Nancy Alspaugh Wiki: 5 Facts To Know About Matt Lauer's Ex Wife

Nancy Alspaugh is a successful, empowering woman who embraces aging with wisdom and grace. Here are the facts and net worth of the ex wife of Matt Lauer.

By MJ Faublas
Nancy Alspaugh Wiki: 5 Facts To Know About Matt Lauer's Ex Wife

Life of Nancy Alspaugh

Nancy Alspaugh is an author, screenwrite, and television producer. Alspaugh is best known for her co-authoring on projects "Fearless Women: Midlife Journeys" and "Not Your Mother's Midlife: A Ten-Step Guild to Fearless Aging". Nancy Alspaugh was also the vice president of Group W Productions, where she produced "The Mike Douglas Show" and "PM Magazine". In 1980, Nancy Alspaugh met and later married Matt Lauer. Alspaugh and Lauer were married in 1981 and remained together for seven years. Lauer and Alspaugh had no children during their marriage. After becoming the ex wife of Matt Lauer, Nancy Alspaugh went on to live a successful life in empowering women nationwide on embracing their internal power and overcoming the stigmas behind aging.

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Matt Lauer & Allegations

Matt Lauer was born in New York City, New York on December 30, 1957. Matt Lauer hails from a Romanian Jewish ancestry and graduated from Ohio University in 1997 at the age of 39. Matt Lauer is a successful television journalist. Lauer's career has spanned over three decades, two decades of which he's been a member of the journalistic team of the "Today" show. Matt Lauer has been married twice, with his first marriage to Nancy Alspaugh ending in 1988. Lauer later married Annette Roque ten years following his divorce with Nancy Alspaugh. Matt Lauer and Annette Roque share three children and have been married for twenty years.

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Matt Lauer: Misconduct in the Workplace

After years of success with NBC News, Matt Lauer was terminated on November 29, 2017, after allegations of sexual harassment rose against him from several female employees. The original allegation was against him for actions he took against a female employee during the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. The woman claimed that following the initial harassment, Matt Lauer continued his actions after the two returned to New York City. Matt Lauer had already been under investigation by The New York Times and Variety for previous sexual harassment allegations made by other female counterparts. At the time of the investigation, NBC News was unaware of the investigations and later made the decision of terminating Matt Lauer solely on the allegations made by their female employee. Matt Lauer has since apologized for his actions. However, this apology came with more allegations dating as far back as 2000 by one of the production assistants. Matt Lauer is currently under full investigation, however, as of now, no charges have been filed against him.

Ex Wife Nancy Alspaugh Supports Matt Lauer

Since the accusations against Matt Lauer, Nancy Alspaugh has reached out to Matt Lauer in support of her ex husband. Being the ex wife of Lauer, Alspaugh has been in several interviews in the hopes of helping Matt Lauer maintain his reputation. However, the accusations against Matt Lauer are substantial and factual. making any and all support trivial. This has not stopped Nancy Alspaugh, who is known for her work empowering women nationwide, such as her books "Fearless Women: Midlife Journeys" and "Not Your Mother's Midlife: A Ten-Step Guide to Fearless Aging". Nancy Alspaugh, who had an intimate relationship with Matt Lauer, gave her perception of who Matt Lauer is and clarified the depiction of the character Matt Lauer has become over the years. Nancy Alspaugh continues to support Matt Lauer in many interviews. Lauer, who since he apologized for his actions, has not been interviewed or spoken to his ex wife Nancy Alspaugh.

