9 Benefits of Sleeping Naked that Are Too Good to Ignore

Find out why so many people love sleeping naked (including me!)

By Aey
9 Benefits of Sleeping Naked that Are Too Good to Ignore

Is it True that People Sleep Naked?

While sleeping naked might seem weird to a few of us, you would be surprised to find out how many people around you sleep naked. To be honest, I never knew that sleeping naked was such a big thing, granted that I knew it could happen. When I first heard it, the only thing I could think of was WHY? Why would you want to be naked when you go to sleep? Wouldn't it just leave everything out in the open? And what if you have an emergency in the morning? Or what if someone walks in on you?

No matter how many reservations might come to your mind, you would be surprised to find out that it is beneficial. My first encounter with someone who slept naked was when I moved in with my boyfriend. The first two nights, I just thought he wanted to have sex, the third night in the row I had to ask, and it blew my mind when I found out that this is just how he used to sleep. Upon research, here are nine benefits that convinced me that it isn't that bad of an idea, I gave it a go, and it was fun. Maybe you should too.

9 Benefits of Sleeping Naked

1. Makes you go to bed early

If you're an insomniac, sleeping naked can be a great way to finally get some rest. Studies show that most people can't get good night's sleep because their body is sensitive to temperature. Sleeping naked can help you go to sleep, especially in summers, it can be the relief that you're looking for. People who suffer from insomnia or have depression or anxiety - sleeping with less restraint over your body can help control the release of cortisol and result in going to bed earlier. It also increases the quality of your sleep and makes sure you don't wake up multiple times during the night.

2. Reduces stress

Cortisol is a hormone that causes stress, and it can be triggered by heat. Despite lowering the temperature of your room, sometimes clothes can just feel limiting. At times like these, it is recommended that you strip naked, take a bath, dry yourself, and go to bed in your birthday suit! This will regulate the temperature of your body and reduce the production of cortisol. Know that sleeping naked is a small price to pay as lack of sleep paired with high levels of cortisol is a nightmare that leads directly to weight gain and low self-esteem. Once stress and anxiety get out of hand, it's all downhill from there. So, be affirmative and take action. Don't let stress or anxiety rule your life.

3. Increases confidence

In the world that we live in, the media constantly shoves the image of a perfect yet unrealistic body down our throats. As much as we try to stay away from it, there isn't much we can do. The obsession with being skinny is increasing day by day, and it's leaving all those who can't get that body to deal with body dysmorphia and body image issues. Even I used to avoid looking at myself in the mirror naked. Sleeping naked gets you in touch with your body, which will undoubtedly boost your confidence. Research shows that those who feel more comfortable in their skin are more likely to succeed in life. Having a healthy relationship with your body plays a huge role in helping you tackle issues that just comes as a package deal with being an adult. I've realized that since I've started sleeping naked, I've become more accepting of my flaws.

4. Increase genital health:

Sleeping naked has also been proven to improve genital health. I'm sure you never thought that would be a benefit now, did you? For men, it is said that sleeping naked can increase sperm count. God kept the testicles hanging outside the body to keep them cooler than the internal temperature of the body, and sleeping naked is a great way to give them the breathing space they need.

It is also beneficial for women as it can prevent yeast infections around the vagina. Bad odors develop in warm and moist places, and therefore it is likely that you might develop an infection or rashes that can lead to discomfort but sleeping naked might help you manage odor issues down there too.

5. Aids romantic relationship:

Most of the time, due to different reasons, our relationships start to suffer. Whether you accept it or not, everything that happens in our lives and around us takes a toll on us mentally and physically. Most of us don't like to be bothered or touched once we've had a bad day at work. With demanding jobs, stress is a part of our daily life, and it is bound to make us cranky or moody.

If this becomes a habit, you might end up losing the person that you love. Sleeping naked can help strengthen your relationship and skin to skin contact has proven to increase intimacy. Granted, that you might not feel like it in the beginning, but once you get a taste of it, you won't know how to survive without it.

6. Beneficial for the skin:

Regardless of how comfortable our clothes make us feel, we need to give our body some time to breathe. Many people develop skin diseases because they rarely do so. Have you ever realized that your face seems more rejuvenated than the rest of the body? Because it gets fresh air every day.  If you have a shower before you go to sleep, rather than putting on a layer of clothes, it’s much better if you get into bed in your birthday suit.

Layering up all the time can lead to skin problems in places you sweat too much or places that are moist and warm.

7. Slows down aging

Another benefit that sleeping naked has is that it can delay symptoms of aging. One reason why people start showing symptoms of getting old is that they take too much stress. Once your stress is under control, your cortisol levels are under check, and you’re not anxious all the time. When all those things are under control, chances are you’re going to live a more fulfilling life.

8. Boosts immune system

When your cortisol levels decrease, it triggers the release of oxytocin that improves your immune system. Sleeping naked is a great way to make sure that the hormones in your body are in an optimal amount. I’m sure you’ve heard that being happier can lead to a healthier life. As cynical as you may be towards proverbs, this is actually backed up by science.  So, if you want a better and more robust immune system, then this is a hack that takes absolutely no effort and can be fun.

9. Prevents Breast cancer

Due to constrictive clothing and especially braziers, women can develop breast cancer. While many might not know, wearing a bra when you go to sleep can actually be harmful to you in the long run. So, no matter how sexy you look when you wear it, you should know that your breasts need some air too.  So, let those babies loose and relax. We can’t be oblivious to the fact that if a certain part of our body remains covered all the time, face heat and cold in a constrained environment, it can be susceptible to various diseases

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Grated that you might still be a little doubtful of all the reasons you should fall asleep naked, it won’t hurt if you give it a try. Try it out for a week and see if you experience its benefits. Apart from that, you can slowly work towards it. For example, you can start by shedding off a few layers.

Know that this is a hack; it isn’t something that can change the way you feel overnight. You need to stick to it for a few days if you want prominent results. Remember that consistency is the key to seeing results no matter what you do. So, now that you know it can actually be helpful, strip down to your birthday suit and have a goodnight's sleep!