FriendFinder-x Review: A Famous Name in the Sex Chat World

Everything you must know about the largest casual personal site!

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FriendFinder-x Review: A Famous Name in the Sex Chat World

What Is FriendFinder-x?

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The ultimate hookup site for straight and LGBT singles and couples. FriendFinder-x is a website for its exclusive members to join and search for potential partners. The adult dating site is full of erotic videos and photos from its members. Designed for people with all sorts of sexual desires and orientations, the website connects any horny individuals or groups of people to engage in a hot, erotic chat or casual hookups.

FriendFinder-x is no different than any ordinary dating site such as Tinder, Bumble or Coffee Meets Bagel, only that this site has a lot more to offer. For its exclusive members, you can have access to their sex-ed academy, live chats, and more. The only fun many need during this year's madness.

On the site, you simply need to register yourself and your sexual preference. Then you will be directed to a page where you will be able to look up members. If searching through the sea of like-minded members feels like a hassle, you can look up photos or videos according to their hotness. The greatest thing members like about FriendFinder-x is its rating system. You can choose to see videos and photos that have the highest ratings, thus finding the members that you might be interested in. That makes every member eager to be on top of that chart and go all the way to prove their attractiveness.

How Long Has It Been Around?

Being one of the more popular adults dating site, FriendFinder-x has been around for over 20 years. According to their official statistics, they have 90 million active members constantly searching for a partner. That is more than some of the traditional dating apps combined. The site first came around to cater to different groups of people's sexual needs and fantasies,. Its non-traditional features quickly gained members. The site is open and welcoming towards people with different sexual needs. On here, you can fulfill any sexual fantasies you have.

The site was also created on the basis that not everyone wants to physically meet up and hookup. Some just enjoy the quirkiness of dirty talks online or want some company to chat with during a late-night drinking session by themselves. Many members are here to just talk and share their deepest fantasies, no strings attached. You are not obligated to meet up in person. Unlike most other dating apps, since many people are also just here for an online sex chat, people are willing to stay even if you don't want to meet whereas, in other apps, you'd be getting blocked real quick if you mention you have no desire in meeting.

What Is Its Ultimate Goal? How Is It Different From Other Online Dating Sites?

The ultimate goal is to encourage people to be active and realize their sexual desires. Some fantasies are deemed inappropriate or taboo by the public. People are not open enough about what they want to do. Whether it is couples having orgies, or a gay couple looking to swap partners, all these desires make them "unacceptable" in society and FriendFinder-x is here to fulfill those wishes and help people connect with others sharing the same view without being judged.

FriendFinder-x is one of the largest sites in its fields and most members are satisfied with their experience. It's daring and bold, fundamentally different from other dating sites. As mentioned earlier, FriendFinder-x is all about fulfilling your deepest wishes, and those wishes don't have to involve meeting other people. It can simply be watching a hot live stream or an online sex chat with an operator. In traditional dating site settings, these features will never be found and users are only expected to chat with the ultimate goal of meeting up. But there is no such thing with FriendFinder-x, to be it bluntly, there is no ultimate goal. You do what makes you happy and decide what route to take after. Members know what they are getting into and are extremely chill about all kinds of requests, if you are ever uncomfortable with any requests, make it known. Other members will respect your wish and you shall do the same. If something doesn't seem right or someone seems fishy, report the user at once. Most people on dating sites are non-paying members, making it difficult to track them down or block them. But most people on FriendFinder-x are paying members so if someone breaks the rules, things are much easier to handle.

How Does FriendFinder-x Work?

Since you have to be a paying member to chat and initiate anything with other members, most members on FriendFinder-x are paying members. You can choose your membership from the monthly, quarterly, or yearly plans, each comes at a different price, but of course, the longer you sign with them, the more discount you get.

After you sign up, you will have 5 sections available, My Stuff, Search, Live Action, Community, and What’s Hot. All these sections are what you can do within this platform. You can go to your own profile to change your settings, your bio, and your preference. Like any dating site, the more details you put in, the more likely people sharing your goals will be able to find you. Then, you can go to live-action to check out what is trending. All the videos or photos are ranked according to the hotness of members. So you will be able to see the best of the best. You can also search for members and ask for a live sex chat. There are plenty of videos and photos waiting to be discovered.

If you want to initiate with a member, you can send them a message. For those who are shy, you can take it slow by emailing them and see how it goes. There are no rules on this platform. You can easily ask someone out by sending them a message in the chat, or you can enjoy the live sex chat and not doing anything else, or you can go the even more old-fashioned way and get an e-penfriend that you can send dirty emails with.

What Are The Pros And Cons?

With its premium membership system, all its products are catered to maximize users' experience. All recommended videos are ranked by ratings given by other users so you can see the top trending items. It also includes various search functions and filters for you to find your favorite members or videos that suit your desires.

Since most functions are reserved for paying members, you can also enjoy a sense of security as it's all very regulated. It's unlikely that you will be harassed by unwanted members and the admins can't do anything about it. Besides, their great profile customization gives you much freedom in creating a profile that attracts your type of people, perfect for those who are looking for unconventional love and sex chats.

FriendFinder-x is welcoming towards different groups of people, that's why members are open-minded and willing to try different things out. Regardless of your sexual orientations, expectations, or fantasies, you will be able to find something there.

However, there are still some cons in using FriendFinder-x, first, it doesn't use any data-collection, meaning the system won't recognize your search preference into prioritizing what they show you. It may be annoying having to search up the same thing over and over again and manually filter everything yourself. Certain site features also come with extra costs. You don't immediately unlock everything as a paid member. Some premium videos or live chats require extra fees, which may be undesirable for some members. And the fact that most features are locked for non-paying members makes some feel the site is rather restrictive if you don't want to pay.

Is FriendFinder-x Safe And Secure?

Since most members have a fee every month, the quality of members is secured. You will unlikely find fake profiles as easily on it. However, since your profiles are available to every member and some information might be rather sensitive. They also don't have an extra secure chat system. You may want to be careful with what you share with other members.

As far as public profile goes, it is safe as your profile is locked with the system. It's only the private chats that you should be careful of as they are not backed or protected by the main system. Exercise cautions when you talk to members, just like how you should when talking with strangers.

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FriendFinder-x is a premium adult dating site for those seeking a little fun and excitement in life. If you are lacking the kick in life and want something for you or with your partner, that is a great site to look at as there are thousands of people looking the same every day. You will easily find someone and have an erotic time together. Exercise normal caution as you would with all online dating sites and you will be having some great fun!