Nancy Alspaugh: 5 Facts to Know

Nancy Alspaugh has received much media attention over the past few months due to her support for ex husband Matt Lauer. Nancy Alspaugh, who has lived a successful life herself, demonstrated womanhood when she stood by the side of ex husband Matt Lauer. This strength and good judgment that Nancy Alspaugh showed during her many interviews goes along with the work she's completed throughout her life such as writing "Not Your Mother's Midlife: A Ten-Step Guide to Fearless Aging". Here are some amazing facts about Nancy Alspaugh:

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Fact One: Nancy Alspaugh is a TV Producer & Screenwriter

Nancy Alspaugh is a successful television producer and screenwriter who is best known for her work on Leeza Gibbons’ show, Leeza. Alspaugh was the screenwriter of four episodes for the "Leeza" show in the 90s. Alspaugh received five Emmy Award nomination for her participation on the "Leeza" show. Nancy Alspaugh received an additional Emmy Award nomination for her work on the talk show "Vicki!".

Fact Two: Nancy Alspaugh the Author

Nancy Alspaugh published her first book "Not Your Mother's Midlife: A Ten-Step Guide to Fearless Aging" in 2003. The focus of "Not Your Mother's Midlife: A Ten-Step Guide to Fearless Aging" was to enlighten women and guide them through their aging process in order to overcome any mid-life crises they may face. Alspaugh, along with her co-author Marilyn Kentz, went on to write a second book "Fearless Women: Midlife Journeys". "Fearless Women: Midlife Journeys" continued the movement of enlightenment during the aging process for women of all backgrounds. Nancy Alspaugh and Marilyn Kentz were commemorated for their efforts in helping women welcome the wisdom and peace that comes with accepting the aging process. Nancy Alspaugh's books "Not Your Mother's Midlife: A Ten-Step Guild to Fearless Aging" and "Fearless Women: Midlife Journeys" have since become a voice for women on the subject of aging and positive growth.

Fact Three: Nancy Alspaugh on Social Media

Nancy Alspaugh is one of many Hollywood personas to be seen on a social media platform like Instagram or Facebook. There are pics of Nancy Alspaugh on her social media accounts like Instagram attending social events, sharing intimate moments and pics of her son. Instagram is the platform Alspaugh uses to display the normal life of her son who suffers from autism. Fans of Nancy Alspaugh can see pics of her with family, friends, on vacations, and during her charitable moments giving both her money and time. Instagram is the place Alspaugh uses to share those intimate moments of her life which would otherwise not be seen.

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Fact Four: Life after Matt Lauer

Since her divorce with Matt Lauer, Nancy Alspaugh remarried to FOX executive H.Read Jackson. Nancy Alspaugh and H.Read Jackson have been seen in pics smiling and sharing moments together as couples do. H.Read Jackson passed away on January 25, 2016 to cancer. Nancy Alspaugh and H.Read Jackson had no children.

Fact Five: Nancy Alspaugh's Personal Life and More

Nancy Alspaugh and ex husband H.Read Jackson adopted their son when he was three years old. The son of Nancy Alspaugh and H.Read Jackson is a sufferer of autism. Alspaugh shares many pics of her son with friends and family, giving her son as normal an upbringing as possible. Since adopting her son, Nancy Alspaugh has been a part of many charities surrounding autism. Alspaugh became the executive director of ACT Today which is a nonprofit organization for the care and treatment of individuals suffering from autism. Since its launch five years ago, Nancy Alspaugh has raised $5M for the cause.

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Nancy Alspaugh has a net worth of $8M, while her ex husband Matt Lauer holds a net worth of $70M, and ex husband H.Read Jackson has a net worth of $19M.

Nancy Alspaugh: Woman of Tomorrow

Through her life, Nancy Alspaugh has taught women to never surrender to the pitfalls they may face on their life journeys. Nancy Alspaugh holds her head high when facing turmoils with aging, wisdom, motherhood, and as a wife. She lends her support when necessary and brings awareness to that which would go unnoticed. Over her life, Nancy Alspaugh has become the example of how a woman should live her life and maintain her happiness and sanity when facing the ordeals of being a woman. Nancy Alspaugh proves that if enough attention is given, any circumstance or situation can be brought to life and changed. Currently, Nancy Alspaugh resides with her son.