Colin Farrell Wiki: Facts To Know About The Irish Rising Star

At his age of 41, Colin Farrell's net worth is estimated at $30 million. With numerous successful movies in his career, he is unstoppable.

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Colin Farrell Wiki: Facts To Know About The Irish Rising Star

Colin Farrell - short bio

When you think of this 41-years old sexy actor originating in Ireland, you cannot forget his muscles and perfect body that he showed in numerous films. Colin Farrell is one of the greatest rising stars in Hollywood and abroad today. This amazing actor had the excellent power of transforming, so none of his roles can go unnoticed.

His early age

Although he was surrounded by football through all of his childhood, Colin Farrell never showed interest in being an athlete. His interest was music, and he wanted so bad to become a member of the Irish boy band called ''Boyzone'', but they declined his application. This discouraged him a bit, and he continued his education. He showed interest in the acting after seeing Henry Thomas's excellent performance in the movie ''E.T''. His brother succeeds in urging him to go in the acting course, which he successfully ended up getting his first role in the BBC drama.

Collin Farell - movie career and net worth

Colin Farrell's serious career started almost twenty years ago. Although his first roles didn't bring him the money and fame as he always dreamed, the producers noticed him. The movie "Tigerland", although it was a failure at the box office, made a new rising star in Hollywood - Farrell. After ''Tigerland'', in the next two years, he played main roles in "Recruit" and "Phone Boot", and became seen as a great actor for thrillers. In addition to many main roles he had, Farrell also had very successful supporting roles in blockbusters such as ''Justice Department'' and ''S.W.A.T.''.

''Alexander the Great'' - a great role for great actor

The title role was just waiting for Farrell. It finally happened in 2004 when it was filmed ''Alexander the Great'', a blockbuster directed by Oliver Stone. Although the movie was a huge success worldwide, comparing earnings and costs of filming, a profit wasn't satisfying. Also, the scenario did have some historical mistakes. But this movie was a milestone for Farrell (and not just for nude scenes he had). The critics agreed that in this role, he did his best and presented a great ancient warrior in a very attentive way. After ''Alexander'', his net worth was estimated at $15 million.

Biggest role and newest projects

In 2012, Farrell shot a remake of ''Total Recall''. Originally, this movie was released in 1990, starring Schwarzenegger. It was about sci-fi drama and Farrell was the first choice for the role. But critics were merciless and ''Total Recall'' was reviewed as a total failure. After several successful movie roles, Farrell decided to try acting in series. In 2015, he accepts the offer to appear as a guest actor in the "True Detective" and described this experience as incredible, but that he likes working on the film more. ''True Detective'' was his last appearance on TV projects. In 2016, he shot the movie ''Roman J. Israel Esq.'' with Denzel Washington, which was premiered in September this year. Movie was reviewed as an ''average'', but with a potential to have success on box offices during next period.

Some interesting facts about Colin Farrell

The actor we are currently watching in the movie ''Roman J. Israel Esq.'' had a very interesting and tempestuous life.

No ''Miami Vice'', but real vices

In December 2005, Farrell announced something that was the subject of gossips for a long time. He declares as a drug and pill addict. Although he never admitted it, his addiction was just started with the consumption of sleeping pills. That same year, Farrell checked into a rehabilitation treatment center, where he spent the next few months. After the treatment, he gave an interview in which he described "his battle with the demons" quite honestly. Farrell was never hiding that he was a drug addict. This type of sincerity is appreciated by the public, and this is why this sexy Irish actor is a favorite among women.

He hates gym

Given his height and strong construction, he was mostly given the role of strong and powerful people. And a large part of his career was characterized by the role of the handsome bad guys. Farrell has stated several times that he hates the gym and that he would rather gain some weight for getting role than to lose weight. Although he still got some rough charm that has always had, we must admit that Farrell got some weight. And not because of the movie role. Maybe his bad way of life is showing some consequences. He enjoys junk-food, booze, and cigarettes. All these affect his look, and paparazzi often can catch him looking very sloppy, almost like a hobo.

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He was suspected for a murder once

Well, not everyone can show off with something like this, and no wonder why the actor tries to hide this fact from the public. At the age of 18, on a holiday in Sydney, Australia, Colin Farrell was arrested and almost convicted of murder. The confusion happened when the witnesses gave the police a description of a murder. And when photo robot creates a photo of the possible suspect, it turned out he looks like and have the same height as Farrell. Luckily, the misunderstanding was quickly clarified.

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