OkCupid or Match: Which Dating Site Would Top 2021?

Nearing end of 2020, let’s find out next year's top dating site!

By Sophia R
OkCupid or Match: Which Dating Site Would Top 2021?

How Did OkCupid And Match Establish Themselves In The Field Of Online Dating?

OkCupid (OKC) was established in 2004 by Chris Coyne, Sam Yagan, Max Krohn, and Christian Rudder of Humor Rainbow, Inc. Initially OkCupid was a totally free benefit that was backed by appearing online promoting to its individuals but by the summer of 2009 OkCupid begun to offer memberships called the "A-list". The center highlights of OkCupid remained free permitting clients to make a profile, look, take tests, and send and perused messages.

When subscribing to the A-List clients would have an advertisement free involvement, and get additional highlights like seeing in case somebody has examined your messages, and more look channels. Other than being free at the time of dispatch (which was not common in 2004) OkCupid's benefit varied from others by permitting its individuals to make different choice tests.

These tests which can be based on nearly anything allowed individuals to offer tests that others might take which would help in their choice on who the finest coordinate might be. With OkCupid's notoriety expanding each year, in 2011 InterActiveCorp chosen to buy OkCupid for a detailed $50 million. By 2012 over 1 million individuals were going to OkCupid.com each month and the dating benefit had over 10 million clients enrolled since they first came out. 

The match was established by Gary Kremen and Peng T. Ong in 1993. In September 2001, Match.com joined forces with AOL and MSN, with the thought that Love@AOL and MSN Dating and Personals would permit a more assorted group of onlookers to pick up get to Match.com.

In 2002 and early 2003, Match.com's at that point CEO, Tim Sullivan, extended Match.com into nearby dating with a benefit called MatchLive, where daters would meet in an open area for social exercises and a frame of speed dating. In September 2004, Jim Safka supplanted Sullivan as CEO.[13] Safka was supplanted as CEO by Thomas Enright-Moony in 2007. Today, this site is available in 25 countries.

What Are The Key Features Of OkCupid? Match?


There are many dating apps, as many as types of users. If Tinder has a reputation for being the place to find "quick relationships", others like Meetic advertise for a more mature audience that demands stability and takes it easy. Then there is Badoo which is ... well, Badoo; and many more. Amid so many options, what makes OkCupid special?

The answer is undoubtedly their algorithm. An insane number of questions to increase the chances of meeting your ideal partner. As soon as you register, and before even being able to access your profile, OkCupid is already asking you questions. The initials are rather simple like what you are interested in knowing, your gender, age, studies, diet, or religion; but they continue when you pass the register and they never end. In addition, he asks you to weigh them according to how important they are to you. The more you do, supposedly, the more likely you are that matches — that is, matches with other people — will be more accurate and large.

On average, respondents usually answer about 350 questions out of the thousands they discard. Although it seems few, in fact, OkCupid already has so much data that it can even do studies on how languages ​​influence love, how important races are when looking for a partner or even the political ideologies of the masses in general. , because it has enough users to make "large" representative samples of the data they contribute.

Understanding how it catalogs all this is not easy because, in fact, making love to numbers is not. Weighted multiple-choice surveys are the best, if not the only way, to convert abstract responses to numbers. But they are very difficult to convert to useful information later. This explains why OkCupid was founded by math students.

But there is someone who has deciphered it thoroughly, Chris McKinlay, a person who managed to 'hack' the system to obtain 100% compatibility. "I am a software engineer with a Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics and a lot of experience in implementing machine learning algorithms. I decided that I was going to reverse engineer OkCupid's matching algorithm. I got it in 2012, and I became the user most popular of the 7 million male profiles active on the website at that time, "he says in an interview for Xataka.

Chris thinks the algorithm is good, and that it probably has "enough diversity of questions to 'know' you reasonably well." "Although I do agree that bias is a problem. People do not, in fact, always answer questions honestly."

OkCupid is a basic implementation of an element-based collaborative filtering algorithm, according to Chris. "The item catalog itself (that is, the questions) is from multiple sources. This approach, while simple and sometimes imperfect, is one of the most modern techniques out there. If anything better comes up, it's probably a similar algorithm but with more data and based on implicit feedback rather than explicit answers to the question. But, really, only Facebook is in a position to do that. "


Creating a profile on this site is very easy. There is the traditional option of entering your data, email, password, and everything that entails. Or you can simply create your profile in seconds just by entering your Facebook profile. Thus, the site can quickly include your photo, name, and personal data. Match.com is also a bit like a social network, as it has profiles, photos of its members, and the possibility of establishing contact with them.

Something very interesting, however, is that this site does not have a chat or messaging function. The way in which you establish contact with another person is by reviewing their profile and sending them messages, just as if they were emails that go from one inbox to another. You should also note that while there is a free option, Match requires its members to pay for a membership in order to get in touch with other people.

