How to Do an Effective Spiritual Cleansing

Are you struggling with negative energy in your body? It is time to do some spiritual cleansing. Find out more about the spiritual cleansing here.

By Dagmar Thomson
How to Do an Effective Spiritual Cleansing


Most people always ensure that they go through a detox diet once in a year. There are those who do it at least once a month. They do this to cleanse their body and feel good. Many people have been going on a diet and spending lots of money on products that help with weight loss. People spend a lot of time and energy worrying about diet and the way it affects the body. Instead of doing all this, why don’t you do something different? You can do a spiritual cleansing that will help your body and make you feel good about yourself. Spiritual cleansing is a kind of healing that helps you to find and evacuate negative energy in your body. This negative energy could be the source of all the problems you have in your life. When finding your problems, you can look at them in two ways. One, it could be your problems are being brought about by external causes like people, the climate, or even money. Two, your problems could be caused by sources that are spiritual. You can do spiritual cleansing when other methods of solving the problems like doing hard work or taking a bath do not work. You can do a spiritual cleansing to help you get rid of the following problems: • If you are having problems with your finances • If your relationship has been going through difficulties that keep occurring • When you are going through a divorce and want to get rid of all the anger, sadness, hurt, and fear that you are feeling • When you feel like negative energy keeps following you • When everything has been going so wrong at work or home, and you feel it is due to some bad energy • If you want to do some meditation or want to attend a retreat that is spiritual, then you can do a spiritual cleansing When you decide to do a spiritual cleansing, ensure that you avoid people who claim to be psychic. There is no such thing as psychic power. People who claim to have psychic powers are fraudsters. Such people will manipulate you to believe that they can do a spiritual cleansing because they are psychic. This will just be a waste of your money and energy. The following are some steps that you can follow or use to help you with your spiritual cleansing:

Step 1: Prepare For a Spiritual Cleansing With a Bath

When you want to do a spiritual cleansing, it is always good to start it by taking a bath. Having a bath will help you to be physically prepared for the spiritual cleansing. It is even recommended to use bath salts in your water. They are said to be a form of agent that helps in cleansing. Try to relax as you take a bath and meditate on which parts of your life you want to do a spiritual cleansing.

Step 2: Write Everything Down

After you have had your bath and have relaxed, now it is time for the next task. You need to write down everything you have thought about. It can be anything that is always lingering in your mind. It can also be about the negative energy you think is surrounding you and what areas you feel are affected by the energy. Ensure that you write down everything that is in your mind and exhaust them for effective spiritual cleansing.

Step 3: Feel Your Emotions

When you were writing down the ideas, there is a probability that most of the emotions were starting to surface. This is the time for you to accept them fully. Allow yourself to feel them and find a way of releasing them. You can release the emotions in a number of ways like drawing, singing, crying, dancing, running, or even screaming. If you refuse to feel the emotion, it becomes pent up inside and becomes something in your brain that prevents you from moving forward. By doing a spiritual cleansing, you allow these emotions to be felt and be released. This allows you to feel free in the end. You can now move forward to the next step.

Step 4: Accept Your Emotions

It is now time to accept your emotions fully now that you have had the time to release them. At this time, you can now feel your emotions without relating to them. You do not allow them to judge your life or dictate how your life is going to be. Instead, be grateful to them for all they have made you learn about yourself in the past. This is the time you permit healing and spiritual cleansing to take place.

Step 5: Breathing Exercise

This will help you with your spiritual cleansing. You can start by taking a deep breath slowly. When you do this, you will be able to feel your rib cage, chest, and stomach expanding. Then release your breath slowly and feel your chest and ribs relaxing as your belly becomes soft. When you are taking these deep breaths, try to imagine that your breath is moving through your entire body from your head to your toes. Pretend as if the breath is a broom. Picture it removing all the past mistakes from your body. You can do this process continuously for about 10 minutes.

Step 6: Use Some Healing Music to Help With Your Meditation

Meditation is another important aspect that will help you with your spiritual cleansing. You can use some healing music to help you meditate better. You can put on the healing music that you prefer and either sit in a lotus position or lie down and close your eyes. Start your meditation by allowing the music to fill you and cleanse you. Try to let the song relax you and let your heart, soul, and mind be one with the vibrations of the song. As you relax and thoughts come into your mind, do not engage them. Just try to look at them from afar, as if you are just observing. You can do this meditation for about 20 minutes.

Step 7: Say a Short Prayer

When you are done with meditating, you can then say a short prayer. Prayer is the next step in spiritual cleansing. In your prayer, you can simply say what your intentions for doing the cleansing were. You can say what is in your mind and heart and what your spirit wants you to get rid of. You should not take too long saying your prayer. Just keep it short and simple, and you will be a step closer to spiritual cleansing.

Step 8: Forgive and Forget

Forgiveness is another step you have to take as you do your spiritual cleansing. This is the time to let go of all the wrongs that you have done and that has been done to you. Do this to ensure that the intentions you prayed for will have space in your mind and heart. Ensure that you forgive others and yourself and be able to move on with a cleansed heart. If this is too hard for you, you can just write a letter. Let your intentions be known in the letter. You can let go of all the fears and experiences of the past and accept that it is time to move on. This forgiveness step is the hardest for most people during spiritual cleansing. All you have to do to get past this is to ensure that you are not too hard on yourself. You just have to be patient with yourself.

Step 9: Ensure You Have Divine Support during Spiritual Cleansing

During spiritual cleansing, you have to ensure that you have support from the divine. The divine can be your spiritual guides or your guardian angels. You can ask them to help you get rid of the negative energy from your mind, body, soul, and heart. Your divine should be able to help you accept to forgive and be able to move from the past. They should be able to support and guide you through the process of spiritual cleansing.

Step 10: Getting Your Blessings

During your spiritual cleansing, this is the time when you ask your divine team for their blessings. When they give you them some, you should be ready to accept it and let it fill your heart. At this point of spiritual cleansing, you should have known that you are worthy of the blessings. You deserve the blessings, and your divine team appreciates you. Allow the blessings to fill you and wash over all your intentions.

Step 11: Thanks Giving

At this point of spiritual cleansing, you will feel that you are completely cleansed. It is now time to thank everyone who was part of your spiritual cleansing process. You should see also that your divine support team for their blessings and support. Do not forget to thank yourself for deciding to go through with the spiritual cleansing. You should also thank all those who took you from the path of success. They are the ones who made your spiritual cleansing to take place. Finally yet importantly, be grateful for what you have and what has made you be you.

Step 12: Maintenance of the Soul

This is the last and most crucial part of your spiritual cleansing. You should know that this is like any other diet. You should make sure that the habits you got during your spiritual cleansing are constantly kept up. If you do not do this, you will find that you are back where you started your spiritual cleansing. Ensure that you take time daily to pamper your spiritual self and your soul. You can also do things that will leave you feeling good about yourself. You can do things like breathing exercises, meditating, taking walks and even writing journals. Spiritual cleansing is a good way of recharging your mind and body. It helps to uplift your spirit by getting rid of all the negative energy in your body. Spiritual cleansing gives you the opportunity to forgive and to move on. It also gives you the chance to be grateful for all you have in your life. Spiritual cleansing has so many wonderful benefits, so why not try it.

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