How to Start a Mature Chat with Your Crush and Impress

Chats that will make an impression and score big for you

By Evelyn
How to Start a Mature Chat with Your Crush and Impress

What is a mature chat?

Is this a concern of yours? Have people told you that you speak like a child? Are you looking to impress someone by having a mature chat with him or her? And if so, what is considered a mature chat? Let's say you have a huge crush on someone older and you want to make an impression by having with him or her a mature conversation, how do you go about it? You don't want to waste their time and just speak nonsense, odds are you probably will because you'll be nervous and that could play against you, so you need to be prepared. 

Before we give you pointers on what is considered a mature chat and how you can have one to impress your older crush, let's talk about what maturity is. Maturity is not something that develops in a snap of the fingers, it's something you reach by accumulating experience and knowledge. And you know what? not everyone reaches it or mature at the same time. No one can experience life for you and having your own experiences take time, so one thing you can do to is read. Yep, reading can help you have a mature chat.

Grab biographies and/or stories about interesting characters that can teach you something. Read about what's happening around you, about what's happening in the world. Reading can open up a whole new world for you, it can help you discover new places, you'll learn from the experience of others, it will expand your vocabulary, and it will inspire you. Imagine all the mature chats you'll be able to have with all this gained knowledge!

A mature chat has to include the following factors. 

In-depth knowlege

In a mature chat, you know what you're talking about, you have an in-depth knowledge of the topic or topics. Since you want to impress your older crush, you should do some investigative work and find out about what his or her interests are and read about it. This will give you confidence when you talk to him or her. Confidence is also part of a mature conversation.

Don't take everything said at face value

A very good thing going for you is that you're not jaded, that's refreshing and very much appreciated but a little caution when dealing with others is advised. We know you're infatuated with your crush but, in a mature chat, you'll do yourself good if you don't take everything he or she said at face value. Take it with a pinch of salt.


A mature chat also includes empathy. You have to be able to see the world through another person's point of view and this requires that you listen carefully to what they're saying. Don't make assumptions about his or her life, show them that you can look at life through their eyes. You may not agree with them but empathy means that you understand where they're coming from.

A variety of topics

Mature people have a lot going on in their lives: career aspirations, family, goals to improve yourself. You need to cover those topics too if you're aiming to make an impression. There's nothing wrong about following a band and talking about their music, or being knowledgeable about what's trending in Social Media but if that's all you've got going for yourself, then you won't be having a mature chat.

12 Ways to Impress an Older Crush

Someone older than you have caught your attention, what can you do to catch his or her attention? What can you do to impress them so that it turns into a date? The way you approach an older crush is going to be different than the way you approach one your own age. They have more life experience and know what they want so you need to up your game and conversation skills to really impress them. How can you do that? Here are 12 ways to achieve that goal. 

When your crush is an older girl, how can you impress her?

If you're crushing on an older girl and want to be successful in your endeavor of impressing her so you can ask her on a date, first you need to know all your strengths and weaknesses. You may believe that you're the underdog when it comes to impress and charm an older girl. Ok, some girls really dig older men, they're more mature, they're more stable, and have financial stability. 

Don't be discouraged by this, you've got your youth and that can play in your favor. To impress an older woman focus on what you are and not in what you aren't. If you know your strengths, put them to good use. Take advantage of them and learn how to impress and charm the older girl crush. Having a conversation with an older woman is no easy feat, you'll have to navigate a thin line and balance between the spoken and unspoken. The connection is everything so come prepared with the right questions and topics.

1. Listen to what she says

Do you want to really impress your older girl crush? Then listen to what she's saying, that will get her attention. Part of having an adult or mature conversation is knowing when to let the other person speak and just pay attention to what she's saying.

2. Show her you're really engaged

Next, you need to show her you're really engaged in the conversation. How you can show your engagement? By expressing a natural curiosity and asking the right questions. Go for open-ended questions as these kinds of questions are conducive to more conversation topics and give you a chance to know more details about her.

3. Learn more about her before you meet

It pays to do some homework before you meet her (just not of the creepy type). You can do some online stalking and look into her Social Media to learn more about her likes and dislikes. You can also check her LinkedIn and learn about her professional life. This will give you an advantage because you'll know which topics to avoid and which ones are a hit.

4. Don't force or fake anything

Older girls can spot more easily when you're not being real or when you're faking it just to have a chance with her. If you want to impress her, don't force a conversation. You're trying to build a genuine rapport right? Then look into what she's passionate about and see if you have something that matches that passion and stick to that.

5. Don't waste her time

You won't impress her if you keep rambling about nonsense. You'll be wasting her time and yours. We know you want to meet her and get to know her better, so be genuine in your approach and about what you're going to say and cut to the chance as soon as possible.

6. Let her talk about herself

Some older girls enjoy when guys are really interested in them, in what they do, in what they like, in what they want to do... so let her talk about herself. This is a great way to know if you have something more in common so you can build from that.

When your crush is an older guy, how can you impress him?

Girls, older guys often are interested in younger girls because of their appearance and attitude so it may seem that you already have an advantage. However, if you really want to impress older guys, here are some other ways to do it.

7. Discover how you can add value to his life

If you want to impress an older guy, don't assume what he needs or what he wants. Only he knows that and if you listen carefully you'll know what he values more and that's your entry. You'll be able to connect better with him if you're clear what his priorities are. 

8. Be a sounding board

Now that you've got him speaking and know a little bit more, pay attention if he mentions having an issue or something that bothers him and offer your help. Maybe what he needs is just someone to listen, a safe environment where he can unload. Be that for him, that will impress him.

9. Be yourself

Keep it real, don't act like a person you're not. He will see through that and he won't be impressed. Maybe you think you have to be some way to gain his attention but what you need to be is only yourself, that'll be enough.

10. Remember details

You've talked about what you do for fun, or what you're passionate about. Remember what he said and next time you talk, ask for an update. Did he enjoy the trip to the lake? Is he enjoying that book he told you about? He'll be pleasantly surprised that you remember and want to know more.

11. Don't praise yourself

You're awesome and you can't wait for him to know that. However, if you want to impress him hold back on sharing about your awesomeness and just let it show as the conversation develops. Let it flow naturally. 

12. Include others in the conversation

Your focus is him but if he happens to be surrounded by friends when you're chatting, then include his friend in the conversation. You never know, maybe some of his buddies can become your allies and help you win your older guy's heart.

Carry on your mature chat through texting

Now that you have impressed your older crush with your conversation skills and maturity, you need to keep this going. One good way to keep in touch and get the conversation going is through texting just be sure to keep the conversations meaningful. How can you carry on the mature chat through texting? Here are a few tips.

Text only when you have something to say

The temptation to text your older crush when you're bored must be avoided because you won't have anything worthwhile to send and that's going to waste both your times. Text only when you have some interesting news or you want to share something important.

Ask open-ended questions

Avoid asking questions that require only one-word answers. To keep the conversation going ask open-ended questions. This will put a spark in the chat and will show that you're really interested in what they have to say.

End chat with a good note

Don't just drop the conversation, especially if it has been a good one. If you need to end the chat then explain why, then tell them you have enjoyed chatting with them and wished them a good day or night.

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Having a mature chat with your older crush just became doable. You just have to be prepared, be yourself, learn to listen, and be consistent. Good luck!