5 Life Changing Spells That Work For Real

You want to change your life instantly? Read the following five spells that can bring you true love, new job or good luck. Make your dream come true!

By Vera Aries
5 Life Changing Spells That Work For Real

Five Spells That Will Change Your Life

It seems that spells are part of the ancient art that has been practiced for thousands of years. They have been practiced for years and been mastered over the ages. Spells can be very effective when these are made by an individual. The most important ingredient in spells is the emotion. During spells, you should strongly want something to happen. You need to want it with all of your soul and through this desire all your strength will transfer in the spell. That is the key to a successful spell that will surely work for you. This is also the main reason why you should perform the magic alone, not to look for someone else to do it for you. And so do not go for the sale of magic by another person who most often does not know you or has ever been in contact with you. If someone else does a spell for you, he/she will never invest in the spell the same amount of emotion and energy that would be invested by you. That is the reason why, even if you are beginner at spells, you should do it by yourself. You want to change your life and want to do it instantly, but you do not know where to start. Change requires a lot of time and effort. First of all you need to know in which segment of your life you need a change. Do you need a break in love, or you may want to get another job or you need more good luck in your everyday life. If you want to make changes in your life with the help of magic and rituals, read the following spells that will change your life instantly.

1. Spell For Finding True Love

In the research of ancient magical witches, there are love acts that, by their belief, influence certain individuals to be emotionally connected, but also separated. We found some old record about a love spell that serves for the purpose of finding true love.

If you want to change your love life and find your true love overnight, we have a spell that can make your dream come true. Performing the Spell: With a needle, which is previously washed in salt water, write these words on red candle: find, true, love, change, romance, passion (or else at your own wish that is connected with finding your true love). Then the candle should be coated with clover, jasmine or rose. It is important for the candle to be red, because this color represents passion, love and romance. Then you need to say the following spell: "About the Being of Light, I'm gonna give you a job From now on to eternity To serve me in fidelity With the greatest joy. Be blessed And bring me my true love."

2. Spell For Attracting Good Luck And Changing Your Life

Before you start the ritual, it is necessary to send prayers to the gods (or the universe): "In the pure heart I pray to God (the universe) to help me in this perfect ritual and change the luck a have in the most desirable result for me." Take three candles and leave them in front of you (you have not used it yet). Sit in a position of a lotus flower. First, take one candle in your left hand, light the candle and say the following: "I'm perfectly happy living my life with the help of different good luck spells. Let it be so now! " As you say this, imagine in front of you how you are moving smoothly (walking, jogging, swimming) and doing everyday things. Without doubts, you feel satisfied with the achievement. As much as you can, keep this picture in front of you, and finally blow off the candle you had in your left hand! Now turn to the candles in front of you and again, before you start it, say the following: "Perfectly satisfied with the cash situation I live my life with the help of various good luck spells. Let it be so now! "As you say this, imagine yourself in a perfectly serene life, swimming in the pool of a luxurious hotel, sitting in a comfortable car, traveling by plane, watching the sunset on the terrace of your perfect home or skiing on the snowy mountain. Everyone according to their taste and desires! Without doubts, feel satisfied with the achieved! As much as you can, keep this picture in front of you and finally blow off the candle! Now turn to the candle that was left. Take this candle in your right hand and say the following: "Perfectly satisfied with harmony and well-being I live my life with the help of various good luck spells. Let it be so now! " As you say this, imagine in front of you how perfectly serene you live your life. If you like it, imagine a harmonious connection within the family or yourself, according to the taste and the wishes. It is important for you to have a feeling of serenity and love in your heart! As long as you can, keep this picture in front of you and finally blow off the candle! Finally, light on all the candles in front of you and stay in that position for at least half an hour. For this time, imagine the pictures you want to accomplish and feel the pleasure and the brightness of the achieved goal, which will never cease since you will create them for yourself! When you feel you are no longer in the position to keep this thought in front of you, get out of the fiery triangle, but watch out for the candles because they have to burn off till the end. It is not necessary to look after them, simply place them in a safe place to burn to the end.

3. Spell For Attracting Money

If you want to attract money into your life, white magic has one of the many rituals that you can attract good energy for cash flow: This ritual it must be done on Sunday. For the first night, take a silver bowl, two green candles and a handful of coins. Light up the candles, take them in your hands, look in the bowl and imagine how the bowl is being filled with money. Then place the candles next to the bowl, on the left and right sides, and around it slowly, in a clockwise direction, roll the coins. At the same time pronounce this sentence: "Great money flows, comes to me in abundance and multiplies every day. Great money flows and changes my life overnight." Say this sentence seven times before putting the last coin in the circle. Blow the candles and place the bowl in a visible place in the house. Each time you pass by, put one coin on. Next, empty the coins from the bowl and repeat the ritual, which ends on the seventh day, but do not move the bowl. Occasionally, insert coins into it and periodically empty it to make the white magic and its action complete. This ritual creates the energy that will attract the wealth.

4. Spell For Realization Of Your Wishes

Do you want your wishes to come true overnight? Here is a spell that can help you change your life and realize your deepest desires. For this ritual it is necessary to acquire: A horse shoe, A white candle, A white paper sheet and A black ink. Place the candle in the center of the table, and the horse-shoe next to the candle. Write your wish with a black ink on a white sheet of paper. While writing, say the following story: "What I want, I will write here, Let my wish be accomplished, What I want, I will also receive, Let all my wishes be filled." Now take this paper, fold it in the form of squares and burn it with the candle.

5. Spell To Help You Change Your Work

It is normal that everyone wants to progress and increase their business. Everyone wants to increase their income and earn money from doing business. So, how to do it? Many times it happens that we can't keep a job or we don't get the job of our dreams. Remember that 50% is a lifelike and worthwhile work, and 50% the luck is deserved for success. Here is one spell that can change your luck, and help you get the job you have always wanted.

To cast a spell that can help you change your job you need green candles. Green candles are under the influence of Venus. Green color can influence everything that is ruled by Venus, treasure, antiquities and other precious things. Green is often used in conjunction with the orange (Mercury Candle) to remove obstacles on the way of discovering the hidden treasure. The magic that uses green candles needs to be performed on Friday on full moon. To cast this spell that works instantly is very ease. You just need to put 3 candles in front of you and a picture of the work place you want to get. Then you repeat your desire in your head seven times.


When reality refuses to fit into someone's strongest desire, there is a need for magical influence on reality. The most common terms you will find in the world of magic are: white magic and black magic. But, according to some opinions, magic cannot be called either black or white, but people who use it can use it for good purposes and bad purposes. Also magic can help you reach the goal, but as long as it is possible. Magic does not do miracles. So you will not find a coffin with money in front of your house, nor will you become the next president of America! However the magic will complete 50% of the work, but the rest will depend on you. Do you want to change your life overnight? With a little effort and a little magic everything is possible. Start now!