15 Ways to Seduce Yourself Because You Can Do So

Pamper yourself! Learn how to love and make love to yourself

By Kazuko Otsuka
15 Ways to Seduce Yourself Because You Can Do So

Why Should I Seduce Myself?

Do you lack in some self-love? Feeling down for no particular reason? Maybe it’s time for some pampering. And, yes, we’re talking about that kind of pampering. Before we get into the detailed list on how to love and make love to yourself, let’s take a look at the importance of self-love.

Many times in our lives, we get lost in giving love rather than taking. We end up getting into unhealthy relationships where one is seeped dry of love while the other is sponge just taking it all. This can be sex-wise and love in different aspects. A partner could be pleasuring their other half and hitting that orgasm each time without the thought of their partner’s sexual pleasure. It’s a sad truth, but its the reality in many relationships. 

It’s important to learn how to love yourself because at the end of the day, when everyone around you lets you down, you only truly got yourself. To add, you can’t give what you can’t have. If you keep giving and giving without a thought of your own life, you’ll end in burnout. 

Seducing yourself is merely a step into self-love. Be proud of yourself. Stop belittling all of your actions. You’re not that unworthy image you have in your mind. You are awesome. To learn how to make love to yourself, first, change your mindset. Tell yourself you are worth loving. When you have that down, read on to see other steps on how to seduce yourself. 

15 Ways To Seduce Yourself

Before heading into the sexual aspect of making love to yourself, you’ve got first to love yourself. Makes sense? You can’t seduce yourself if you don’t feel and look the part. You can’t hit that big O if you feel like crap. Maybe you’ll climax, but it won’t be intense. If you want to hit that orgasm fit for a porno movie follows the steps below. 

1. Don’t be scared to spend money on spa trips

Many people shy away from spa trips because, well, it's expensive. We don't blame you for not wanting to spend dollars on a foot spa plus pedicure. But, this is an essential step to self-love. Spa trips are not even that bad. Just forget about how much you'll spend and pamper yourself like there's no tomorrow. You'll come out feeling like a new person. 

2. Spend money on skin care

Another step of self-love many don’t want to invest in because of the cost is skincare. However, not only is skincare important for having great skin but also a step towards self-love. Taking care of your appearance makes you love yourself more without even thinking about it. Because you look and feel great, you can’t help but love yourself. Call it selfish, we call it self love. 

3. Take long hot baths

If you've never tried a long hot bath where you soak for hours until your hands and feet look like a 70-year-old's, you miss out in life. Taking hot baths is the perfect mood-setter for some self-love. You unwind, relax, but be careful not to faint, and then you're ready for some superior lovemaking when you get out. Taking long hot baths is a cue to your body that it's getting some pampering time. 

4. Buy expensive lingerie

If you’ve been single for quite some time, your lingerie collection must be drawing thin or even disappeared. You might be thinking, “Why will I spend more money on expensive underwear that no one will even see me wearing?” There will be someone watching you. No, it’s not a ghost, it’s you. 

Put on some sexy lace lingerie and stand in front of the mirror. Just seeing yourself changing things up compared to your normal get up will spark something in you. You’ll look and feel sexy. Little do you know, but you’re already seducing yourself. 

5. Put on some tights

Putting on some tights and looking at yourself with them can turn on a lot of people. It may sound stupid and useless, but this piece of clothing is found sexy by a lot of people. Many even find wrapping it apart during sex to be really hot. To each their own, right?

Try some different kinds of stockings like fishnet ones, and see which type makes you feel the hottest. The texture of the fabric on your skin adds to the sexual pleasure. 

6. Research your body

Try this method while wearing lingerie or tights for maximum efficiency. Research your body like your life depended on it. Feel yourself up and touch yourself where you want to be touched. Explore your body like a map. Enter into places you want to be entered in. Getting to know your pleasure points and triggers is a crucial step in making love to yourself. If you don’t know what you want and how you want it done, you can’t make it happen. It’s as simple as that. 

7. Take sexy photos of yourself, of course

Nothing says, “Hey, look at me. I’m confident” more than sexy selfies do. Put on some revealing clothes and snap a photo. You don’t have to show it to anyone; you can keep it for yourself. These photos are a reminder to yourself that you are hot and smoking. On the days you feel like crap, go back to the images and boost that self-confidence. 

8. Set the mood

You can’t make love to yourself without the right mood. Turn off the lights or leave it on if you’re into that kind of stuff, and get the ball rolling. You can even play some mood-setting music to kickstart sexy time. Lie on the bed or sit, whatever fits your boat. Relax and let your body, mainly your hands, do the talking. 

9. Fantasize

The great thing about fantasizing about someone is that they will never know. Have the hots for your next-door neighbor and itching to get into bed with them? Fantasize away. You can fantasize about anything and everything to get into the mood. Once you’re latched to something, relax and enjoy the ride. 

10. Use oils and lubrication

When there is drought, use lube. If you’re having a difficult time getting turned on, lube is there to save the day. If you're shy to purchase some, you can go with some massage oil. You don't necessarily have to use it down there, you can always message what's up there. Experiment with different consistencies to find the one you like best. It’s not surprising why massage parlors with a happy ending are so popular. The lube or massage oils heighten the sensations tenfold. 

11. Sex toys

You don’t need to go all Fifty Shades of Grey on this method. A simple dildo or vibrator will do the trick nicely. Once you’ve mastered that, you can explore the endless possibilities of sex toys. Try out all kinds of sex toys that cater to different audiences. Who knows, you might be a closet pervert, into BDSM, just waiting to be awakened.

12. Sex pillows

If sex toys are not your cup of tea, you can always dry hump a pillow. Try searching online for pillows that are great for masturbating to; you’ll be surprised with the sheer amount available for sale. Humping a cushion is a great outlet to release sexual tension. This is still all part of the journey called self-love. 

13. Costume play

Here us out. Costume play is exciting and hot. Invest a couple of dollars on a nurse or maid outfit. There are loads of costumes you can choose from on the internet. If you’re into role-playing, this is perfect for you. Making love to yourself while wearing a full costume is an experience worth trying. 

14. Read erotica

If fantasizing wasn’t enough to get you in the mood, maybe reading some erotica will do the trick. Erotic novels are generally sexually stimulating and or sexually arousing. There is numerous content, new and old, available online. Simple turn on your search engine and google free erotica. Your eyes will be blessed with multitudes of content. Take your pick. 

15. Go incognito and watch porn

Last on our list, but not the least, is watching porn. Making love to yourself is never complete without good ol’ porn playing in the background. The exaggerated moans and cliche storylines work together to help people like yourself get off. You can’t seduce yourself without some nice visual aids. 

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Keep in mind that you don’t have to do all of these methods. Some methods work better for others, so try out a couple and see where you fit best. The road to self-love and making love to oneself is not hard. At the end of the day, it all starts on the battlefield, called your mind.