This free-of-charge option allows you to create your profile, upload photos, search, send and receive winks –which function as notifications that someone is interested in you– and also benefit from its matching systems, which easily indicate you with what other people are compatible or with whom you share the same tastes. In addition, you can also browse the entire site and access your account from its site designed for mobile devices or from its applications.

So why is there a paid option? Well, on the one hand, this helps them to maintain their business, and on the other to prevent people with bad intentions from dedicating themselves to annoying other people. Thus, the payment method establishes a barrier to avoid unwanted people and - in the end - make it a better service.

What Makes One Better Over The Other?

Are you searching for a long-term romance or casual date? In the first case, Match might be distant better a much better choice. For the longer run, go for OkCupid. If you haven’t utilized dating apps sometime recently, the “try before you buy” equation utilized by OkCupid might be way better for you. The site is free to utilize; hence, you won’t have to be stress about paid participation plans. Also, OkCupid is available in almost all of the countries in the world, whist Match is only available in 25. 

Match, on the other hand, is perfect for those who know how online dating works and seek a long-term relationship. Since you've got to pay to associate with the other individuals, the location tends to ward off casual daters and those who’re not really inquisitive about online dating, to start with. So basically, there is no better one, just one that is more suitable for you depending on your situation.

What Are Each Of The Platforms’ Downsides?


When it comes to features, the free or paid nature of the app truly does make a difference. OkCupid doesn’t have any unique or extraordinary features to brag about, which is not necessarily negative; Few but basic highlights draw clients and keep them happy, but some people also like more extensive and elaborate sites, which OkCupid is not.

Since OkCupid is free, there are somewhat higher chances of managing with scammers or fake profiles. In any case, there's say that this stage isn't centered around dating and romance alone. But still, there are many reasons to not trust completely the people it matches your with, 


One problem Match has is that it is sometimes difficult to find the Match.com cost section. In this way, it is very easy to create a profile but somewhat more difficult to know how much it will cost you to connect with those other people. As I always advise, be sure to read the Terms of Service and the Match.com Rules and Obligations well to understand how much it will cost you to access this site and how your private information will be used, which is usually included in the Privacy Policy section.

Also, Match is only available in 25 countries, which is not actually much. Match has a slightly longer than OkCupid signing up process. The personality questionnaire is more complex and comprises more questions, so you’ll end up spending about an hour to complete it. Once you’ve filled in all the fields, your profile goes under review, and you’ll have to wait for about 24 hours for it to be approved. If you do not want to wait, then this will be a downside for you. 

How Are The Reviews For Both Platforms During The Past Year?

People seem to be very content with both these Apps, but still, there are some that are not. Here are some mixed reviews we found for the dating sites this past year:

I would definitely recommend Match.com. I always felt say compared to other dating sites. My matches were set to my preferences which were easy to navigate and overall it was a comfortable site to use and in late March 2017 I met who would end up becoming my husband. Our 3rd wedding anniversary is late this year. He is a very smart, caring, and intelligent man. Good to my son from a previous relationship and we now have a beautiful 16-month-old daughter. I thank God and Match.com for the perfect connection.

- Helen of Palm Bay, FL

If you are an LGBT, don't bother to subscribe to Match.com. They only care about charging you money and have no respect for you whatsoever. I have complained numerous times about seeing men appearing under women searching women section and they have done nothing about it. There's hardly any active members and the few who are active are just waiting around for paid members to message them so they don't have to subscribe to the service. Smart on their end I guess since it's not worthy to pay $100+ bucks and get nothing out of it.

- Annie of Hemet, CA

2 and a half years ago I joined your site. I hope at my last chance at love and I found it and I am now engaged to be married and settled in a new home with my partner. Thank you OkCupid for help in finding my prince charming and restoring my faith in love.

- Ceri of England

This dating app is a joke, a husk of its former self, and a fundamental failure. You have horrible stalkers making multiple accounts, violating the TOS, but you make a joke they consider "offensive" and your account gets banned. How can you claim to be a dating site when one cannot show a bit of your own sense of humor? The app pushes a certain political agenda without being inclusive of those who think differently. You are bombarded by propaganda and feel as if not being of a certain political leaning makes you undesirable. It shouldn't be called OkCupid. It should be called OkLib. The app/dating site also charges you for every little thing, such as seeing whether someone saw your messages. Don't waste your time with this app if you want to find a life partner. If you are an introvert like me, you would honestly have more luck finding a partner on a bar than on this so-called "dating app". Don't waste your time.

- Francisco of MacAllen, TX

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What Are the Usual Websites Gamers Log on for Online Dating?


In the end, both of these websites do great work of fulfilling their individual target gathering of people. Moreover, they both offer sufficient features to keep their clients happy and coming back for more as well as recommending them to their friends and family. They are both inclusive for Gays, Lesbians, Heteros, Christians, and more. They have interesting features, and they give specific help to people that want love depending on their preferences. Our advice for you: check them both out, and chose the one that works better for you personally. What are you waiting for? Love is just around the corner!