Top 25 Signs He Likes You But Is Too Scared To Admit It

Are you dating a guy who likes you but can’t say it out loud? That's a rough situation. Here are signs that he's just scared to admit his feelings.

By Megha Upadhyaya
Top 25 Signs He Likes You But Is Too Scared To Admit It

Has he said anything? Is he scared to come over to you?

Has he made a move? Are there any signs?

You assume that a guy likes you. Your deep-seated intuition tells you that he likes you. But he has neither said anything nor made any move. Firstly, trying to work out if a guy likes you can be frustrating. Many times, guys are hard to understand and have difficulty expressing their feelings. They might throw you mixed signs, or simply might not confess how they feel about you. At times it can be annoying! Does he like you? Or have you got it all wrong and he actually doesn’t like you? Social networks like Facebook make things easier if you are single and want to know more about a guy: you can simply look at his relationship status on his profile. But what about his "feelings"? Well, there are certain signs that men give out, which can suggest that he likes you even if he doesn’t say anything. Learning these signs can help you guess if the man you like feels the same way and is interested in you too. Read on for the absolutely certain signs that he really likes you and he’s too scared to admit it.

Here are 25 signs that will tell you that he likes you

Don't get nervous. Find out how much he likes you

1. Be on the lookout for him gazing at you with that wistful look in his eyes. Does he steal glances at you? That always happens when a guy likes you, regardless of how nervous he is. So if he is into you, he’s not going to be able to resist looking at you. But if that's all he does, that's one of the biggest signs of him being scared to talk to you.

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2. Does he always want to be around you? If yes, then being around you makes him feel good. That's a pretty good sign because it shows that he loves your company. Congratulations! These are positive signs that the guy likes you and you are always on his mind!

3. Here's a fundamental aspect of being fond of someone: if he tries to be "nice" to you. Does he act differently around you compared other women? Is he nicer to you than others? If yes, that's a very clear sign he has special feelings for you!

Is he scared? Nervous? You can help him commit

4. He might be into you, but too chicken to commit to you. He might be nervous or even cold at times and he ends up hesitating. Help him be more comfortable around you. Draw him out of his shell with a little sweet talk and friendly ways.

5. Does he smile a lot? A lot more when you talk to him? That's definitely one of the signs he likes you! The sheer sight of you makes him happy but he doesn't want to admit anything because he's worried that you might not like him back. That’s why he is scared and nervous.

6. Has he been badly hurt in the past? Is he afraid of experiencing heartbreak again? After you have some intimate conversations with one another about your lives, if he distances himself from you, don't be offended. He may just be scared to be with you because he still remembers the last time he was in love.

7. Is he antsy or scared while talking to you? You may think he’s just acting weird. But in reality, he’s just so nervous when you’re around that he doesn’t want to do anything that you wouldn't approve of. Guys usually don’t get nervous. If he seems scared whenever he’s talking to you, that’s one of the biggest signs that he likes you.

Are there any signs that he might be scared when around you?

Classic moves or signs by a shy guy when he likes a girl:

8. Guys who show signs of getting nervous and are scared of rejection might not have the guts to express their feelings. When guys are scared of getting hurt, they might make jokes about you two being together or about feelings for you – it’s the only way to say how he wants to open up regarding the feelings of the fear of rejection and getting hurt. Lots of jokes centered around him liking you is a good sign that he’s interested in you.

9. Pay more attention to the way your guy treats his other female friends and then compare it to how he treats you. Is he scared while talking to you? Do you get more attention in your conversations? Is he more flirty or does he treat you warmly? These are good signs that he considers you more than a friend if you get a different treatment than his female friends.

Does it mean that the guy likes you if he remembers your preferences?

Does it mean that you’re important to the guy?

10. It takes more than just a friendship to remember all things that someone likes and doesn’t like. If your guy has got impressive memory about the kinds of stuff you like and don’t like, it’s a very big sign of him being observant. And being highly observant means he's into you.

