12 Celebrities with Slim Thick Body and Their Diets

Slim thick body to die for and how they achieve it through diet

By Bella
12 Celebrities with Slim Thick Body and Their Diets


Most of us probably wish that we could have a nice slim thick body, with a generous bosom, curvy thighs and a flat stomach. However, it may seem unattainable due to the position of our hip and pelvic bones as well as our genetics which affect where we put on weight. These celebrities, however, have bucked the trend and achieved a slim thick body through careful dieting.


Kim Kardashian diet

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Some people say that Kim Kardashian was born with a barbie-doll like figure, others say that Kim Kardashian has undergone plastic surgery. But regardless, if you want to obtain her slim-thick figure, you can try out her enhanced Atkins diet. She still looks stunning after having three children, so the Atkins 40 diet probably works very well on her. As the number in the Atkins 40 diet implies, she subsisted on 40 grams of carbohydrates, and a lot of protein a day(about 110-170 grams) and a moderate serving of healthy fats(2-4 servings) daily.  In total, her total caloric consumption is just 1800 calories a day or even less. Her nutritionist shared a sample diet with Business Insider, shown below.  

Breakfast: Rolled oats and pecans topped with strawberries

Snack: ½ cup sliced red peppers and 5 cherry tomatoes with 2 tablespoons of Italian dressing

Lunch: Pesto-topped salmon with a Caesar salad

Snack: ½ peach with a ½ cup cottage cheese

Dinner: Grilled chicken with asparagus and tomato salad 

Total calories: 1530

Net carbs: 38.9g

Generally, the rule of thumb is to consume foods that are nutrient-dense and packed with antioxidants and calories, instead of eating empty carbohydrates such as processed foods laden with sugar and preservatives. She has cheat days too, and she drank a cup of coffee frappe during her break time.  Also, she does not abstain from gluten completely. If you have problems adjusting to the Atkins 40 diet, you could introduce some salt to your diet, but having excessive salt intake is not recommended. A bowl of miso soup would do the trick.

Jennifer Lawrence diet

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Jennifer Lawrence belongs to the anti-dieting club, however, she had to shape up and lose some weight for certain movie roles. Her diet was quite simple and fuss-free, and she uses the portion control method to keep her weight in check. She kept to the rule of two: Ie. having two starters or a main and a starter, or a dessert and a starter. So if you want to lose weight, perhaps, the decadent dessert has to go. Also, if you are a big fan of drinking, you can choose healthier alternatives. For example, organic wines and microbrewed wines are superior to traditional ones, and to reduce your sugar intake, opt for ultra brut champagne. Moreover, you should steer clear away from syrup-based mixers and cream-based mixers, and opt for water-based mixers instead. To satisfy her chocolate cravings, she ate dark chocolate instead of sweet chocolate with sugar and milk added in. 

Katy Perry diet

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Katy Perry is probably every teenage boy’s wet dream. She has an enviable hourglass figure, with body measurements of 36-25-35. Unlike most of us, she opts for five small meals a day, instead of three big meals in one day. This diet was based on Haley Pasternak’s five-factor diet. Basic guidelines state that every meal has to include protein, healthy carbohydrates such as whole grains, at least 5-10 grams of fiber in each meal, healthy fats, and a beverage that has minimal calories and no sugar. She loves to snack on guacamole, hummus as well as vegetables instead of potato chips. Also, she places a lot of emphasis on drinking cold-pressed juices and coconut water. 

Rita Ora

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Similar to Katy Perry, Rita Ora uses portion control as a way to cut down her calories. Most of the time, she only finishes half of what is on her plate. Also, she alternates healthy meals with unhealthy meals. She has stated that she eats healthily for the mornings and afternoon, but for dinner, she will have something to indulge in, like a truffle pasta or a pizza. She does not cut out carbonated or fizzy drinks from her diet, but she drinks them in moderation.

Beyonce diet

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Beyonce was probably genetically blessed with a slim-thick body. However, she followed a strict diet and exercise regime. Her diet was infamously known as the Coachella diet, as she reportedly abstained from bread, carbs, sugar, dairy, meat, fish, and alcohol completely. Experts note that this may be dangerous, so if you wish to adopt her diet plan, you may have to make some changes. Even the queen herself admitted that her diet was on the unsustainable side and she constantly had ravenous hunger pangs. Cut out the sugar and alcohol as these are unnecessary and unhealthy. However, you should continue consuming carbs as usual, but perhaps, you could eat less rice and eat food with lower glycaemic index such as brown rice or wholemeal pasta. Also, you should continue eating fish, meat and dairy products unless you are allergic to them.

Jennifer Lopez

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Jennifer Lopez swears by water, which is an appetite suppressant.  Thus, she always drinks copious amounts of water everyday. Jennifer Lopez also abstains from alcohol and caffeinated beverages, such as coffee and tea. She also eats natural and whole foods and avoids foods that are overly processed or artificial. Her diet is similar to the keto diet, which is full of proteins and greens, and low on carbs. When she eats carbohydrate-rich foods, she opts for brown rice and sweet potatoes, foods with a higher glycaemic index which will make her stay full for a longer time. Whenever her snack cravings come on, instead of bingeing on potato chips or junk food, she chooses to snack on fruits and vegetables.

