Prolonged Eye Contact from a Man: Love or Lust?

Is getting this deep seductive stare from him good or bad?

By Fred S.
Prolonged Eye Contact from a Man: Love or Lust?

Have you ever experienced prolonged eye contact from a cute guy and wondered why he’s looking at you? Isn’t it true that at that moment you so want to enter that man’s mind? Just to figure out what is going inside there?

In this article, we’ll share what a man most likely thinks when he looks at you for longer-than-usual. There can be many reasons why a man is trying to make prolonged eye contact, to the point that his stare becomes noticeable! Sometimes, it’s intentional (to send you a signal), and sometimes it isn’t.

Importance Of Eye Contact:

Eyes are one of the essential features of the face that helps in communication. Eyes speak even when you’re not actually talking. The eyes are said to be windows into one’s soul - they show emotions and intentions without words. Through mere looks, someone can express the strongest of emotions, like sadness and anger. At times, we can quickly tell if someone is lying or not just by judging the look in their eyes. No matter what you feel, your eyes will tell your story – making eye contact immensely important.

Prolonged Eye Contact From a Man:

The man is noticing you. Noticing can be for many reasons and does not necessarily mean that his intentions are not pure. Sometimes men tend to look at women for how they laugh, talk, or argue. A man doesn’t have to be looking at you just because he is attracted to you or has started to fall in love with you; it can be as simple as observing. Men also look at women when they are discussing her with someone. It can be anything! But, the first couple of thoughts that pop into our mind represent romantic possibilities; that’s always how it goes.

But, prolonged eye contact often does have romantic intentions behind it. Sometimes, men want women to notice them, and at the women they like. Not all men have enough guts to straight-up approach a woman and tell her that they like her. They fail to find words to talk to them, mostly because men are less creative at initiating conversations. What they fail to say with words, they try to communicate through their eyes.

The reasons behind prolonged eye contact can vary. Some men are manipulative. They might not be directly interested in you, but getting you to pay attention to them can bring them the sweet approval they love. Sometimes, they exchange suggestive glances to spice up a boring bus ride, while other times, they’d genuinely appreciate a woman’s beauty through a deep, long stare.

Is It Mere Attraction?

Women are well known for catching men’s intentions. If a man is looking at you because he is attracted to you, your gut feeling will let you know. If he’s cute, you may look back, but if he isn’t, then an eye roll does the job.

Some men are not able to communicate their feelings through words, and that is why they stare. Yes, it can be an attraction from a man, but men aren’t initially sure about how they feel and what makes them look at you. It can be a woman’s laugh, voice, walking style, etc. People can get attracted to you for a ton of different reasons; they may find you funny, beautiful, unique, cute, etc. Attraction can be of any sort, and that can’t be taken for granted. It can’t be trusted either unless a man himself comes up to you or reveals what he feels about you.

Is It Love?

It can be love, but that rarely happens. If a woman thinks that a man would fall in love with her at first sight, then it may be wrong most of the time because it is considered to be a fantasy. There are very few people in the world who fall in love with their partners at first sight. People take time to know each other; they talk, invest time before thinking of spending their lives together. Love can’t happen in a quick glance; that’s just attraction. It will be a huge risk even to think that a man has fallen for you and that’s why he is staring at you. Love is mysterious.

A person who genuinely falls in love with you will do a few small things that will give an idea of whether a man is in love with you or not. The few things are;

  • He will notice small details about you and would want to sit and talk to you. These are the small gestures a man makes to you feel special. Not that he wants you only to feel special but because he enjoys your company a lot and looks forward to spending time with you.
  • He would be eager to plan meet-ups.  He would plan perfect date nights and will leave no chance to meet you. Meeting strengthens the bond, and if a man enjoys your company, then he truly loves you.
  • He would slowly take the relationship forward and not rush into anything to feel different after some time. You wouldn’t get hurt. This is why a man would take everything slowly ahead and not break your heart if things don’t turn out according to the will of the couple.

  • A man who’s in love with you would find you funny and extraordinary from all aspects. He would notice your sense of humor and your expressions. He would love your hair, your features, your hands, and everything about you.
  • Expressing what he feels will never be a problem from him. He will be comfortable around you and will share a beautiful bond with you.

  • He wouldn’t make you feel insecure. He wouldn’t see girls and make you feel jealous. He will always be available for you no matter what.
  • A real man would always respect the people who you love like your parents and siblings. He will become a family.
  • Make you feel special through his words. You will not feel insecure at any point, and even if you do, he will make sure to take away all the insecurities from you.

Is It Lust?

Most men do stare at women out of lust. A lustful guy rarely misses a chance to check a girl out, especially when no one’s watching. No matter if he’s committed, married, or single – men will be men. However, this assumption also depends on the setting you are in. If it is a club or a bar, then men over there most likely aren’t looking for something serious. Here, your gut feeling will tell you all you need to know about a guy’s fuck-boy tendencies.

Men who look at you purely out of pure lust can be figured out quite easily. The most significant sign is where his eyes are pointed – a lustful guy won’t just look at your face or eyes. He’ll check you out head to toe, scanning each curve on your body. Such looks aren’t stemming from ‘love at first sight,’ that’s for sure. It’s best to stay away from such men so that you don’t give them a chance to hurt you.

Do I Stare Back Or Look Away?

Honestly, it depends on the girl’s nature and what a girl wants. If a girl is looking for someone serious, then it’s better not to take any risks and catch signals from a stranger. In this case, it’s best to look away and mind your business.

Any guy who seriously feels interested in should find the courage and introduce himself to you properly. He’ll use ice-breakers and start a conversation with you, and if he’s respectful enough, you can choose to respond to him positively. At last, it all depends on the girl’s preference and what she’s looking for at the moment. But, remember to always trust your gut in situations like these. Interactions with strangers can quickly become more dangerous than you’d perceive, so stay sharp!

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A woman should be careful in public and should look after herself. Not all men are the same, nor do all of them have the purest of intentions. Some can genuinely fall in love with you in one glance, while others only stare out of lust. People fall in love in mysterious ways, and trusting people and giving them a chance can sometimes translate into a life-changing experience. If a man is charming enough to attract your attention and interest merely through his eyes, there must be something special about him! Look out for all the positive and negative signs though, and make sure it’s safe to trust him before you give off any green signals. All the best!