Life Update!: How’s LenaThePlug Doing As LenaTheMom?

This 2020, it’s high time we see women beyond just their bodies.

By Kimmy
Life Update!: How’s LenaThePlug Doing As LenaTheMom?

Who is Lena Nersesian?

For those who constantly frequent YouTube and Instagram for the hottest, most attractive, and most seductive photos, you will have come across Lena Nersesian at one point. Lena Nersesian, aka Lena The Plug, is an American influencer with over 1.5 million subscribers on YouTube and 2.6 million followers on Instagram.

Born on Jun 1, 1991, in California to Armenian parents, Lena became an influencer when she started posting seductive photos on social media, showing off her body curvy body and her angelic look. Now, Lena is a mother, but she is not shy to show off her mom's body and is still rocking the Instagram world.

Where Did She Get Her Nickname, Lena The Plug?

Lena allegedly got her nickname from an internship she took up at a social media startup, where her colleagues referred to her as Lena The Plug. Apparently, Lena excelled in her job. People at her workplace loved Lena for her efficiency and cheery personality. One day, her boss wanted to assign a task to her. Little did he know, Lena would achieve its way ahead of dealing and did an excellent job. Since then, her boss would phone her as The Plug, which he later found out this capable employee is named Lena. While the true origin of the story is muddy, we know for a fact that Lena got this name for her great efficiency and that this nickname is the best compliment one can give to this gorgeous Instagram star. Lena had done some random jobs in her days to make ends meet. She worked as a cashier, a behavioral interventionist and a nanny, etc.

She has done various jobs for her financial needs and surprisingly, she seemed to have done a fantastic job in whatever job she took. Although not much is known about her professional life before she took on the influencer route, we can know that her former colleagues and workplaces generally only have good things to say about this attractive model.

What's Her Upbringing Like?

With Lena's open and direct personality, it'd be hard to imagine she actually grew up in a conservative family and had a strict upbringing. Born into a family of Armenian descent, her whole family was a dedicated Christian household. Growing up, Lena followed strict Christian rules and a huge Armenian influence. There were a lot of things she was not allowed to do and even more things she was told to do or to be.

Whenever her parents entered her room, she would have to switch off the TV to give her parents full attention. In addition, she was not permitted to have sex from her family's education. So naturally, Lena did not have the best relationship with her family since she always said she feels like she was born wild. It may come as a shock to many friends but Lena identified herself as a lesbian in college. She admitted to dating girls in her university years, and would only identify herself as gay and not straight at the time.

She studied psychology at the University of California, during that time, it truly widened her horizon about the world and it her first time to truly enjoy a life away from family. After she got her taste of freedom and realized how different her needs were, she subsequently moved to a small town in Sweden to pursue further studies. The place she moved to was Lund, a small town in Sweden that is the hub that connects Copenhagen, Oslo, and Stockholm, all the Scandinavian capitals. With her time abroad, Lena was able to absorb different values and it further strengthened her belief that she wanted something different than an ordinary work life after graduation. It paved her path for her future career.

Needless to say, when she started, her parents were less than supportive of her career choice. They think their daughter is exposing too much skin and the content is extremely sinful. They did not want their daughter to continue down this path. But with Lena's rebellious nature and her strive for living the best life, she decided to keep doing what makes her happy.

Why have her social media accounts been banned?


With her outstanding performance in posting seductive photos, it is not hard to imagine how her Instagram and Twitter accounts have been banned many times. Initially, Lena got banned because users reported her account as porn due to her photos challenging the boundaries of Instagram pictures. Many of her photos would show most of her body which social media platforms deem "too much skin". So Lena got banned and she would not have access to her own accounts for days.

After she got famous, as much as fans adore her, she still gets so many haters disliking her choices in life and calling her bad names because she chooses to share her body with the internet. Lena has admitted she draws many negative criticisms on the internet for her life choices. In spite of that, she continues to be herself and hence, she gets more hate from her haters and more reports.

Lena, being in the industry she is in, is no stranger to online bullying and mass reporting. She has found the strength to stay strong and focus on what makes her proud, shearing her body to others. She has claimed that she does not want to be a porn star, despite popular belief due to her frequently showing her her body in many edgy photos. She believes it is a personal choice. Just because she is proud of her body and wants to show it off doesn't mean she wants to be a porn star or has any bad intentions behind other than telling the world how proud she is of herself.

Does She Love What She’s Doing?

Yes, Lena has said many times she feels free doing what she does. Growing up in a strict Christian family, it was difficult to do what she wants a lot of time. By being an influencer figure and a role model to many, she feels she is inspiring others to live the best life they want. And she is a keen advocate of open relationships and living your true self. After living with her conservative parents, she understands the importance of having a voice for everyone.

She enjoys the attention and how she can influence people with her speech. She understands her power as an online celebrity. That is she is always trying to instill positive thinking and open-minded thoughts in her posts.

How Is Her Pregnancy Now With Adam Grandmaison?

Speaking of her partner, no one will forget the drama she had about her truly open relationships. When she first started dating her partner, Lena revealed that she had always shared her stories about her sexual partner with her best friend Emily anyway, so it would only make sense if Emily also "tried her boyfriend to know what she is talking about". Then, the pair actually had a threesome and Emily had slept with her boyfriend on other occasions.

Lena's open attitude towards this did not draw much positive feedback. Instead, it drew massive backlash for her irresponsible comments and people criticizing her for condoning this open relationship and even sharing her man with her best friend. She did not receive any nice comments, still, she stands by what she said and remains a good friend with Emily. She said sharing her man with her best friend is a great way to show her love for Emily, since they always discuss the men in their life anyway, so there's no secret. Sharing her man only made sense.

Now, after all the man-sharing drama, Lena is expecting her child with her partner Adam. They are no longer sharing partners with their friends, and are happily looking forward to the arrival of their child. Lena is not shy to share her happiness on her social media account. She has posted many photos of her pregnancies and her mom's belly. Surprisingly, despite constantly shamed for showing off her body, this time, Lena has received an overwhelming amount of positive comments congratulating her on her new chapter in life and how she will excel in motherhood. It will be a scary journey and one that no amount of talent and practice will equip her for, but one thing is for sure, Lena is super happy and excited for this chapter in life, and her partner, Adam, is super supportive and equally looking forward to a new life in the household.



Not only Lena is an Instagram sensation, she is also an icon for all those out there looking to live their best life. Many look up to her for her gorgeous body and her openness about things. In the future, we will see how this YouTube star handles motherhood and how she will be able to bring new surprises to her fans.