25 Unmistakable Signs You Have Found Your Soulmate

Do you see any signs of an eternal connection with your boyfriend? Find out if he is your true soulmate from these 25 unmistakable signs.

By Amanda Palmer
25 Unmistakable Signs You Have Found Your Soulmate

Made for each other

It's very rare that you come across someone who gives you a feeling of an instant connection. You feel a deeper and spiritual sense of encounter with him and feel that he is your soulmate in every sense. You both think alike, have similar values and aspirations and even similar interests. People say that God has created each one in this world with their soulmates or better halves. Soulmates complete each other beautifully and are made for each other. While not everyone is lucky enough to find their soulmates in their lifetimes, there are a few who do find their soulmates.Their life together is nothing short of pure bliss. They challenge each other and bring out the best in each other. Soulmates together can easily complete the mission of their lives. One becomes a better person under the guidance of their soulmate. At times, the chemistry between you and your soulmate is unexplainable. They won't appear right for you at first, and the initial journey can be rough too, but as time passes, you realize that the person was your soulmate all the while. He helped you become a better version of yourself and molded you to the best of your capabilities. While sometimes, the moment you lay eyes on your soulmate, you get a sign that he is the one. This sign is unique for everyone and none can explain what exactly the sign would be like. But the deep inner voice in your heart will surely give you sign. Many call this as love at first sight. But it is something beyond that. At times, it's really tough to decipher who your real soulmate it. So how do you know that the person you are dating is your soulmate or the weird man you just fought with last week is your soulmate? Find out from these 25 surefire signs if you have found your soulmate.

1. You feel connected even when you are not with him

After you have met your soulmate, he will rule your heart and mind always. In every little event of your life, you will always have him at the back of your mind. You will often think about how he would react, what would he say to a particular situation. Even if you are not with him, you will think of him all the time and feel connected with him. In all your actions and decisions, you will spiritually have this agreement. Such is the power of the connection that you share with your soulmate.

2. Another sign is a feeling of comfort

You will feel very comfortable in the company of your soulmate. A constant need to adjust your looks, clothes or a constant need to appear pleasant would subside, and you would just be yourself in the company of your soulmate. Both of you share a bond of comfort with each other. You are comfortable with what you are in front of your soulmate. The need to pretend and the desire to look good goes away as you love being yourself in front of your soulmate.

3. You feel 'at home' wherever you are with your soulmate

Any place with your soulmate feels comfortable and at home. His company is all that matters to you. In his company, you do not crave for the luxuries of big houses or cars. His company makes you feel rich and contented.

4. You don't have to pretend with your soulmate

With your soulmate, you can just be. Be yourself. You don't have to pretend to be someone you are not. No need of sugar-coated talks and no need to hide the real you beneath tons of makeup. He likes you the way you are (even if you swear!!). Your personality defines you and your soulmate loves your personality.

5. A deep sense of connection is a true sign

Whatever your soulmate thinks and does, you feel connected. You feel connected in his actions and his decisions. You don't understand this connection, but it is always there. It is as if you can read his mind and predict his actions most of the times. This amazing telepathy between both of you amazes you at times.

6. You both share similar aspirations and values in life

Soulmates often have similar goals and values in life. They have similar aspirations too, and they work together to achieve their life goals. You may have different paths or ways to achieve your life goals but eventually, your goals are the same. You will get a sign of having met your soulmate when you find someone who thinks just like you.

7. Another sure sign is great chemistry

You both feel a sense of unexplainable chemistry between each other. Your connection at times may sound weird to your peers and to you too. But if he is your soulmate, then good chemistry is vital. This chemistry goes beyond all barriers of cast, creed, race, religion and sex.

8. A connection beyond words is a sign too

You don't even need to speak to each other at times to convey your thoughts. Your partner understands all that you need to say or feel without the need for words. Your invisible connection may scare you at times, with the impact of the precision of your thoughts being echoed by your partner. This connection may be misread as telepathy between soulmates, but this is in fact a deep connection.

9. Deep respect for each other gives you another sign

Respect here means respect for each other's actions and views even if they differ from yours. Soulmates respect each other as a person, and do not forcibly implement their opinions on their partners. This mutual feeling of respect also paves the way for better understanding between them and to readily give in to each other's ways.

