15 Cute Updos For Short Hair

Don't worry if you are having a short hair because it can give you cute looks which you exactly want. Read out our new updos for short hair.

By Tanya Sinha
15 Cute Updos For Short Hair

Short hair will always be in trend no matter what

Short hair! Short hair! Short hair! You might be finding difficult to have that one and common look with your short hair. But have you ever thought what can you do with your short hair? You don't have any idea about it. You might feel disgusting and feel bad that you can't do any experiment with your short hair. But you are totally wrong. There are som many hairdos which you can try with your short hair. At times you might also feel that instead of having short hair, you should have long hair. But that's a wrong feeling about your short hair, I must say. Short hair is so much in trend these days, you won't believe it. Short hair gives you many hairstyles which you can try without any difficulty and the best part about short hair is that you can always have a perfect look. You don't have to always keep thinking about carrying your short hair perfectly because your short hair is itself perfect. I will tell you what different hairstyles you can try with your short hair.

Try the sleek french twist updos for your short hair

No wonder, French breed updos might look very difficult to make but it's not that difficult to try and give your short hair a new and cute look. Now let us look at the steps how you can try the French twist updos on your short hair. First, comb your hair properly to give it your normal texture. Then make a partition of your short hair to one side in order to slide it over into a twirl later. The third step is to backcomb your downside hair in order to increase the volume of your short hair. Do the French twist on one side of your hair and then take the chuck on the back side of your hair and pin it. Gather the other side of your hair with both of your hands and combine it with the hair which you have pinned. Then roll the hair to bring it in the center. Then pin the hair to give adjust your hair perfectly. You can use the bobby pin for a better result. After you have pinned your hair, gently run the brush over your hair. And here it goes, you got the perfect look for your cute short hair. You can try this hairstyle if you are going to a prom night or for a date.

Try out beach waves updos for your cute short hair

A beach wave updos can be tried with your short hair at any place you are going. You can try when you are going school or college or for any prom or disco night. It's the easiest updos for your cute short hair. Let's begin with the steps. First, you have to part your short hair on one side and it totally depends on you which side you want to part your hair. Do remember to leave your front side of your short hair for curling it later. Take the half your hair from the midsection and start curling towards your face. Make sure you curl it to the roots of your short hair as it's going to give you a perfect look. Do the same thing on the other side of your hair. Now, take the front part of your hair which you have left untouched. Curl those section of your hair in the same way as you have done before. Now as your curling part has been done, try crinkling your hair with your hand to give it a messy look. Once it's done. apply the hairspray to keep the waves in place. And your beach waves updos for your cute short hair is ready. You are going to love your short hair, for sure.

Try headbands to get a cute updos for a short hair

If you want your short hair updos for your prom night or for a casual look or if you are a school going girl, you can just put a simple headband and can give your short hair a cute look. You don't have to struggle with your hair in this hairstyle statement. The good thing is that a hairband you can try with your short hair and your medium hair too and it's not restricted to short hair only. There are multiple types of hairbands which you can opt for your short cute hair and can give it a cute look.

Give your short hair a elegant look with Quick rolled braid updos

Other updos you can do with your short hair to give it a cute and elegant look is the quickly rolled upbraid. Trust me, girls, this updos is going to give your short hair a carefree style and you can try it whenever you want your short hair not to come on your face. So let's look at the steps how it's been done: 1.) Do the parting of your short hair deeply and take a chunk of your short hair from the front side. 2.) Start making a braid, with the chunk of your hair which you have parted. You can try any braid on your hair, whether it's dutch braid or French braid. It totally depends on you. 3.) Repeat the process for the other side of your hair. 4.) When you are done with making the braids, pin it up to carry the weight. Do this on both the sides. 4.) When your braid is complete for both the side of the hair, gather both the braids at one point and pin it up to join them. 5.) The leftover hair, you can roll them up and pin it up with the braids. And here your quick rolled braid is ready. This you can try with your short and medium hair, too. Also, this look will go when you are going to a prom night or for a casual look or if you are going to school.

