Marko Jarić: 7 Facts to Know About Adriana Lima's Ex-Husband

More about the ex-husband of this popular Victoria Secret model

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Marko Jarić: 7 Facts to Know About Adriana Lima's Ex-Husband

Who is Adriana Lima?


Originally from Brazil, Adriana Lima was born on June 12, 1981, to a carpenter, Nelson Torres, and social worker, Maria das Graças Lima. Lima’s childhood was deprived of having a father as he lived early on, which led to Lima being raised by her mother.

Lima is a model and actress who is renowned for her appearances as a Victoria’s Secret Angel from 1999 (aged 17) up till 2018 (aged 37). Up till July 2020, she is the longest-serving model for the company and is known as "the most valuable Victoria's Secret Angel". Moreover, Lima is also widely recognized as the spokesmodel for Maybelline cosmetics – a place she has reserved for herself since 2003.  Lima is also known as the winner Ford’s "Supermodel of Brazil" competition and for being the runner up in Ford's "Supermodel of the World" competition. She later signed a contract with Elite Model Management. Lima earned the rank of “New Supers” by and since 2014, has been the second-highest-paid model from all around the world. Additionally, Lima also made it onto television screens as an actress. In 2001, she made her acting debut and worked alongside Mickey Rourke and Forest Whitaker in a BMW short film by the name of ‘The Follow’.

How Adriana Became one of the Most Prominent Victoria’s Secret Models

Her Debut on Victoria’s Secret – 1999

At the tender age of just 17, Lima walked for the first time as Victoria’s Secret model in 1999. Following her debut, by 2000, she signed her contract as an ‘Angel’ and has since appeared on many follow-up events as well. She has worked alongside big names like Heidi Klum, Tyra Banks, and Alessandra to promote the ‘Angels Across America’ tour on behalf of Victoria’s Secret back in 2004.

Her rise to success – 2008

By 2008, Lima was a household name in the fashion industry. Lima even hosted a well-known show on E! Entertainment Network called ‘What Is Sexy?’. Later in July of the same year, she signed up for a tour of BioFit Uplift Bra. Having been recognized for the success of this tour, Victoria’s Secret relied on her skills for the promotion of the ‘Fantasy Bra’ for the upcoming 2008 fashion show. The design of the bra was carried out by Martin K., a jewelry designer based in America. She chose to adorn the branded undergarment with over three thousand five hundred black diamonds, a hundred and seventeen white diamonds, thirty-four rubies, and two black diamond drops. All these adornments led to the bra grossing a jaw-dropping price of over $5 million. Lima has worn the ‘Fantasy Bra’ several times during her career as a Victoria’s Angel. She wore it again in 2010 and 2014.

Termed as "the most valuable Victoria's Secret Angel" – 2017

Victoria’s Secret cast Lima for the promotion of its first sports bra, the ‘Victoria Sport’ back in 2016. She starred alongside fellow models Romee Strijd, Jasmine Tookes. Elsa Hosk, Josephine Skriver, and Jasmine Tookes. By 2017, she had achieved the title of "the most valuable Victoria's Secret Angel" as per D'Marie, a renowned analytics company that conducted extensive research focusing on the number of likes, sales, followers, and engagement (with fans and companies) a model has on social media. By November 2018, Lima walked on a runway for the last time on behalf of Victoria’s Secret, having walked a total of 20 runways for the brand.

7 Facts About Marko Jarić

On Valentine’s Day 2009, Lima married renowned NBA basketball player Marko Jarić in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  Jarić is of Serbian descent. Following her marriage, she applied for Serbian citizenship in May 2009 but was never reported to having citizenship being granted to her. Lima gave birth to two daughters, Valentina Lima Jarić and Sienna Lima Jarić. Here are seven facts about Marko Jarić:

1. He is a professional basketball player

Jarić a well-known Yugoslavian basketball player. He is an NBA shooting guard and played for the Clippers and the Timberwolves during his professional career. He also played as a point guard for Radnički Belgrade. His talent led to head basketball coach Dušan Ivković terming him as the "biggest talent that he ever had under his charge".

2. He has greek citizenship

Alongside having a (Serbian) Yugoslavian citizenship, Jarić also has Greek citizenship. His ‘Greek name’ Marko Latsis (Greek: Μάρκο Λάτσης) – a name by which he played basketball in Greece.

3. He is the only player to win the Italian Championships consecutively

Jarić has been praised for his talent, especially when it comes to Italian Championships. He is the first basketball player known to have won Italian Championships consecutively on behalf of two separate teams. In 2000, it was beside Fortitudo Bologna that he won his first championship. He later won his second championship in 2001 alongside Virtus Bologna.

4. He won the gold medal at the 1998 FIBA Europe Under-20 Championship.

Back in 1998, Jarić was a junior national team player. In 1998, he participated in the FIBA Europe Under-20 Championship and was awarded a gold medal. This proved to be a way to the spotlight for the young player. In the future, Jarić was to win more gold medals – he received one in 2001 at the EuroBasket and another in 2002 at the FIBA World Championship.

5. He is the son of a retired Serbian professional basketball player

Talent runs in the family – Jarić’s father, Srećko Jarić has also been part of the sports industry. He is a retired basketball player from Serbia. He took on the role of a guard for KK Radnički Belgrade.

6. Jarić married supermodel Adriana Lima

Jarić’s engagement became public knowledge in 2008. On June 12, he got down on his knee for Adriana Lima, a Victoria’s Secret on Lima’s 27th birthday. The knot was officially tied by the couple on a private ceremony held on February 14, 2009 (Valentine's Day) in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. In November of the same year, they announced the birth of their daughter.

7. He retired from professional basketball in 2013

In August of 2005, the ‘Clippers’ traded Jarić to the Minnesota Timberwolves and in turn, was exchanged on behalf of Sam Cassell. In June of 2008, he was again traded, this time to the ‘Grizzlies’ in an eight-player deal consisting of O. J. Mayo, rookie guard, and Kevin Love, a rookie forward. In 2013, Jarić retired from playing as a professional basketballer.

Their divorce

After having lived under holy matrimony for five years, and almost two years being separated, Adriana Lima finalized her divorce from then-basketball player husband, Marko Jarić in March 2016. The Terms of the settlement were filed in the Manhattan Supreme Court and the details were kept confidential. However, it is widely believed that Lima was granted primary custody of her daughters, Valentina and Sienna. Lima’s lawyer was Bill Beslow. Beslow passed no public comment upon his client’s decisions.

At the time of their divorce, the couple told Us Weekly, “After long and careful consideration, we have decided to separate after five years of marriage”. The couple was also reported to having said,  "We are grateful to be the parents of two incredible young daughters that we will continue to co-parent. We would greatly appreciate your respect for our family's privacy as we begin this delicate next chapter for all members of our family".

Since her divorce, Lima has found herself under the spotlight after being photographed in Miami kissing a ‘mystery man’. Moreover, it was reported from Cannes that Justin Bieber also managed to have a romantic relationship with her. However, Adriana commented by saying on Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live, "Anybody below 6-foot-7, you know how I call them? – friends”. Jarić also looked for love elsewhere when he was associated with model Dusica Savic.

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In conclusion, it can be said that even though Jarić retired in 2013, his legacy will live on in the hearts of his fans and the sports industry at large. Through his hard work and relentless efforts, he has proved to be one of the most memorable faces in sports entertainment. It can be said that he has, indeed, proved himself of being an inspiration to millions of people around the world who dream of playing basketball professionally someday.