Aimee Preston Wiki: Everything About Steven Tyler's Girlfriend

What you should know about Aimee Preston - Steven Tyler girlfriend

By MJ Faublas
Aimee Preston Wiki: Everything About Steven Tyler's Girlfriend

Aimee Preston is the 30-year-old girlfriend of Steven Tyler. Aimee Preston has gone from personal assistant to girlfriend material. Who is this girl?

The Life of Aimee Preston

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Aimee Preston first gained the public's attention in 2016 when rumors began to circulate around her upgrade from being the personal assistant of rock star Steven Tyler to being his girlfriend. The young woman has held her life in privacy and now, with the many images being taken with the two in public, more fans of rock star Steven Tyler can't help but wonder who this girl is. Especially because her age is almost 40 years younger then her boyfriend.

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Aimee Preston, Mystery Woman

Aimee Preston is from Denver and is a graduate of the Denver School of Arts. Aimee Preston also attended the American Musical and Dramatic Academy where she earned an Associates of Arts degree in Musical Theatre. Aimee Preston was married to talent agent Scott Schachter and has no children.

Aimee Preston, the Assistant

Aimee Preston has great experience as a personal assistant as she began her career working for Donald Trump in New York City. Aime Preston was also the assistant to celebrity Victoria Beckham.

Upgrading to Girlfriend

Aimee Preston began her professional career as assistant to Steven Tyler. Aimee Preston was Steven Tyler's support system during the years of 2012 to more recently. However, rumors of Aimee Preston and Steven Tyler sharing more then a professional relationship began to surface in 2014. Rumors were put to rest and became reality when Steven Tyler debuted his beauty on February 28, 2014 as his main squeeze. The couple were pictured holding hands and sharing some PDA. Since the rumors and general public appearances, Steven Tyler has not been shy in sharing his life with girlfriend Aimee Preston in front of the world. The rock star who fans know to be a very affectionate man, shows how much he is truly in love with his girlfriend in the many images that they share with the public.

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Aimee Preston and Steven Tyler were later reported to have moved in together in March 2016. The couple have one house in Los Angeles and a second home in Nashville.

Steven Tyler & Aimee Preston: Could This Be Love?

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Steven Tyler, who had to cancel the remaining tour dates in 2017 due to illness, was seen sharing some intimate moments with his girlfriend Aimee Preston. The two were pictured sharing passionate kisses while holding hands. What seems like a teenage love affair is no more than a possible new song for the rock star. With their relationship in it's honeymoon phase, many wonder how long this new fling will last between Aimee Preston and Steven Tyler.

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Steven Tyler, the Sugar Daddy

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Rock star Steven Tyler once wrote a song about love on the elevator and have shared many romantic encounters with younger girls. Rumors of the singer having younger girlfriends were later proven to be true when he displayed love interest Julia Holcomb as his girlfriend. Steven Tyler was 27 years old at the time while Julia Holcomb was only 16 years old. Steven Tyler at the time was granted guardianship to Julia Holcomb. The relationship between Steven Tyler and Julia Holcomb ended but not before the young woman unfortunately had an abortion and shared her story with the world. Julia Holcomb later shared her regret of having the abortion and joined the Silent No More Awareness campaign to voice her opinion on the matter.

Steven Tyler's Net Worth and More

Fans of Steven Tyler have enjoyed his music for ages, the rock star whose birthday is on March 26, 1948 born in Manhattan, New York has graced the charts with the best rock songs. The songs of Steven Tyler have been apart of the most memorable movie soundtrack of which was the song "I Don't Want to Miss A Thing". Steven Tyler's net worth is made up of many assets, investments, properties, and of course music. Steven Tyler has a current net worth of $130M. Steven Tyler has a total net worth of over $6M in property. Steven Tyler has a Hennessey Venom GT Spyder which holds a net worth of $1.1M. The remainder of Steven Tyler's net worth is in record sales and concert tours.

Papa Steven

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Steven Tyler has four children of which includes the actress Liv Tyler and Mia Tyler. Most recently, Steven was seen singing Happy Birthday to his seven-year-old daughter on YouTube. His display of affection on his daughter's birthday is one of the reasons why fans adore Steven Tyler. Steven Tyler whose had his own encounter with drug addiction has however always been an example in fatherhood. The famous rock star regularly shares images of his moments with his children with fans on his social media accounts. He continues to melt the hearts of all his fans with his magnificent voice.

Aimee Preston & Steven Tyler, the Song of Love

Aimee Preston and Steven Tyler share numerous images on Instagram. They share photos of their public appearances together, their intimate moments together, and their lavish vacations. Based on their social network presence, the display of love and affection proves that the pair will remain a couple for years to come. They constantly tag each another on their Instagram posts, making their unity public for anyone willing to witness. Aimee Preston and Steven Tyler share a union of love, music, and an immense net worth of respect for one another.

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