper timing is very important in this dirty questions game. 

Before you start, these below-mentioned hints and tips will help you set the mood right and not get your girlfriend all freaky and withdrawn:

* Girls love compliments. You can score a perfect 100 in this dirty questions game if you approach your girlfriend first with some genuine compliments.

* Drop sensual hints in your questions very smartly. Do not make it very obvious in the beginning. Let her guess as this will get her really excited and subsequently wet! You can ask her questions like 'Were you by any chance wearing pink lingerie yesterday? As you came into my dreams wearing a sexy pair of pink lingerie'. 

* Make subtle contact with her. Girls love to be touched lovingly. If you go straight under her skirt, she will get really freaky. Instead, touch her hair and compliment her on her looks. 

* Some girls like cheesy pickup lines. Try one for yourself to see if she likes it.

* Send her some suggestive pictures. Not of naked girls but of you post work-out, in the gym or shirtless. It will drive her wild. 

* Make sure you send her cute text messages as a reminder of your feelings for her. She might reread them when in a good mood and think about you. If she desires contact, she might message you again.

You can always start with cute flirty questions to know about the boundaries in your relationship with your girlfriend. If she responds with interest, you can slowly proceed else stop. You will know how comfortable your girlfriend is with sex topics and it can add oodles of spice in your relationship. Once you get positive signs from her and her willingness in continuing with the sex game, you can let the temperature rise in your dirty questions game.

10 Flirty Questions to begin your game

Flirty questions are a great way to start your dirty questions game. You can start with subtle and sexy questions to see whether your girlfriend is taking the hint or showing interest. If you see her getting uncomfortable or freaky, you can smartly change the conversation without getting too obvious. Some tremendous flirty questions to ask are:

Q1. What is your favorite pair of lingerie?
Q2. Where do you often feel like being kissed?
Q3. Have you ever lip-kissed in public?
Q4. What would you prefer? Food before sex or sex before food?
Q5. Do you feel like holding my hand?
Q6. Do you feel like seeing me shirtless?
Q7. Would you like being passionately hugged right now?
Q8. Have you ever thought about kissing me?
Q9. Using three words, how would you describe me?
Q10. What was your first impression of me?

These questions are sweet, safe and will set the mood just right. If you find your girlfriend answering them with the same enthusiasm, then she might be giving you hints to get a little dirty.
Note her expressions and her body language while she answers you. If you are asking these questions over the phone, does she sigh often or does she giggle a lot? If yes, then she is enjoying a lot. If she keeps interrupting or trying to change the topic, then it is evident that she is either not interested or not ready yet.


10 Dirty Questions about her sexual fantasies

Girls like guys who give a lot of importance to their sexual urges and requirements. After you have set the mood right, you can now plunge in deeper and get a little dirtier.
Girls love guys who ask them about their sexual preferences and their likes and dislikes. Frame dirty yet smart questions that will get her all wet and horny for you. Begin asking about her sexual fantasies. Does she get all freaky or does she open up to you? Do you see her body language change? Is she showing any signs of being horny? If she is licking her lips while answering or if her pupils are dilating while looking at you, then you have hit the jackpot! Your girl is definitely wet and horny.

Q11. Hot showers or bubble baths?
Q12. If I bought you some sexy lingerie, would you model it for me?
Q13. Have you ever done a striptease?
Q14. What is your guilty pleasure?
Q15. Have you ever gotten intimate with a girl?
Q16. Have you ever desired to do a role-play?
Q17. What is your most dreamy location for lovemaking?
Q18. Where would you like to be touched?
Q19. What did you feel about bondage in '50 Shades of Grey'?
Q20. What is one outfit you would like to see me in?

Such questions take you a step further into your ideal lovemaking session. Your girl is all wet and in the mood. Take advantage of the situation. Get dirtier in your questions and make her reveal her wildest sexual fantasies. Such cute encounters help both guys and girls clear their doubts on a lot of issues which might arise later in your relationship. You get to know how wild, fun and adventurous your girl is. If she does not open up on such topics or gets all freaky, then you better be prepared that she is not adventurous when it comes to sex and sex talk. 


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10 Naughty Questions to get her wet

Take the dirty questions game further on with some more naughty and sexy questions. Now is the time when you know for sure about her interest in the topic.
This is the best time when you can ask her any dirty question about your sexual life that comes to your mind. Ask her questions in a fun way that reveals a lot about her personality and desires when it comes to sex. This game lets you know your girl in depth, and you get a clear picture of your life with her ahead. 

Q21. Do you like biting?
Q22. Have you ever done it on a motorcycle?
Q23. Where do you like it best? Back or front?
Q24. Missionary or doggy-style?
Q25. Have you ever peeped in on me while changing?
Q26. Have you ever satisfied yourself?
Q27. Have you ever used a vibrator?
Q28. At what age did you lose your virginity?
Q29. Have you ever done it outdoors?
Q30. Which is your wildest location to have sex?
Funny, intense and very, very personal, such questions will give you an in-depth peek into your girlfriend's personality and preferences. While asking these questions to her, let her know your answers on the same topics to open up yourself. Your girl will know her guy in and out, and you will know your girl. Such conversations in the initial stages of a relationship make a foundation for a strong bond later.
Sex is an important part of every relationship. It should not come too quick and neither be prolonged. The right time of sexual intimacy and open sexual discussions paves the way for a great relationship.

10 Dirty Questions to ask your girlfriend

Now that the heat is at its peak, it is time to plunge into your deepest desires. If you are conversating on the phone, you can have great phone sex, and if you are together, then it is one of those times, you may have a beautiful sexual encounter. Keeping up with the dirty questions game, there are still few more dirty questions you can ask while making love or while doing foreplay. If on the phone, these questions can just be verbal foreplays before a great climax. 

Q31. Will you let me roll an ice cube down there?
Q32. Want to try 69 position?
Q33. Want to try all the Kamasutra positions tonight?
Q34. Have you done a threesome before?
Q35. Whom do you fantasize about when you have sex?
Q36. Who gave you your first orgasm?
Q37. What is the most sexually daring thing you have ever done?
Q38. Have you ever watched another couple have sex with their permission?
Q39. Do you prefer watching professional or amateur porn?
Q40. How many times have you given a blowjob?

These questions are the ultimate in a dirty questions game and will get the temperatures soaring high in your bedroom. Enjoy the moment and enjoy your girlfriend. Make sure she enjoys it too. Sexual communication is an excellent way for a very satisfying sex life.


So the next time you want to get your girl seriously wet with some questions, do refer to the ones mentioned above. You can take inspiration from these or frame your own on similar lines!

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