The Psychology Of Love: 30 Ways To Make Someone Love You

To love someone you need to understand your partner's psychology . Once you gone through the whole concept you will have a very clear idea.

By Radhika Menon
The Psychology Of Love: 30 Ways To Make Someone Love You

The psychology of eternal love....

Love, a word exceptionally hard to explain as it has many distinct meanings to different people. So many poems have been written to explain the true meaning of love, but still, various different ideologies have been spreading defining this simple yet complex feeling of life. According to human psychology, the empirical research helps in analyzing and understanding the true nature of systematical love theory. Observing people in various different situations through interviews, the life experiences and people's attitudes towards love differs from one another. The actual psychology of love is still not explained, as it is vast and distinct. Defining the psychology of love although may seem quite tough but actually is simple to understand. The feeling of love is connected with a person’s behavior and the attitude, they hold while expressing love. As it is a core internal feeling or an emotion which can be studied and analyzed this is known as the psychology of love. If seen in the perspective of love it is spread everywhere, but unfortunately, not many can recognize the fact. This is mostly due to the comprehension of the real meaning of love.

For few, it is just an emotion which is shared between two different individuals, involving a deep heart to heart connection along with intimacy. Many get confused between love and romance as for them both seem to be same, as these feelings are equated with the science of various affections one feels for a family member, a friend and a partner they care about. Exploring on different ways to make someone love you the way you do is, a creative art which comes naturally in few people and others can learn from their experiences or the given advice by experts.

1) The Initial Way To Make Someone Fall In Love With You - understand the person's psychology

"My wife and I met by being in the right place at the right time. It was the night of September 9th, 2010 and some of my friends asked me to go out to a dance club with them. I didn't want to go but one of my buddies insisted, saying that he had a cute girl he wanted to introduce me to. I had been out of the dating game for a while so I decided to push myself and go, even though I figured it would be another wasted night with these morons. When we got to the club, my friends introduced me to the girl they thought I'd hit it off with. She was nice but as we were started talking, I noticed this other brown-haired girl out of the corner of my eye. I couldn't stop staring. My buddies informed me that she was a shy girl named Claire, and it was then I had complete Claire-ity about what I needed to do. I boldly walked right up to her on the dance floor and just start dancing. We hardly said two words to each other when I leaned in and asked if I could kiss her. She blushed with the most innocent adorable smirk, and nodded her head yes. The kiss was pure magic. Afterwards, we went and sat at a table where we talked for hours. Luckily I was able to finagle getting her number before the night ended. The next day I called her up and asked if I could see her again, and we ended up going to a festival together that night. The day after that, I called again, and asked to see her AGAIN, but she told me she was busy and had plans. I found out she already had a date with another guy that she set up before she met me. The following week, we went out again and I asked her "Would you consider only seeing me from now on?" With that same adorable smirk, she agreed. Five months later, I got her to agree again to the most important question of all when I asked her to marry me. Exactly one year after the night we met we were married. Now we've been together for 7 years, have 2 rambunctious boys, and so many great moments. And to this day, she still looks at me the way she does in our wedding photo- which is the same way she looked at me the night we met."

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It is said that two people should have an equal mindset to have a general liking towards each other, the same goes for the science and psychology of love where two people need to have the same wavelength to get attracted to each other. So simply one can then know the ways to make their partner fall in love with them. • Your love interest should have mostly the equivalent educational background, for matching the wavelength. • For men, brunet girls are much of interest and for women dark haired boys with similar though the process are vital. • The hobbies of your love interest should match you, like traveling, types of movies, books, food and even view towards life. • They should have the same beliefs as yours. • Their background should be matching mostly with yours. • They should be open about their previous relationships if any. • Like yours, they should also be close to their own family and should value family ethics.

2) Influencing the Mind of the psychology and interest regarding love...

The psychology for which someone falls in love with you is sometimes quite hard to understand as many influences can matter in that regime. It is vital that your love interest’s is influenced mentally to fall for you. So here are some ways which can help you do so.

Always meet people with different criteria -

"It's not the most attractive quality to go on a date with someone who is venting about their ex the whole time. And 5 years ago, that was me. I was on every dating site possible, but couldn't understand why no one ever asked me out for a 2nd or 3rd date. In hindsight, it's crystal clear. I was angry and bitter about love. I had recently walked out on the father of my 2 children after a 9 year relationship. He was verbally abusive towards me, often telling me I was fat, ugly, & stupid. His anger continued to escalate until one day he punched a hole in the wall. I realized it was only a matter of time before his abuse turned physical, and I left. As a single mother with 2 kids, I wasn't sure who would want to date me. My ex left me feeling broken and worthless. After multiple failed attempts at online dating, I decided to take a break from dating altogether. I know it sounds cliché, but I needed to find happiness from within me, instead of looking for it in another person. I focused on becoming the kind of person that MY right kind of person would want to be with. 2 years later, I got back into the online dating game and found my Guy... no seriously, his name is Guy. Although I'm not exactly sure how I got any matches with my embarrassing profile bio that stated things like "not looking for a fling, "looking to make a family" "mom of 2 kids." (Not necessarily what men on dating apps are looking for). When I came across Guy's profile, most of his photos were kind of a train wreck, but there was one of him hugging his son that made me want to reach out. I realized early on that Guy was different. He's funny, genuine, and easy to love. But then again, I became someone different. We've now been together for 3 years and just got married this summer. Guy's son is wonderful and and our children love each other so much. My kids like to say, "we don't use the word step, he is our brother." My son and Guy's son are only a month apart. They even share a birthday party together. Being a blended family and an interracial couple hasn't come without it's challenges, but we hope that in the end, our children will be stronger and more open-minded individuals because of it."

