More Than What You Say: Body Language Clues of a Man In Love

So, he could be in love, should you take it to the next level?

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More Than What You Say: Body Language Clues of a Man In Love

What Do Men Usually Do/Say To Express Interest Towards Someone They Like?

Men are hotwired to be least expressive and confused in their true feelings. It takes quite an effort for women to bring up what is actually going on in their heads. This does not mean that men don’t have feelings or they’re not capable of love. It’s just that they need a little push to be who they really are. Men who love truly are gems.

So how do guys express their feelings in reality? Here are some tips to look out for:

They convert their feelings

Why is it hard to read a man? Mostly because they convert the actual feelings into something messed up. For example, if they feel vulnerable or sad, they turn them into pride and anger. This is to keep up a strong front in society. So don’t be hasty in judging him, there might be something soft underneath all the hard and harsh gestures. Just be patient and decipher his feelings.

Physical expression of feelings

When a guy feels down or depressed, this can manifest in some physical ways like headaches, lack of sleep, being aggressive, and inability to concentrate on work. Similarly, a man in love will be excited, sometimes nervous around his loved one, and breathless even. The physical expression of feelings is hard to miss; this is a good way for guys to communicate. It depends on others how well they interpret it.

Saying it straight up

Not all guys will convert or change their feelings; some will say it all upfront. This takes a lot of courage for anyone. Women need to realize that if a guy is being vocal about his feelings, then he must be quite deeply in love. When guys’ emotions get all bottled up, they just speak their heart out (in a comfortable environment).

How Important Is Body Language To Determine How Someone Truly Feels?

Body language is basically a gateway to someone’s mind and true feelings. We call it body ‘language’ for a reason. Not everyone can read it effectively but still, there are some obvious points that can give away someone’s real intentions.

Body language works without much conscious control. It is very difficult to conceal what’s inside the heart as it reflects quite evidently on the outside. If a guy loves you, no matter how tough or indifferent he acts, his body is bound to show some signs subconsciously that can express his true feelings, without him even realizing.  So, yes, body language is truly important to assess how much someone is into you and even how much somebody despises you.

Body Language Clues of a Man In Love

Guys can act cool as much as they want but their true feelings cannot stay hidden for long. The biggest clues of a man in love can be found in his body language when he’s around the girl of his dreams. Here are some of the most authentic and common body language signs you can notice and tell if a guy is into you.

1. Staying close to you

A man in love with you will always want to be around you and close to you. For example, in a group of people, you will notice him trying to make his way to stand as close as possible to you. This is his sexual attraction making him want to always be physically in contact or at least close enough. Moreover, you will find him often leaning towards you. A guy in love will leave less personal space for you, and this clue is hard to miss.

2. Mirroring your body language

You can catch someone who likes you by using this old tactic. It is a fact that someone who likes you or watching you for some time, will start mirroring your actions and moves. He might not even know that he’s holding his coffee like you are, running his hands through his hair like you are, or even talking in the same manner as you are. Want to test it? Take a sip or take out your phone then watch his reaction afterward. He will most likely do something if not exactly the same.

3. The eye contact and pupils

A guy in love would want to gaze into your eyes every chance he gets. Have you ever noticed that you can only make good eye contact with people you’re connected with? A man in love would always make strong eye contact with you when you two are having a conversation. This creates chemistry and also gives away the person’s feelings. If you look closely, his pupils would be dilated too. This is a biological sign that his body likes being around you.

4. Facing towards you

Notice the little things about people’s body language to tell how they feel about you. If someone dislikes you, they are more likely to stand with their face turned away from you. But when someone likes you, they will always stand or sit facing you. If you think a guy is into you, notice his toes. They are most likely pointing towards you too. Similarly, his hand movements and head nodding. Everything is in your vicinity so that you notice him.

5. Eyebrow flash

This is a natural reflex in us that whenever we get excited or see someone we like, our eyebrows rise without us even knowing. Men do it quite often when they like someone, but it happens within a split of a second, so look closely.

6. The protective instincts

Guys have a natural system of being protective and possessive about the people they care about. Some girls find it annoying but in reality, it is a sign of love and affection. A guy in love will always want to stand out in a group of people, stay close to you when he feels threatened by another guy, and would make you feel safe in every way he can. You can notice these signs in his body language easily. An unbothered guy will be quite different.

The Verdict: Is He In Love With You?

If he is acting all strange around you and you are getting a different than usual vibe from him, then he definitely has some strong feelings for you. If you catch all these signs in his body language, or he has verbally given you hints about his true feelings, then stop playing dumb and acknowledge his feelings.

Notice how he opens doors for you when he leans in to listen closely to what you’re saying, if he’s smiling and laughing all the time around you, carrying your weight for you at shopping, sharing his dessert with you, trying to protect you and impress you in every way he can, then he is definitely falling in love with you.

He Could Be In Love With You, What Do You Ask Yourself To Know The Next Steps To Take?

It’s a flattering feeling of knowing someone loves you but at the same time, it is a difficult and confusing situation. To get out of this dilemma and to find clarity, you can ask yourself these questions:

Do you love him back?

The most important thing is to be clear about your emotions. It’s more hurtful for a guy that a girl pretends to be in love with him when in reality she is not. A guy would respect if you tell him that you don’t feel the same way about him. The point is to not linger him on, be straightforward with him.

Is he the type of guy that will keep you happy?

Despite the initial honeymoon phase of a relationship, you have to think practically. After the love cloud fades a little, will he still be able to make you happy? Can you guys make the necessary compromises for each other? This discussion with the guy can help clear many misconceptions about your mutual feelings.

What does the thought of losing him make you feel?

If you’re still confused, you can imagine a world without him. How does that make you feel? Think about this without any pressure or how it will affect others, just you and your life is affected by his presence or absence. This too can clear many hidden emotions.

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Identify your chances based on his body language, not what he say


Even though guys are difficult to read, there are still many tricks up women’s sleeves to extract those feelings out. But it is always necessary to realize that guys have deep emotions too, they too deserve to be treated gently and with patience.