Are You an Old Soul? Take the Quiz and Find Out!

Finding out if you’re an old soul, and tips to deal with one.

By Aey
Are You an Old Soul? Take the Quiz and Find Out!

What is an Old Soul?

Someone who seems to be wise beyond their years is generally referred to as an old soul. These people exhibit talents and skills that are way beyond the capacity of their age group. It has nothing to do with a person’s intelligence and abilities. Individuals can be smart yet do not fall into the category of an old soul. This is because old souls have capacities and ideas and concepts that are unexplainable.

Certain complex things come to them very naturally. They have a calm and peaceful aura around them. An old soul will emit an energy of knowingness. At a young age, they will be more cognizant of their reality and be content with it. Old souls are generally recognized when they are children or teenagers. They prove to be owners of a kind of mindset that belongs to a time before their birth. Old souls have a stronger connection with their spirituality than the rest of us.

Does it Have Something to Do with Reincarnation?

How an old soul comes into being has been theorized a lot. The most common reason or explanation of being born with an old soul is the phenomenon of reincarnation. In our everyday life, we observe cycles of nature that are proof of the transfer of core energy from one form to the other. Life is all about growth and learning. We pass through many stages of evolution and maturity. So, the concept of a rebirth into a new body does not seem too far from the truth.

It is likely if you are an old soul you have been reincarnated multiple times in past lives. This is the only explanation that makes the most sense. A rebirthed soul does not have clear memories or consciousness from their past forms but retains their spirit. This results in certain inexplicable likes and irrational fears or dislikes. You may have had experiences previously that have carried on into your new form.

Are Old Souls Rare?

The term “old soul” is thrown around casually a lot. For example, if someone has a certain affinity to music from a previous age, they are called an old soul. But this phenomenon is not as simple as that. In reality, an old soul is quite rare. Yet if you come across one in your lifetime, a part of you will immediately recognize that soothing energy which an old soul possesses.

Old souls are not easily found. It is quite a strange experience especially if you are a parent to someone who possesses an old soul. It can be tricky raising a child like that, but surely old souls are a very calming company to be around.

Ready to Find Out if You’re One? Take the Old Soul Quiz Now!

Are you not easily fascinated by or interested in new trends and fads?
a) Yes                  b) No
Do you think you are an empathetic person?
a)Yes                  b) No
Have you found yourself unhesitant to challenge authority at a young age?
a)Yes                  b) No
Do you have a strange affinity to a random culture or object?
a)Yes                  b) No
Were you not one to fit in with the crowd of your age?
a)Yes                  b) No
Do people come to you for advice and rely on your wisdom often?
a)Yes                  b) No


If you responded “Yes” to most of the above questions, you are an old soul! Keep reading to find out how to cope with this gift.

Top 10 Signs You’re an Old Soul

1. You have inexplicable affinities and fears

In relation to the theory of reincarnation giving birth to old souls, you may experience likes and dislikes that seem to have no valid background in your current life. You may have never been to a certain place but always feel drawn to it. Or perhaps you are afraid of something peculiar like birds when you have had no bad experiences or history with them. This is because of your past selves’ qualities that have transcended into your current existence.

2. You have excellent foresight

An old soul can always see the bigger picture. They have excellent intuition abilities. You know what life is all about. You are much more open to learning and growth than the average person. You can predict things and accurately judge people’s personas. It is one of your strong suits.

3. You can see things for what they truly are

Pretenses and the masks that people put on are no match for your sight. It is not easy to fool an old soul as they have already seen so much. They are very aware of the reality of things. They see the faults of people, but this does not mean that you are a judgmental type of person. In fact, on the contrary, you are extremely empathetic and feel a responsibility toward others to care for them.

4. You never seemed to fit in with the crowd

As an old soul, it only makes sense for you to be fond of the company of older generations. You never seemed to belong to the new generation you were born into. An old soul tends to be more attracted to an older crowd. You felt like you were too mature to connect with your friends when you were in school. You often left your peers behind in maturity and wisdom. This could have led to you being an outcast during your younger years.

5. You have a powerful spirituality

As an old soul, you have been reincarnated various times. This means that you lost the body that you were in and all of its memories and consciousness. Yet you have not lost your spirit. That is the one thing that transcends the physical reality of things. Due to this, you have a very spiritually sentient nature.

6. You give great advice

Many times in your life you will find yourself in the position of the guru. People, including friends and family, come to you for your wisdom. You have been told that you give excellent advice to a lot of people. The most significant characteristic of an old soul is their wisdom.

7. You do not mind being alone

Alone time is the best time for you. You actively seek to spend time with yourself because you think that you are a good company. You enjoy meditating and doing activities on your own.

8. You have a calm energy

A commonly recognized quality of old souls is that when you are around them you feel soothed and comforted. An old soul does not stress out the people around them. They have an aura that is the opposite of unsettling. You deeply care for others and understand the nature of people, which is why they like being around you.

9. You enjoy old art

An old soul finds themselves drawn to old art. This can include literature, paintings, sculpture, music, etc. The past times just seem way more interesting than the world today.

10. Flash Fashions don’t grab your attention

It is not difficult to fall prey to new trends and fashions. When everyone you know, is doing something, you feel more inclined to participate in it. But an old soul’s interest is not so easily drawn. They are used to not fitting in. They know what they like and what they don’t.

How Do I Deal With an Old Soul?

The first step to dealing with an old soul is accepting that you are one. Do not let yourself stay in a state of denial as to what kind of person you are. In certain ways, having an old soul can be perceived as a gift but in all honesty, sometimes you can feel lost and helpless. If you are an old soul, you will usually have feelings of not belonging where you are. This feeling has nothing to with place because you do not fit in wherever you go. It is in actuality about the period that is causing you these emotions of displacement.

As an old soul, it can feel amazing to share your wise advice and counsel those around you when they need it. Yet as much as you are an empath and care for others, you need to make sure it does not damage your mental health. You are not a free therapist or guru. Do not let people take advantage of your gifts.

There is something that can help you feel more connected to the universe and restore feelings of belonging. You are naturally blessed with a visceral connection to your spirit. This can be nurtured through practices like yoga, meditation, and exploring your dimensions of consciousness.

Old souls often have trouble with their romantic partners. Let yourself open up to people. Take the risk. Because without trust in each other your relationships will keep falling apart.

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If you always wondered whether you belong to the time you were born in, hopefully, this quiz helped to clear things up. Recognizing yourself as an old soul is crucial to moving forward in your life. Taking this quiz is a step in the right direction. Being born with an old soul can be both a blessing and a curse. Be careful who you give the time of day to. You have abilities no one in your age has. Use them wisely.