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Every single individual has a wish list when it comes to love, like how their partner would be, the likes and dislikes they want in them, may have or not a pet. These few questions are always in mind, so better you should have varied criteria so that any few would match yours. Meet as many people you can with different views of life and this way you can choose the one right for you and can easily influence their mind with your own distinct nature which would make them fall for you.

Try to fulfill your partner's love interests –

"Our love story is like something you’d see in the movies. I was traveling around Asia for a month for work. Towards the end of my trip, I was anxious to get back home to the U.S., and spent hours in my Bangkok hotel room trying to change my flights. Finally successful, I headed to the airport. While checking in and waiting for my boarding pass, I looked to my right and saw my dream girl- beautiful and perfect in every way. I quickly finished checking in, but when I turned around to find her, she was gone. I spent the next few hours thinking about her and wondering ‘what if.' After moping around, I noticed it was time to board, so I walked to my gate and got on the plane. What happened next is almost not believable- I get to my seat and find out not only are we on the same flight, but we're placed in the same row, with two empty seats between us. On a 7-hour flight (Bangkok to Doha), we talked the entire time. She had just been on a solo-trip traveling around Thailand and turns out, she ALSO changed her flight to come home early. I know it sounds cheesy, but I knew immediately she was the one for me. During the flight, I saw she had a book in Spanish about learning how to travel lighter. She ended up giving me the book after with her number and a handwritten note inside. When we landed in Doha, I waited with her until her flight to Barcelona took off. Before she boarded, I hugged her and said, "you have beautiful hair" (what the hell is wrong with me?!) I flew to the States and started texting her before I even landed. I couldn’t get her out of my head. We texted back and forth for weeks until eventually I lied and said I needed to come to Barcelona for business. I flew to Spain to meet her and we spent the next week sightseeing, eating, drinking, going to the movies, and doing other couple-type stuff. Three days into the trip, I told her I loved her and on day four, I said, "you know I’m moving to Spain, right?” It was sort of a Hail Mary. She didn’t say yes or no, she just smiled, so I took that as a yes! 3 weeks later, I sold my car, got rid of my apartment, and moved to Spain on an absolute gamble that we were meant for each other. I was right."

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People do lack something in their own personalities, which they try to search for their partners. So always try to fulfill your love interests that vacuum which he or she is missing in their life. Like a person with low self-esteem even though smart would get attracted to person with strong personality who can help them balance this need and this way they can get more attached and close to you.

Always try harder -

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Although many may think that chasing would work, the fact is if the person you chase has an external intellect then the chasing would help. This means that he or she fully relies on an external stimulus helping them to feel relaxed escaping to a different world. So people who are vulnerable emotionally can be a great lover for you as they would reciprocate to the hard work you give while chasing them.

Have mutual friends –

Friends always play a vital role in match making. If you and your love interest have mutual or common friends they can help in creating the science of attraction between you both. As according to human psychology people are influenced and rather brainwashed easily by their friends, so if their friends think you to be good and best then they too would have the same view towards you, so try using any mutual friend as that is a strong pointer which would help your love interest fall for someone like you.

Manually manipulate their mind -

A simple psychology says that when things are purposely repeated then it becomes a linking for someone. In the same manner, you can wire your partner’s mind by saying the same nice things about them, or about your interest in them. This way, they would surely start having an affectionate approach towards you. This approach would further make them loving you and reciprocating in the same manner the way you would want your partner to do.

Always have positive associations for better love vibes –

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A vital question arises here that how people perceive you when your presence is made obvious through your name. Do they see you as a confident and strong-willed and happy person or being weak and mean. So the cracks of the situation is whatever more positive way people perceive about you there are more chances for your love interest to get attracted more towards to you. Try maintaining a strong and positive association among people to mark your happy go lucky character among them.

3) The Myth of Love at First Sight, True or False

The myth of falling in love at the first sight is not false as one may do so meeting a person for the first time. So here’s are some ways which may help you to make him or her fall for you at first sight. • Look for the way they walk or present themselves. • Be cautious when you are in a gathering as someone may have noticed you. • Carry yourself in a dignified manner. • Speak with maturity and innocence. • Be polite while conversing or being friendly with people around. • While having food do not haste yourself seeing your favorite dish, rather wait for everyone to join you. • Just be natural and do not try to be excessive stylish or niche. • Try to talk to new people as much as you can. This way you would surely make your love interest fall in love at your first sight without working hard.

