16 Celebrities Who Were Spotted With Hairy Armpits

Why shave when celebrities do not shave anymore? Find out now!

By Diana Nadim
16 Celebrities Who Were Spotted With Hairy Armpits

The Trend Of Hairy Armpits

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Throughout history, trends have been coming and going. Some of these trends are still rocking to date, but some died with their ages. In recent years we have had trends such as the chocker, fur nails, squiggle eyebrows, the flared jeans, and the list is endless. The one trend, though that has been over the top, is the all-natural beauty trend, which includes hairy armpits.

Gross or Cool?

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Women from all over the world have been letting it be hairy in their armpits. Is it a new trend? This trend has been going on for ages since the beginning of time. It was not until modernization started coming in and women started to feel the urge to look like a certain way to attract a male companion. This was when women started shaving down their armpits and legs and all other hairy places. But this has since changed since feminism.


It is simply because of the reason that women do not have to look a certain way to attract their companions. It has also been said that for some women, cultivating their body hair is an act of protesting against the beauty standards that have been set by society.


What matters is what you choose to do with your body. Some people think that this is a cool trend, while some think it is gross and disgusting. They all have different reasoning, but what matters is that we should empower people so that they can feel more confident in their appearances.

16 Celebrities Who Were Spotted With Hairy Armpits

1. Bella Thorne

Source: The Sun

She is one of the stars who are unapologetically themselves. This includes her armpit hair, which was spotted in her Instagram post, where she was pouring a beer on her hair to lighten it naturally for her next movie.

2. Miley Cyrus

When Miley was still in her wild, she decided to put the razor down for a little while and flaunt her natural beauty, including the armpit hair.

3. Gigi Hadid

Source: Pinterest

In 2017, Gigi surprised everyone when she appeared on Love Magazine when, at the time, the magazine was focusing on empowering women with physical challenges. Her armpit hair did spark up an honest conversation, especially among the feminists.

4. Julia Roberts

In 1999 during the premiere of Notting Hill, Julia Roberts happened to hit the headlines when her armpit hair was spotted. She went ahead and explained that she hadn’t calculated the length of her sleeve and the waving, which led to her revealing personal things about her.

5. Amandla Stenberg

The stunning actress walked out on the red carpet in 2018, and fans didn't go without noticing the armpit hair. She later captioned it on her Instagram post, saying "#drama #Armpit." She is known to be at the forefront as she is an activist for several agendas, including race, gender, and sexuality.

6. Sophia Loren

Source: History - Blog Berth

In the golden age of Hollywood, Sophia was on the top of her career when she flaunted her armpit hair. She did this on photoshoots and paved the way for women to live freely without fear of judgment.

7. Kelly Rowland

She is another strong female who was on the red carpet when she gave a sneak peek of her armpit hair. She never gave a big deal about it just showing how much okay it is to keep it all-natural. She further strengthened this message when she became an activist for empowering girls to accept and love themselves as they are.

8. Penelope Cruz

Penelope Cruz is one of the boldest and talented actresses of our age. She appeared on the cover of the Aie Magazine with her armpits full of hair. She is the true embodiment of boldness because not many would do that in this time and generation.

9. Madonna

The queen of pop herself rocked the hairy armpit trend when she showed it off on her Instagram page. This surprised many, and there were all kinds of reactions.

10. Paris Jackson

She is one of the stars who never shied away from giving us a peek at her natural armpits. She does not take it as a big issue, but after people backlashing her for her strands, she took it to her Instagram stories and said, "I didn't realize that people were going to get upset over my armpit hair. I didn't realize it was an issue. It is so funny." She went ahead and told people that it is natural, and they should get over it.

11. Lourdes Leon

As she was ringing in the New Year, she posted a picture on her Instagram of her embracing her mother, and her strands were camera ready. As much as this was a fun photo, there was some backlash to which her mother responded as she posted a statement indicating how much less they care about what people think.

12. Jemima Kirke

Source: Jemima Kirke

She has been spotted a couple of times flaunting her armpit hair. Although she got quite some backlash, it never shook her as she is proud of her strands.

13. Drew Barrymore

Drew has also been spotted wilding out her beauty and letting her armpit hair join in the ride. She has never made a big deal out of it since its all-natural.

14. Britney Spears

In 2003, she happened to show her armpit hair at the 31st Annual American Music Awards. She also had a shimmering eye shadow and a coral blush with a touch of gloss, which made her look stunning.  

15. Alyssa Milano

Back in 2016, the actress posted on twitter a body-positive message where she said that she had learned to accept her hairy arms. People from all over supported her. One of her fans said that the hair is as part of what makes you beautiful.

16. Lady Gaga

In one of her shows in 2017, Lady Gaga rocked a fake armpit hair. Not only did she rock it fake, but she went ahead and dyed it turquoise to match with her hair. The message she was trying to send is that it is okay to have body hair.

Other celebrities who have often opted to go razor free include Beyoncé, Bekah Martinez, Halsey, Juliette Lewis, Madonna's daughter Lourdes, Lily, and many more.

Should You Try?

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Deciding whether you want to try rocking the natural armpit hair is a personal decision. You should not do something simply because it is trending or because other people are doing it. Growing your armpit hair is something that you should do because you want to. Sometimes it is great to let things be just the way they are supposed to be.


Most feminists tend to let it flourish as it is an indication that you are beautiful with all your natural hair. There should be no shame in the long body hair game. Be it in the armpits, hands, legs, and even on your private parts. It is what was bound to happen as a human being.


To men, it is pretty much something that is a norm, and that is why we are not talking about men in this. There is never a reaction when men lift their hands, and there is a big bush hanging out of there. Women should also be given the freedom to feel this kind of normality when they walk out without having to spend too much time in the bathrooms shaving to impress people who barely even care.


In recent studies, one out of four women under the age of 35 have stopped shaving their underarms. This act in itself is a rebellious act as there is rebellion against the societal beauty standards. If you feel bold and daring, you can go ahead even to dye it. Wear that hair proudly as it is all-natural and it is yours to do whatever you want to do with it.

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Armpit hair will always be an issue for most people who see it as disgust. People who step up and advocate for body hair get harsh backlash from thousands of people. However, this should not at all be the case; body hair should be universally accepted.

When people say that it is unhygienic, they probably don't know what role body hair plays. It is said to help wick sweat and other moisture away from the skin and therefore helping in proper ventilation. It also eases skin to skin friction, thus less irritation.