Finding Money on The Ground: Is It a Sign of Abundance?

What does it mean spiritually when you find money on the ground?

By Kazuko Otsuka
Finding Money on The Ground: Is It a Sign of Abundance?

Have You Found Money Randomly Before?

Okay, let’s all be honest here. Raise your hand if you’ve found money on the ground, picked it up, and used it. By now, I’m pretty sure majority of you readers have your hand raised. Finding money on the ground is a small joy that happens to us throughout our daily lives. It’s something we never really take notice of. But did you know that there is actually a spiritual meaning behind this?

What spiritual meaning you may ask. It’s just money. No, this is not some scam you're getting yourself into. How can my picking up a penny on the ground mean something more? When you find money on the ground, heavenly beings- angels and spirits- are trying to communicate with you. Let’s take a look at how this is works.

Meaning When You Find Money on the Ground

Whether its a reasonable sum or just a tiny amount, finding any money on the ground always sparks excitement. Your eyes zoom and lock on the money, and your hands immediately take action. What is the symbol of money? Throughout the years, money is associated with power, history, and value. When you have money, you have control. And this power is passed down from one hand to another through the form of currencies. No matter which part of the world you live in, when you have money, you feel powerful and valued.

Inlay man’s terms, finding money on the ground only means one thing. You are valued. You are valued not only among your friends and family but also among the spirit world. When you find money on the ground, angels and spirits are reminding you that you are worth more than you think you do. It is a reminder not to belittle your actions and to do your best in anything you put your mind into doing.

Has a loved one recently passed away? Finding money on the streets or the ground is also a sign of your deceased loved ones. They are trying to remind you that you are not forgotten, and you are loved. Isn’t that a lovely thing to know.

When you imagine people finding money on the streets, what form of money do you picture? Is it coins or bills? For many of us or for most of us, finding bills would be so much more satisfying than finding measly coins. However, did you know that if you’re considering the spiritual meaning behind your nice little cash find, finding coins is so much better than finding bills? Here’s why.

Any time you find money on the ground, you need to remember these two points. The first is what was on your mind the moment you saw the cash and, secondly, what currency was the little find in. When you find pennies, this is a sign of new beginnings. The number one is linked to new beginnings. So, the times you see a penny on the ground, this is a sign that success, progress, and new ideas are on its way.

On the other hand, when you find a dime, this is a sign to take action. Trust what your heart is telling you and take a leap of faith. That dime you just picked up is telling you to do just that.

The spirits choose coins rather than bills because coins last longer. The message is clear and straightforward, and that is, you are very important and valued to them.

Meaning When You Find Money Unexpectedly

It’s always a nice little gift to find money unexpectedly. It doesn’t matter where you find the money but the act of finding it is what counts. It could be that you’re in a current rough patch in your life or you need extra money to pay the upcoming bills. Whatever it may be, finding money unexpectedly is a reminder that the spirits have your back.

Finding cash unexpectedly is a sign from the heavens that favor is on its way. It could be in the form of someone lending you some, or money you borrowed to someone but forgot about it will be returned to you. The spark of joy you get when you find money when you least expect it is a sign to not give up on whatever trial you are facing. Remember that after every storm is a rainbow. That valley you are in will end. Keep your head high and face your challenges with renewed strength.

Should You Pick Up the Money or Leave It There?

The next issue at hand is, should you pick up the money or leave it there? The majority of us won’t even think twice about this and just go ahead and pick it up. However, what if the money is quite a large sum. Would it be considered stealing if you still get it?


Typically, it would be best first to look around and check if anyone appears to be searching for something they have dropped. If you do spot someone frantically looking at the floor for something, then there’s your man. Approach them and ask them if they lost something. If you don’t find anyone that fits this picture, maybe head to your local police station and hand over the money. For large sums, it would be better to go about it this way; however, for coins, you don’t even need to bother.

If you do find coins on the ground, pick them up! This is a sign of good luck. In our brain, there exists a complex bundle of nerves that filters out unnecessary information to make way for the important stuff. This bundle of nerves is called the Reticular Activating System or RAS. If you train your RAS hard enough, you’ll be able to unearth opportunities and information that will help you achieve your goals. So when you find a penny on the ground, you are paving the way for good luck to accompany you through your day. The penny was the sign from the spirits telling you that fortune is on your side.

Should I Use the Money or Keep It?

Is it immoral to spend the money you find on the ground? As mentioned in the paragraphs above, if the sum you found is large, it would be best to turn over the money. If you keep it or use it, it would be considered illegal. However, would you go through the trouble of finding the owner of a penny or dime? Of course not.

If the amount you found amounts to almost nothing, use it. You can also keep it as a good luck charm. There is a Japanese tradition of holding a 5 yen coin with a ribbon attached to it in one’s wallet as a good luck charm to bring more fortune. You can keep the coin you found as a good luck charm to bring you extra money. However, if you’re short a dime for that meal you just bought, go ahead and use it. It really boils down to the situation you find yourself in. If you feel more relaxed keeping it as a good luck charm, go ahead!

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The next time you find money on the ground, remember that good thing are just around the corner. Put a smile on and continue your day with a positive mental attitude. Who knows, you might just attract even more loose change.