5 Unknown Facts About LoL Online Personality, Tyler1

Get to know about the 25-year old gamer’s “reform”after 2018.

By Kimmy
5 Unknown Facts About LoL Online Personality, Tyler1

Who Is Tyler1?

Source: theloadout.com

Tyler Steinkamp, born on Mar 7, 1995, is an online personality and a Twitch streamer famous for playing LOL (League Of Legend). He has over 3.7 million subscribers on the popular streaming service platform Twitch. He grew up in Missouri and is of partial African American descent. Before joining Twitch, he went to  Central Methodist University to study computer science but decided to withdraw to focus his career on streaming video games.

tyler1 is no stranger to conflicts and confrontations as he was crowned the most toxic player in North America. The notorious things he had done on live streams can be written as a trilogy. Nonetheless, the big-time streamer is still enjoying his fame after his supposed reform.

What Is He Most Famous For?

Source: theloadout.com

tyler1 is the most famous for playing LOL, one of the most popular games in the world made by Riot Games. LOL is an online multiplayer game where you can team up with other plays to battle against rivals for points, experience, and equipment. You can fight your way to the top. LOL is one of the most-played games of all time and was sweeping the world by its thunder. Even if you have never played it, you have got to have heard of it.

On Twitch, tyler1 would be the LOL player and not a variety streamer. A variety of streamer streams different games of multiple genres. People watch the streamer mostly for the streamer's charisma and how he carries the chat. For gamers that only play one game, they gain traction and audience by how well they are at the game. tyler1 was one of those that wasn't considered the best at the game but was the most popular because of his characters.

In LOL, players can choose their own characters. tyler1 would always choose Draven, an executioner with an ax and he attacks by throwing the ax. His loyal audience has to applaud his loyalty for Draven, which was ranked 15 out of the 18 characters available. Draven was not the most powerful character and could not have aided tyler1 very much. Yet, he was famous because he was a one-thing player.

Why Was He Dubbed As The Most Toxic Player In North America?

tyler1 was notoriously crowned for being the most toxic player in North America for his behaviors on streams. Twitch and other gaming platforms strictly prohibit any toxic behaviors such as insulting others, threatening in chat, saying racial slurs, promoting anything discriminatory against a group of people based on their sex, race, or nationality. Unfortunately for tyler1, he checked all the boxes.

He was most noted for telling others to kill themselves on streams. When he was experiencing an unpleasant encounter with his rivals in games or someone in chat upset him, he would tell the other person to die and they should just kill themselves. His behaviors were reported by users on Twitch multiple times as it was deemed threatening and a violation of LOL rules.

First, he was banned in 2016 due to his unsettling behaviors. Soon after, his ban was lifted. After all, LOL was a live gaming platform, not a court. A lot of players have had their ban lifted after an appeal or after claiming they will not be repeating such behaviors. Some people were upset at the decision as they deemed tyler1 simply too toxic for the gaming world.

After he returned, he soon proved the fans' worst nightmare to be true. He kept violating LOL rules by blurting out insults and threats to those playing against him, or when he was not able to use Draven as his character. His concerning behaviors once again gained public attention and people demanded him to be removed again. Ironically, this whole tyler1 saga got him the popularity he wanted. His first stream after returning to the platform gained nearly 400,000 views on Twitch, making it the most-watched stream of non-tournament of all time.

The second time tyler1 got banned was in 2018. He got banned over the same threatening behaviors and his choice of words that may seem to be targeting a group of people. People were more concerned about the fact that, despite his toxic behaviors, he was gaining more viewers than ever. He was not losing any fans, meaning his fans condoned his actions and may want to learn from him. Seeing what kind of influence he can have on the majorly young audience group, people began mass-reporting the player. In 2018, he got banned for the second time. However, just like the one before, his ban was lifted soon after. To this day, some people question the legitimacy of a ban if someone with such serious violations can just claim to behave and have their accounts back, what kind of reputation does it bring to the platform and how can users let their minors learn from such a player?

What Happened After His Return To The Gaming Scene?

The first time he returned, unfortunately, not much changed for the big-time streamer. He was still demonstrating toxic behaviors and was hated by many critics. The second time he returned, he promised to be good and things seemed to be looking better for him. Since his highly-profiled return, tyler1 has been dedicated his time in playing LOL, this time, without insults or threats to his best. Some fans are pleased to see his change and believe him to be a reformed person. While others are concerned that he is only hiding his true colors from the public for the money and that the behaviors he made were inexcusable and should not be given a second chance. Not all violations deserve another try, and some people believe tyler1 was already given a second chance. He blew the chance so they were baffled at how this toxic streamer got a third chance.

What’s The Reason Behind Deformations On His Head?

There were rumors and memes that tyler1 had a head deformation due to him wearing headphones 24/7 or even that he had cancer as a kid and the brain tumor changed the shape of his skull, making his head deformed and uneven. Health experts and many others have debunked the theory wearing headphones can cause head deformation. Not even if you wear them to sleep that they can change the shape of your skull. Something like that will have to be caused by massive external forces or a tumor. However, there is no evidence that tyler1 underwent any kind of brain surgery.

The memes circulating about his head having a dent are all fake. tyler1 does not have a dent on his forehead. Those photos were photoshopped. The ones about his head being deformed are mostly due to the angle of the photo being taken. tyler1 does not have any known diseases.

How Is Tyler1 Now?

tyler1 is doing extremely well, to many fans' surprise as to how he managed to come back from such a strong storm and scandal. His streams are performing as well as before, if not even more popular. Fans are still eager to interact with this mega online personality and join his chat. He is still an avid LOL streamer, streaming-only LOL content. He is not lacking behind in content creation either. He is regularly streaming on Twitch, sometimes even twice a day. Fans can always see their live streams at any time of the day.

Recently, tyler1 was signed by the South Korean esports team T1 as a content creator, which came as a shock to many. Most people did not expect this toxic player to make a comeback after what he had been through. Or even if he could, it was never a comeback as grand as this one. tyler1 spent the last two years reforming himself, to brand himself as a changed person and that he will no longer do any harm to anyone verbally.

Now, tyler1 is happily in a relationship and is constantly creating content for his fans. Only time will tell whether this once-troubled star has truly reformed, but one thing is for sure, fans will be seeing a lot more of him.

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tyler1 is a great example of how someone with a troubled past managed to escape from their past scandals and build their empire despite the ongoing negativity. While fans cannot be certain if this is truly the chance for tyler1 to grow out of his toxicity, they rest assured knowing that they will be seeing more of their idol in the future, looking forward to his growth and how well he will be at playing LOL.