11. In a friendship, if he’s always reaching out to you it may be because he strongly desires to spend more time with you. It does signify that he considers you more important than anyone else.

12. When a man really gets into the likes and dislikes of a woman, it shows that he wants to know more and more about you. So if he shows signs of being curious about your life, your past, and your dreams, it’s a sign that he’s genuinely interested in you.

Observe him carefully!

His signs might shock you!

13. Listen to the way he introduces you when in a group. He might get scared when referring to you as more than a friend. And it might make him feel uncomfortable for him to call you just a friend. This will cause hesitation and awkward pauses.

14. If you see him finding excuses or reasons to touch you, it’s a bet that he might be interested in you. If he touches your shoulder or gives you hugs randomly, it’s safe to say that he thinks of you as more than just a friend but is too scared to tell you.

15. If he likes you, he’s gonna contact you a lot and will want to hang out with you alone rather than in groups. So if he makes plans for just the two of you, it’s a very positive sign that he wants to be more than just friends.

Just keep observing - don't overreact and make him feel nervous or scared

16. A big sign is that he always messages you on social media – especially when he usually messages you to go online right away. That means that he’s thinking about you even when you're away from him and wants you to spend more time with you virtually.

Some of the best signs that a guy likes you and is scared to admit it

17. The super obvious sign – jealousy! When hearing about your past love life, if he responds in a negative way, or he is jealous of your ex, he definitely likes you! It’s the hardest sign to fake The greater his feelings are for you, the greater his reaction if you mention someone else.

18. The guy who likes you will remember a lot of little happenings around you or things about you. So if there is a change in your appearance, whether minor or major, he will immediately notice and comment on it. That’s a big sign that he likes you and is interested in you, but might be too scared to say anything.

19. When a guy likes you, he will be interested in the kind of person you truly are. He’s going to ask you a lot of questions. So even if he is scared to admit his feelings, his barage of questions will help you figure out the truth.

If he praises you it's a great sign!

20. It’s all about his approach towards you and about his body language. When you are in a group with others, generally, you will face everyone while talking. But when a guy likes you, he will only be interested in talking to you, even when in a group. So if he tries to hide his feelings for you by avoiding personal conversations, he could reveal his feelings easily when in a group. He will always look at you and will lean towards you in such situations.

21. If he likes you and has got plans with you, then he’s definitely not going to flake. He’s surely going to be there. Especially if he seems willing to cancel other plans for a chance to hang out with you, that’s a big thumbs up for you!

22. Guys never ask if you have a boyfriend just out of curiosity. If he asks about your current relationship status, he’s interested in you. In fact, when he asks this question he does a terrible job of hiding his true feelings for you.

23. He might someday try calling you sweetie, baby, etc. Don't make him more nervous if he does so. Respond normally. Also, if he behaves like he missed you when you were not around, he surely likes you.

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24. If he is your companion when you are sick and he visits you, spends hours beside you, then take it as a sign that he really likes you. He might offer you additional help to make life easier while you're sick. Accept his offer and be sure to thank him so that he doesn't get nervous. You can expect him to help you with all your stuff as much as possible. He's not invading your privacy; he's just trying to make you feel comfortable around him.

25. If a guy likes you and he himself wishes to sacrifice his commitments for you, to do something for you, then it's a huge sign he likes you. Guys in love can make every possible thing happen for you if you ask them to! And when you get to learn his personal secrets as well, you'll surely know he has fallen in love with you!

Spend quality time with your guy and watch out for the signs!

When you see a guy who is interested in your likes and dislikes, he enjoys your presence, he admires you, he likes to hang out with you more than others, this means he truly cherishes the quality time he spends with you. If he likes to listen to every detail of your conversations and tries to touch you gently, these are also signs that he likes you a lot. He just might be too scared to admit the truth. Watch out for all those signs in a guy. It may be hard to get anything out of him when he speaks, but his body language will give him away. Are you into him too? If you are, use your natural charm to make him feel more comfortable around you. Eventually, he will open up to you and confess his true feelings.