Black Cherry Hair Color Idea: How To Rock Black Cherry Hair With Style

Black cherry hair color is the newest trend in hair coloring. Find out how to rock black cherry hair color in a stylish way.

By Amanda Palmer
Black Cherry Hair Color Idea: How To Rock Black Cherry Hair With Style

Black Cherry Hair Color

Changing hair color has become quite common these days. Women change their hair color every six months or even less. So, if you have an image of a pretty brunette in your mind, don't be surprised if you cannot recognize her the next time in her blonde avatar.

Cherry black hair color is the latest addition to the bandwagon of hair colors. This color has a lot of oomph and mystery about it. Many celebrities and personalities are recently spotted sporting it. 

Cherry black hair color appears darker than red. It can be called the darkest shade of red. There are glimpses of both red and chocolate brown tones in this shade. This hair dye is often confused with dark brown or a purplish red. But cherry black hair color is unique and a different shade altogether. There is a chocolate cherry hair color too but black cherry has a darker brown base than chocolate cherry. 

People with dark brown or black hair should go in for black cherry hair color. This shade looks good on both red-haired and black-haired people. Many males these days are also opting for this shade. Cherry black hair color is a beautiful fusion of black hair dye with cherry red dye. You don't need any particular hairstyle to rock this hair color as it suits any hairstyle and any hair texture. Black cherry hair color oozes of a sensuous and yet formal look and it instantly transforms the look of a person. 

This beautiful hue of burgundy is dark overall with the slightest tints of cherry red playing peek-a-boo. It makes your dark hair pop without going overboard. 

Jotted down below is all the information you need to rock the cherry black hair like a pro. 

How to get Cherry Black Hair Color at Home

If you want to save some cash and try and experimenting with this newest black cherry hair color on your hair on your own, then it is recommended that you try a DIY with the Loreal Paris Cherry Black. The easy non-drip formula lets you dye your hair easily at home.  If you have never colored your hair on your own, then it is better that you get it done by a professional. Any hair color requires regular touch-ups and a lot of after-care. 


How to Take Care of Your Cherry Black Hair Color

Your hair-care routine should now change to color-treated hair-care routine. After you are done with coloring your hair in black cherry dye, remember, your work is not over. You need to now put in lots of efforts to maintain the vibrancy and softness of your hair. Read carefully for all the after-care instructions you need to follow:

* Switch to color-treated shampoo, conditioner and hair-mask:

Color-treated hair needs a milder shampoo and intensive conditioning. There are plenty of color-treated hair products available. You can try Loreal Paris Hair Expert Color Vibrancy Intensive Shampoo, Loreal Paris Hair Expert Color Vibrancy Intensive Conditioner and Loreal Paris Hair Expert Color Vibrancy Intensive Ultra Recovery Mast

* Do not expose your hair to very hot water:

A very hot shower in freezing temperatures feels blissful, but hot water also strips the hair of its natural oils and moisturizer. Make sure your bathing water temperature is lukewarm or cold. 

* Use a heat-protectant before heat styling your hair:

Heat styling products cause a lot of damage to the hair. If you want to style your black cherry hair with a heating iron, crimper or curling plate, make sure you apply a generous dose of a good heat protectant first. The Loreal Paris Advanced Hairstyle Boost IT Blow Out HeatSpray is a good choice.

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Match your Makeup with Cherry Black Hair

When you change your hair color, it is a good idea to change your makeup accordingly. Your new makeup should complement and flatter your cherry black hair color. Here are some ideas to help you change your makeup to suit your new hair color:

* Make sure your face makeup is minimal: 

Black and chocolate cherry hair color looks best when paired with paler or cooler skin. Just concentrate on radiant skin and you can carry your new hairdo perfectly. 

Cat-eye makeup:

Black cherry hair looks great with cat eyes. You need to perfectly execute cat eye makeup. Flick your eye-liner at the corners to make them look like cat eyes. 

Opt for a lighter eyebrow shade: 

With black cherry hair color, it is not necessary that you sport the same shade on your eyebrows. You can opt for light brown brows with light auburn hints. 

* Try bold eye-makeup:

A black eye-liner and mascara could be your everyday look, but when dressing up for an occasion, get creative with a different shade of eyeliner. Cobalt blue, green ivy, and gold, all look great with cherry black hair color. This stark contrast will pop your hair all the more. 