Demi Rose

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Demi Rose used to suffer from anorexia, but she has beaten the disease. Her slim thick figure was attributed to her strict diet and her intense gym routine. Her diet is similar to Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez, but is definitely more sustainable than Beyonce’s diet. She stays away from sugary foods, deep fried foods and bread.She has eliminated carbs from her diet as she reportedly said:”I am always very aware of what I eat and love eating healthily. I try to avoid as much carbs as I can and I never eat bread, pasta and I avoid sugar at all costs.”  Demi Rose has her meals prepared by restaurants which serve food which adheres to her dietary requirements, as she is always on the go. On the rare occasion that she is at home, she usually cooks herself and her diets are filled with a lot of protein rich foods such as eggs, fish and nuts, as well as a lot of vegetables.

Kate Upton

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Her diet is similar to Katy Perry’s diet, as she consumes three meals a day, with two snack times in between. She embarks on a 48 hour juice cleanse whenever she needs to have a photoshoot done. Occasionally, ,she has cheat days where she indulges in fried and salty foods. Through her food delivery provider’s catered meal plans, Kate upton eats sufficient amounts of protein, anywhere from 4 to 6 ounces. Also, she abstains from sugary or overly processed foods, opting for whole foods instead. She has collaborated with Ben Bruno, her fitness instructor, to release a diet and exercise plan called "Strong4Me Fitness", hence, if you are interested to adopt her diet plan, you may want to check it out. 

In an interview with the London Evening standard, she mentioned that a sample meal plan of hers goes like this:

  • Breakfast, 7 a.m.: Scrambled eggs (one white, one whole) with spinach and green tea.

  • Snack, 10 a.m.: 10 raw almonds and a green juice.

  • Lunch: Quinoa with herb-crusted grilled chicken and grilled vegetables.

  • Snack, 4 p.m.: Protein bar.

  • Dinner, 7 p.m.: Sashimi or a kale salad with grilled salmon and cashews.

Blake Lively

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Blake Lively adopts the 80-20 diet plan, also known as the “Shallow diet”. This diet is relatively easy to follow since it is not a very strict diet. 80 percent of the time, she steers clear of unhealthy or processed food, but 20 percent of the time, she has cheat meals where she can eat whatever she wants, such as a fudge sundae. She is a big fan of superfoods, packed with a lot of antioxidants and nutrients, such as blueberries, quinoa and kale. She incorporates healthy fats in her diet such as coconut oil and avocados, and avoided gluten and soy during her filming days. She never counts her calories but she drinks water consistently throughout the day to decrease her appetite and hydrate herself. Also, she eats until she is full and sated, paying attention to her hunger cues.

Lady Gaga

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Similar to Katy Perry and Kate Upton, Lady Gaga loves the five factor diet. She has three regular meals a day, with two snacking sessions. For breakfast, she opts for egg based meals, , with vegetables, fruits or granola on the side. If she has cravings for French toast, she opts for a healthier alternative of the dish, by replacing white bread with wholemeal/wholegrain bread. Throughout the day, she snacks on granola bars, nuts and other healthy snacks, paired with almond butter or bittersweet chocolate. She also drinks a lot of fresh juices as well as coconut water to keep herself hydrated. As for lunch, Lady Gaga usually chooses for a salad based meal, with lots of vegetables providing fibre and healthy proteins such as chicken. She is a bona fide Italian, so she often makes her own pasta for dinner, using wholegrain/wholemeal flour. Green tea is an appetite suppressant and it helps with water retention, and Lady Gaga loves it.

Angelina Jolie

Screengrab from Angelina Jolie's Instagram


According to SS Health Foods, this is how a typical day in her life goes:


 Egg white omelette on toasted English muffin with a half teaspoon of coconut oil, no sugar oat bar, fruit.


Fruit, light cheese (50g) and 3-4 rye crackers


Tuna Fish Sandwich:  Tuna fish mixed with low fat or non-fat mayonnaise and lettuce, tomato, onion, celery,orange/other fruits. Some baby carrots.

Evening Snack:

Bowl of fat free yogurt and raw almonds.


Grilled or baked skinless chicken breast with baked potato or half small baked sweet potato steamed vegetables with half teaspoon of coconut oil.

Supper/bedtime snack:

Small tub of low-fat cottage cheese with mixed berries and seeds

Angelina Jolie is a nuts and whole grains fanatic, incorporating quinoa, millet, chia seeds and buckwheat into her diet obsessively. She also loves to eat lean and healthy proteins with minimal fats. Occasionally, she supplements her diet with  some healthy fats such as cottage cheese, coconut oil and raw almonds.

Sofia Vergara

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The curvy Latina has a slim-thick figure envied by many.  She loves to eat different varieties of food and cuisines, namely Japanese fare and Middle Eastern cuisine. She excludes foods high in sodium and rich in carbohydrates as her trainer Gunnar Peterson states that it will cause water retention and bloating. She is an advocate for eating everything in moderation, and consumes a lot of fish, vegetables and salads. She loves indulging in desserts and sweets as she has a sweet tooth, but only eats them sparingly.


Contrary to popular opinion, most celebrities do not starve themselves to lose weight. After all, they want to achieve a fit and healthy body, with sexy curves, not a skeletal physique. They also prefer to follow the ketogenic diet, which consists of high protein and low carbohydrates, instead of cutting out some food groups completely. These diets are actually very easy to follow, and you can attain a slim-thick body by following their meal plans closely, coupled with working out at the gym.