10.They both bring out the best in each other

Soulmates often challenge each other's capabilities. They want the best for each other and persuade the other gently to excel in their fields. They are the ones who feel you can still do better. They coax you, guide you and sometimes challenge you to do better. You too feel obliged to make the other happy and hence perform to the best of your capabilities.

11. Fighting for the relationship is a true connection sign

Soulmates would ever say or do anything that will threaten the relationship. They will work against all odds and against everyone to make the relationship work. Their connection and bonding cannot be shattered by any outside qualms and together they thrive in the toughest of circumstances.

12. A sign of connection through intense feelings

They can actually feel their hearts throb for each other. This kind of magical feeling can be felt only when one finds their true love in this world. Not everyone in this world is lucky enough to experience this kind of intense emotion for another being. This kind of connection is eternal and only some lucky few get to live life with their soulmates.

13. Your heart bleeds when the other is in pain

If your soulmate is in pain, your heart bleeds too. Such is the intensity of your love and connection with each other. You would do anything to ease your partner's pain.

14. Your heart rejoices when you partner is feeling happy

You are the happiest when your partner is happy. This kind of happiness is devoid of any selfish interest or any gain. You are happy because your love is happy.

15. An encounter with your soulmate changes your personality

Slowly and gradually, you try to implement a few changes in your personality if they are pointed out to you by your soulmate. You will do anything that your partner tells you to. You have complete trust and respect for his advice. You both become better human beings living with each other.

16. An encounter with your soulmate makes you open up

Your soulmate stirs those strings in your heart which no one else could have ever done before. You feel like opening up and sharing all your past worries and events of your life.

17. An encounter will your soulmate keep recurring

It's quite possible that you and your soulmate have met many times in life before and yet haven't realized that you both are made for each other. Such occurrences might have happened a few times to give you hints about the will of God. Only the lucky few get the cue and live a blissful life together.

18. You will go beyond limits to please your soulmate

Your soulmate's simplest wish becomes your life goal and you would do anything to do things that he desires. This kind of feeling comes only after pure love for each other which is not adulterated by any personal interests or gains.

19. A soulmate encounter calms your mind

However worked up your mind is and however tensed you are, a meeting with your soulmate will calm you down and you can see the situation with a better frame of mind. He is your antidote for the troubles in life.

20. You feel he is your best friend

You laugh with him, cry with him, gossip with him and fight with him. He makes your life complete and he is your best friend and only friend that you need in life.

21. Your sex life is amazing

You too have a great and satiable sex life. Sex always is exciting even after you have done it several times with your soulmate.

22. You don't have any insecurities with your soulmate

Feelings of jealousy, anger, insecurities, and hatred have no place between both of you. You can feel each other's hearts and love each other eternally. You are equally sure of his love for you as he is of yours. That's the magic of love between soulmates. These kind of feelings give you a sign of having met your soulmate

23. Even the silence that you share is beautiful

Words and actions are often never necessary between soulmates. They can express their love for each other merely by silence. Their silence is beautiful and speaks volumes of their strong bond. They need not speak to each other verbally as their minds speak to each other all the time. A bond so powerful and a connection so deep is a sure sign of being with your soulmate.

24. You don't threaten each other with divorce

There was once a beautiful message: " A husband and a wife were fighting. The wife asks her husband to pick whatever is his and leave, he picks her up and leaves!" This explains perfectly the beautiful relationship between soulmates. Even when they fight, they don't threaten each other with divorce, because the idea of staying without each other in this life is alien and impossible.

25. You don't mind apologizing even when it's not your fault

For soulmates, the importance of the relationship and the other person's happiness is greater than their own ego. They apologize to each other without thinking twice and this is not only a sign of a strong bond but also is an attitude which lessens their fights.

Finding your true soulmate is just a matter of chance which can happen within moments or not happen at all. Some couples feel connected only weeks after meeting each other and there are some others who are strangers to each other even after living together for years. It's quite possible that one does not meet their soul mates in this lifetime. Sometimes, they meet but have to separate due to certain circumstances. Sometimes, one partner leaves the other for their heavenly abode quite suddenly. But the joy and satisfaction of living or knowing your soulmate is beyond words can ever explain. If you find even 12 out of these 25 signs in your partner, then do not ever let him go away. You are one of those few lucky people in this world who will know and experience real love!