* Try sultry lipstick shades: 

Dark lipsticks and dark hair color gel well together. Coat your lips in metallic tints of dark shades like red, brown or burgundy. 

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Top Brands Offering Cherry Black Hair Color

Check out the best brands selling Black Cherry hair color:

1.  Loreal Paris Casting Creme Black Cherry

Loreal hair color products currently stand at the topmost position in our list. These colors are ammonia-free which makes them safe to use and non-smelly. Loreal hair color covers your gray evenly and renders a glossy shine to the hair. The black cherry color appears in shimmering tones and looks very natural. This one is an ideal choice for regular hair coloring as the product is ammonia-free. 

You will notice that Loreal's hair color lasts for up to 28 shampoos. A gentle conditioner comes with the hair color which nourishes your hair. The non-drip formula does not harm the skin and makes the hair look revitalized. The hair color leaves a fine fragrance in your hair. It can be applied easily by its applicator tube which fits snugly in the hands. 

The only problem with Loreal hair color is that it does not suit all the kinds of hair.

2.  Kiss Express Color Black Cherry

Each and every strand of your hair will appear visually enhanced and nourished upon using Kiss Express Color Black Cherry. It provides long lasting grey coverage and the gentle formula does not cause any damage to the hair. 

Kiss Express Color Black Cherry contains heat-resistant protein and NPA which together work to protect the hair from brittleness and breakage. The formula does not contain any ammonia or peroxide and gives you shiny locks. 

The only problem with this hair color is the overpowering smell which can be too much to bear for some people. 


3. Garnier Nutrisse Nourishing Hair Color Black Cherry

Garnier Nutrisse Nourishing hair color black cherry is the newest addition to the range of Garnier hair colors. All the colors of Garnier are nourishing and quite long-lasting. The black cherry hair color contains three fruit oils; olive, avocado, and shea, all of which are excellent for hair health. This hair color also has a separate bottle of grade seed oil which starts to moisturize and nourish the one as soon as one starts applying the color. 

You get a radiant and vibrant cherry red with Garnier Nutrisse Nourishing Hair Color Black Cherry. It covers your grays evenly. The nourishing avocado conditioner that also comes with the pack revitalizes and enhances the radiance of every strand of hair. The triple nourishing formula is an excellent choice for hair coloring. The fruit oils penetrate deeper into the hair and make the hair take the color better. You get a vibrant cherry black red color as a result which lasts longer and is visible from the root to the tip. The conditioner containing olive, shea and avocado oil lock in the moisture in every hair strand and protect it against damage and dryness. You will find that your hair stays silky and radiant for longer even after multiple washes. The non-drip formula makes it very easy to apply and it also smells great. 

The only problem is that for certain hair types, you might need to apply the hair color more than once. 

4. Schwarzkopf Hair Color Bla​​​​ck Cherry

The Schwarzkopf Hair Color Black Cherry is a new addition to their already famous range of hair colors. This one is concocted with pearl essence. Your hair will feel soft and luxurious after application. The black cherry red color is quite intense and you get a brilliant look with this one. Some black cherry red colors are very subtle but this one is quite vibrant and intense. 

This color is fade resistant and hence it is longer-lasting than the others. Schwarzkopf promises vibrancy for up to 9 weeks upon application. You need not worry about regular touch-ups with this one. This hair color comes with a developer lotion, application bottle, and a conditioning treatment. This color also comes with a high-intensity pigment mix which is the first of its kind. This innovative mix enhances the natural pigments of the hair thereby helping one to achieve better coloring results. 

The only problem with this one is that it does not provide complete coverage of gray hair and the smell might be a little unpleasant for some. 

5. Wella Charm Permanent Hair Color Black Cherry

With Wella Charm Permanent Hair Color Black Cherry, you can be assured of consistent and predictable results. This one has been formulated with a 'liquifise' technology which helps the color to penetrate, fuse and blend with the hair strand. One can get vibrant and fade-resistant results. 

The gentle floral fragrance of this hair color is another advantage. It offers exceptional gray coverage and great conditioning after application. 

The only problem with this hair color is that it cannot be used on chemical-treated hair. 

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Black cherry hair color makes your skin look radiant and your hair vibrant. Make sure you adhere to all the after-care ideas to keep rocking your black cherry hair color like a pro. 

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