Fishtail Braid Half Updos

I love messy hair updos because it gives you a perfectly cute and beautiful look. This fishtail braid half updos is a hairstyle which you can try on any occasion, whether it is your first date or you want to go for a casual school going look for your short hair. I will guide you how to make this updos. First, brush your hair so that there is no knot in hair is left. Then, grab two segments of your hair up to an inch from the top section of your hair. The other step is to start making a tight fishtail braid on your hair and make sure you are making the braid in the direction where you are going to pin it up in hair. The tighter fishtail updos will give you layers on your hair automatically and also don't forget to put the booby pind=s in an X shape. The reason is it will help the hair to remain tight. Put the pins on your hair where you feel it's loose. Then lastly use a curler to curl the below hair. And your fishtail braid half updos are ready. This hairdos is also suitable for short and medium hair.

Accessorise your short hair is another hair updos in trend

Accessorising your medium and short hair is a trendy updos these days. You can use anything to accessorize your hair with a casual and cute look. You can use colorful hairbands or sparkling tic tac pins to give your hair a pretty and cute look. Accessorizing your hair is one of the easy and simple hairdos for your short hair.

Crown braided updos for short hair

If you want to have crown braided hairdos on your short hair to give it a cute and classy look, here's how you can do it. It's best to part your hair on one side. Then pick up a small sectoion of your hair close to the parting and divide those hair into three equal pieces. Now you are going to start braiding your short hair into a dutch braid. Cross the front chuck of your hair under, then the back chuck of your hair under and then the middle chuck of your hair under. Now you're going to start incorporating new sections of your hair from each side, adding them to the middle chuck of your hair and crossing them under. This technique is called the dutch braid. Make sure to keep braiding your hair as close to the hairline around the head as possible. When you are having your hair short, and when you have tried to the dutch braid all around your head, you might have found out that the braid gets thin and the ends of your hair start falling out and you don't have enough of that full, nice braid to hide the ends in. In that case, the trick is to do the two braids instead from each side of the parting of your hair to the back of your head and then Criss crossing them in the back, hiding the ends and pinning them in place with bobby pins. Continue braiding this way to about the middle of the back of your head. Use mirrors to control that the pieces you incorporate are shaped nicely. Then finish it off by braiding a normal three chunks of your hair down and tying it off with an elastic. Then tug and pull a little bit on the braid so it appears fuller and repeats the same process on the other side. After you have done both braids and pulled on them a little bit, you're going to crisscross them in the back, hiding the ends and pinning them in place with bobby pins. Use as many as you like and if you pull on the braid too much and a piece falls out, don't worry about that. Just pin it with the bobby pins. After you have secure with everything, your crown braided hairdos is ready.

Messy top knot bun updos for short hair

Try this messy knot bun updo for your short hair. I am sure you are going to love this updos for you curly and short hair. So let's have a look how you can make this updos on your short hair. Try to give it a height from your forehead back to where you can make a secure ponytail because it's going to stay well and will last long on your short hair. Then the next step is to pull back your hair and have it kind of piece-y on top. This is because it's not tight on your head. If you are not having any curls on your short hair, try to curl it to have a messy look. And it doesn't require to have perfect curls, messy curls will also work perfectly. In case you are having messy hair look, then just start pinning your curly hair down to your head. You can use as many pins as you want but don't make use excessively as you need to keep your hair loose. You will notice that the back of your ponytail will have fallen out with short hair. Twist that hair with bobby pins in order to avoid the falling down of hair. To keep the bun long lasting, try to use a stronghold hairspray and your messy top knot bun updos is ready.

Other hair updos which you can try with your short hair are like: You can try low rolled updos with your short hair. For a short hair, this updos will give you a perfect look. You can also try half knot updos with your short hair. This hairstyle is going to give a classy and elegant look on your short hair. A barely there waves is another updos which you can try with your short hair. It's easy and simple to make. A simple single layer bob is always on trend for a short hair. You can have this hairdo anytime you want. You can also try a blonder than blonde below the thin chin cut on your short hair. This is a cool hairstyle which gives your short hair an elegant look.

I am sure you are going to love your short hair and you are not going to regret why you are having a shortcut hair. You can try many hairstyles with your short hair. Short hair is, no doubt easy and less messy to carry when you go out. Short hair gives you a different personality. I hope you enjoy being in a shorthair category as there is so much to do with your short hair. Enjoy ladies and enjoy your short hair cut, always! :) And don't forget to flaunt your short hair.