4) The Sensual Way and psychology to Make Someone Love You

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Sensuality has always been a strong armor always been used for love. Erotic love may seem bad for many but yet it has its own compassionate way to attract the one you love. Better to explore more into the science of sensual and erotic love to make your lover love you back. • Using sensualist is not bad but it needs deeper inner attraction or else your partner will not find the connection through psychology. • Be spontaneous as using erotic sensuousness you cannot take time to think, just have to be swift to woo him or her away. Although it may seem a bit casual but actually erotic love can attract the right person and make them love you back in a better and deeper way, without being judgmental about your external look, as with the body the inner soul also plays a vital role in sensuous attraction which is the core science of true erotic love.

5) The Triangular Way of Love and the psychology behind it.

In this love theory, you can manifest three different aspects of love in form of a triangle, and they are mainly- • Being intimate and passionate - here you can be more caring, be a support system emotionally to the person, have a strong closeness, feel connected and grounded together. Also being passionate you can just show your physical arousal or attraction towards the person tingling their sensuous psychology. It can be a mix of both sexual and romantic attraction which you can create at one time. • To take the decision – here you have to decide to take forward the general likeness to its next level, as you are more attracted and fall for your love interest now you have to play the love psychology to build that commitment bridge. Do remember that it needs a conscious choice and focused attitude to get the love back.

6) Respecting the Space Make Your Presence Felt

Love cannot be calculated as the science is very strict, so without making your presence strong you cannot expect to be loved back. This simple human psychology is steady and cannot be changed. The person you are in love with without fail has to realize and feel that you to exist. Make a simple yet deeper plan which should convince him that you have decided to be a constant presence around him making it happy and relaxing. Counting on you for emotional support should be your main goal to establish. While demonstrating this simple way out to your love do respect their space, as an overwhelming presence in his personal space can destroy the sweet love which may be blossoming. Make him always feel that although you are around you do respect his personal space and would never question him or her on that. The love psychology explains beautifully that few distances should never be crossed, as they are not meant to be, although two people may be in a relationship these simple ways can always make the person love you back.

7) Make Your Love Felt To Them

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Sometimes in a relationship, it is seen that couples fall apart in love, although the relationship may be a longer period of time. The main reason is that they become ignorant towards each other’s feelings creating a vacuum and confusion. Each of the partners assumes that as they are in the relationship already the other one would understand their feeling, and this way love may end. Reassurance of love is always a vital part to keep the bond strong and to get back love when you want it. Few people do really appreciate the fact that they are told that they are loved, by their partners. So the best way to keep the flame of love on and to get back love try telling your partner as much as you can that you love him or her. This reassurance becomes a strong hold on the lucid ground of love. If not always by words then try to show through actions big or small, like a soft touch, a vibrant and warm smile, a simple love not, or even a single flower just picked fresh from the garden. This way the love would always be strong and speak volumes.

8) Prioritize the Person You Love - understand your partner's psychology.

Making priorities in life is a must, and according to the love psychology making your loved one your main priority is always a better option to make it work and get back love. You can even make your loved one the top priority of your life, although maintaining your own individuality. If not the main priority then at least the person should be on the top list of priorities of your life. Showing their importance in your life would always make them love you more than you do, and this simple yet deep expression would bring back love again and again in your life. Try also to take their advice on making an important decision of your life, this respect and importance is vital to maintaining that healthy love life of yours, and in way in your strong commitment to them.

9) Be Indispensable To Him

Being indispensable is another way to be loved back. If you see that your love is being ignorant towards you ort being busier with work and other activities, then it is a high time you have to be the indispensable part of his life. Be someone without whom they cannot even think of surviving one day without you. There is a simple technique which may make it easy for you in this context. It is known as the push-pull, where specifically a woman makes the guy get more used to having her around him all the time. With her care and love until he gets fully dependent on her. Then you just have to pull back a bit for a certain period of time, so that he starts missing you badly. It may seem like a gamble to many people and especially women, who are much submissive, but it all depends on the way you execute this theory in a very elegant and compassionate manner without even hurting or making your partner realize the trick. It is just like a wishing wand been circled around their head and making yourself indispensable to them each day. The main focus should be on the perfect timing of the push and the pull back. So it can be concluded that one of the most important attributes which one can show in order to be loved, is making it sure that you deserve to be loved. Always putting yourself in the place of the other person and retrospect your own objective, would be the best way to get the love back which you have always desired for. Work on few of your techniques, like are you the one to get the love back, or how you handle the love when you get it and also that when reciprocating work on the niche way you express this deep and strong feeling of love.

It is often heard from people that in order to be loved by others, they have to love themselves first, which is the most vital part of getting back love. Many people just ignore this part, and in the long run miss those precious moments of love which could have been cherished to fall for every time when remembered. Loving you and being your own individuality is essential to make your lover respect you and this respect would further work on the psychology of love. Through this way you are actually sending your partner the special silent message that he or she is taking the right decision of choosing you as their eternal love, without any second thought for a moment.