Ayesha Curry: 12 Facts about the Wife of Steve Curry

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Ayesha Curry: 12 Facts about the Wife of Steve Curry

If there’s ever a celebrity who’s multi-managing a stellar acting, cooking career, alongside the arduous task of bringing up three children, it’s Ayesha Curry! Married to the NBA superstar Stephen Curry, this insanely talented woman is the epitome of a strong, independent woman managing both her household and her career impeccably. If you’re anything like us, you might be scratching your head in confusion each time Ayesha posts on Instagram and gives us an insight into her busy life- “How does she manage to do all of that, while raising three children?!”

Well, in an attempt to quench our reader’s thirst about the magical life of this insanely talented woman, we’ve compiled an article that dives into some of the most spectacular facts about the one and only Ayesha Curry! Ever since 2015, where the American football legend and overall heartthrob, Steph Curry shone in his role in taking the Golden State Warriors to victory at the NBA championship, we can’t help but be a tad bit obsessed with his adorable family. Whether it’s his cute eight-year-old daughter, Riley, or his powerhouse wife, Ayesha- the Curry family has held our attention for quite some time now!

Since Steph’s notable NBA win, however, the family has only gotten more popular, with Ayesha now having her own Food Network show, which FYI, is a HUGE deal, and just transforming to a career-oriented wonder mom, right in front of our eyes! Keep reading to find out more about this gorgeous, talented, and overall, magical woman!

9 Interesting Facts about Ayesha Curry

1. At her very core, Ayesha is a Candian!

While this may come as a surprise to many devout NBA fans, the thirty-one-year-old wife of everyone’s favorite NBA player was actually raised in Canada! Well, for what it's worth, that explains her kindness and polite nature. Born on the 23rd of March in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, the actress, and cooking show personality lived in Canada till she was fourteen. Once she turned fourteen, however, she moved alongside her family to the lovely, serene town of Charlotte in North Carolina. Once in the town of Charlotte, Ayesha grew up with her family, which consisted of her mom, dad, and her two brothers Chad and Jaz, as well as two sisters.

2. Stephen and Ayesha have known each other since forever!

In times such as ours, where a Tinder hookup seems a lot more convenient than investing the required time and effort into a relationship, it’s pretty rare to come across a love story as perfect as the one that Stephen and Ayesha have had! Having known each other since childhood, this iconic duo first met each other way back in a Church youth group in Charleston, North Carolina.

At the time of this first meeting, the two were only teenagers aged fifteen and fourteen years old respectively. As fate would have it, however, the pair didn’t end up dating until years later in August 2008, when Ayesha was looking to make it big in Hollywood, and Steph was visiting an awards show. Luckily enough, they ended up getting married in 2011, and will celebrate their anniversary on July 30th!

3. She’s owns a YouTube channel!

Ayesha Curry - YouTube

When it comes to social media platforms, Ayesha definitely knows what she’s doing. With a staggering 7.4 million followers on Instagram and more than 500,000 subscribers on YouTube- Ayesha is no stranger to influencing people on social media.

On her YouTube channel, which bears her name, Ayesha shares her day-to-day activities, which includes behind-the-scenes of her photoshoots (she is a pretty huge celebrity, after all), an adorable Q&A video with her hubby, along with her ‘Mommy Must Haves,’ and her favorite recipes- Ayesha has got her fans covered from all directions! If you’re looking for an entertaining video, you can watch her amazing family vlogs, and gush over her cute family, or if you’re in the mood to cook up something mind-bogglingly delicious, you can take inspiration from the many recipes she has on her channel!

4. She recently went (temporarily) blonde!

Throughout the course of her expansive career, which has included everything from memorable appearances in music videos to her own 13-episode show on the Food Network show, Ayesha has been remembered for her gorgeous, luscious, brown hair. With perfect brunette waves that cascaded well beyond her shoulders, Ayesha has been the queen of rocking the brown/black hair color.

Perhaps it was because of the boredom brought on by months and months of self-imposed quarantine, Ayesha finally switched over to the other side, and dyed her hair a beautiful shade of blonde. Although it was only a temporary hair dye job, it looked so ravishing on her, and complimented her features so beautifully, that we can only hope that she goes blonde permanently!

5. She is the proud owner of a lifestyle brand!

Since we’ve already mentioned that Ayesha runs her own YouTube channel (which we recommend that you definitely check out), it would only make sense for us to tell you about the amazing lifestyle brand she owns- which is often featured on her YouTube channel. Her lifestyle brand, which is named,” Little Lights of Mine,” is Ayesha’s way of giving thanks to the people and things that have brought an immense amount of joy into her life.

Quite similarly to how she runs her YouTube channel, Ayesha tends to focus on the things that bring her the most amount of joy into her life, which is her beautiful family, and food. If you’re looking to tighten your grasp on both motherhood and entrepreneurship, Ayesha’s brand might just be what you need!

6. Ayesha has her own olive oil line!

If you’re anything like us, you might just be a tad bit confused as to why a gorgeous woman such as Ayesha has her own olive oil line. Well to answer that, why should she not have her own olive oil line? A devoted cook at heart, Ayesha Curry believes in the power of investing in high-quality ingredients, which is precisely why she produces her very own line of extra-virgin olive oil. According to Ayesha, the olive oil, which can be found on her website, alongside some other merchandise, is a staple in her kitchen. Furthermore, an additional benefit of purchasing her olive oil is the humble fact that ten percent of all proceeds go to a charity organization, “No Kid Hungry,” which aims to abolish hunger in America.

7. She’s a devout Christian!

While most celebrities are hesitant to share their religious beliefs on social media, Ayesha is pretty vocal about her religious beliefs, and continually shares spiritual messages on her social media platforms. And it’s not just Ayesha who believes in the healing power of religion, her husband, Steph Curry shares her beliefs and is equally vocal about his beliefs. Ayesha, in an interview, stated that her religion is the “foundation” for everything that she does in life, and honestly speaking, we believe that it’s a beautiful sentiment that the couple has built their cute family on!

8. She welcomed her third child in 2018!

Ayesha and Steph Curry have built quite a beautiful family for themselves. The couple, who got married in 2011, welcomed their first child, Riley in July of 2012, and their second daughter Ryan in July of 2015, had their third child, an adorable baby boy, who they named Canon in July of 2018. According to Ayesha, Canon was born two weeks premature and was named after his late grandfathers. As soon as his arrival was announced, fans couldn’t help but woo at how adorable this baby was, and sent well wishes to the happy family from all over the world. Canon, who is now two years old, continues to be as cute as ever- as we get to see from Ayesha and Steph’s Instagram posts.

9. She’s always had a deep-rooted love for cooking!

As we’ve already mentioned above, our favorite cooking show personality, Ayesha Curry, has always had a knack for cooking. Growing up in the city of Charlotte in North Carolina, Ayesha’s mother was running a salon in the basement of their home, which is where Ayesha was first brought face to face with the power that food has in bringing people from different cultures together. As she saw her babysitter cook a delicious Trinidadian curry and roti and serve it to customers, she realized the potential that food had in uniting people from all around the globe.

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